Ways of Worship: Hephaestus

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Hellenic Witch/Wiccan Worship of Hephaestus

Ways of Worship: Hephaestus

Hephaestus is the God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges, and the art of sculptures. His Roman form is Vulcan. Hephaestus's parents are Hera and Zeus, but some myths claim it was just Hera alone. His wife is Aphrodite, although she is known to be unfaithful. He has many children including Thalia, Eucleia, Eupheme, Philophrosyne, Cabeiri, and Euthenia. Hephaestus is one of the 12 Olympians.

In lore, when Hephaestus was born, Hera took one look at him and was disgusted with his disfigurement. It was said he had a ripple foot at birth. Angry she would be mocked by the other Gods for having an ugly baby, she threw him down the side of Mount Olympus causing further injury. He fell into the ocean where he was raised by Thetis, the Goddess of water.

Hephaestus, however, got his revenge on Hera by building her a golden throne, and when she sat on it, she couldn't get up. The Gods begged him to allow her up, but he refused until Dionysus got Hephaestus drunk and brought him back on the back of a donkey. He was able to be persuaded to let her leave the throne if he could take Aphrodite as his wife. Zeus agreed, relieved, as Aphrodite's beauty and uncontrollable desire was a threat to the peace of Olympus. It was long thought by Zeus that Aphrodite would start a war between the Gods, fueled by jealousy over who got her hand in marriage. After this, Hephaestus let Hera get up from the throne and he stayed on Olympus.

Another interesting lore is one of Ares and Aphrodite. In this lore, Hephaestus (previously unaware) found out about his wife's cheating from Helios, the Sun. So Hephaestus waited until they were having sex again and trapped them with an unbreakable net so thin it was almost invisible. He then dragged the naked couple to Olympus where all the other Gods saw them and laughed hysterically. Poseidon convinced Hephaestus to let them go. Hephaestus decided to "give her back to her father and demand back his bride price." Though the two stayed married after this.

Altar, Offerings, and Symbols

General Symbols: Hammer, anvil, tongs, fire, sculptures, and volcano.

Animals: Quail, donkey, crane, bull, horse, and dolphin.

Plants: Daisy

Gemstones/Metals: Steel and bronze.

Color: Red, bronze, silver, and grey.

For a major God, it was surprisingly hard to find information on him. It may be because he was seen as more of an outcast or maybe because he was rejected from Olympus at such a young age.


Things to Pray for: Inspiration, help with sculptures, your forge always running smoothly, help in the forge, starting and keeping a fire, help to deal with a disability, and help with self-confidence.


Strong-armed Hephaistos, maker of miracles, creator of the inconceivable, deviser of clever machines, from your skillful hands come intricacies undreamt of, gold and jewels to please a goddess.Artisans and blacksmiths, craftsmen and wrights of every trade, all look to you for insight and revelation, all feel your hand upon their own when in need of inspiration.

Hephaistos, you see beyond what is practical, beyond what is beautiful.In your hands, molten metal flows like water, swift and precise, each work becoming more than what it is, each piece instilled with the spark of the divine.Deep-hearted god, Hephaistos, I praise you for the gifts you grant us and the ideal of artistry


I call to Hephaestos, ingenious son of Hera, father of fair-tressed maids and bold-hearted heroes. On the isle of Lemnos, where stood your fiery forge, were you well honoredby those who work in bronze and smith hot iron where you were admired throughout the land. With grey-eyed Athena you stood over high-pillared Athens, side by side, guarding the splendid city of your common heir.

Mighty Hephaestos, master of all craft and art, maker of keen-edged swords and impenetrable armor, creator of all manner of finely-worked trinkets and baubles. Beauty falls from your hands, Hephaestos, as artistry falls to those you favor. God of skills, I call to you.

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