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⚠️ WARNING! Do Not Go Into The Light!

by Kenneth cruz 11 months ago in science fiction
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Explaining The Reincarnation Trap, Simulation Theory, and How They Connect!

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What if I told you that upon death no matter who you're greeted by and no matter what they tell you, do not head into the light. What you do now may save you a lifetime or two. So remain calm and seek further counsel once they go through their speech. Again the important thing is to remain calm, and don’t get lost in your emotions. I get a chill writing this. With an upcoming Matrix movie on the horizon, something in my gut tells me it’s the perfect time to write an article explaining The Reincarnation Trap and how it connects to The Matrix's version of Simulation Theory.

Now it may sound like I’m about to make a Goulash of different theories. The correlations will make complete sense when I’m done. Now of course it’s a theory and I’m connecting dots. But bear with me and you will find it may be worth heeding my warning about heading towards the light once you pass.

Now for starters you have to understand what The Reincarnation Trap is. The Reincarnation Trap is a theory that tells us, that the light and this very life is a trap. Th trap will repeat itself to no end if we let it. Much like the Matrix we are enslaved, and repeat this life through trickery and deception. The theory states that beings are using us as a form of energy. Ok that’s a bland watered down version of the theory. Here is the shocker! The theory claims freewill is real. So the beings use trickery to generate our willing return.

So wait, The Reincarnation Theory says we return to this life by choice? Yes, but it is through deception that we are guided back to earth in a new vessel. Think something like the pods of The Matrix. These beings plug us back in and we go to the light where we become a new being. So how in the world do these beings manage to fool us into coming back? Well the theory states that upon death a guide of some sort will greet you. Now depending on the type of person you are, this being can come in many forms. It’s usually an angel or even a loved one, but it can be anything that resonates with you.

You see once the greeter meets us, this figure they will lead us somewhere to replay our life in front of them. The theory claims they will rewatch your entire time here, yes every moment you have had. Some moments will bring joy and laughter, others anger, pain, guilt and shame. It’s through this bevy of emotions, and mainly guilt that the majority of us choose to come back to this world. The guide tells us that to ascend, we must fix our karma and bad deeds

Most of us have lived lives filled with deeds and actions that shame us. So it’s easy to understand how a guide can use our own guilt to manipulate our return. This blends perfectly with simulation theory. How else could someone have us choose for our souls to return to this world.

If you’ve read some of my more revealing articles you know I have a lot I need atoning for. Being a master of hacks and shortcuts, I may have found the ultimate afterlife hack.

Now mind you it’s all speculation and theory. But what does it hurt to take my advice, if you find yourself in a similar situation. I mean imagine you die, and after you go through whatever journey you do, you find yourself face to face with a guide. The guide replays your entire life, analyzing each moment. During the process you feel every emotion, and begin to get lost in guilt or sadness. Well I don’t know about you, but I know the type of guy I am. I’m not suggesting to run or start a rebellion, but once this scene plays out remember th clause. Ask to speak to the higher power like you would at a place of business.

For me that’s enough to take to the bank. Life has been a beautiful but also exhausting experience. While I might not mind one more rendezvous in different circumstances, I have to ask myself if it’s worth the risk. I mean what might be the circumstances of my next life , I may come back poorer or even facing horrible abuse. I’m not so sure if I want to roll the dice and return. Instead I’m going to avoid agreeing to head to any light until I speak to the head honcho. I know my heart and understand the concept of freewill in this scientific afterlife theory.

So in conclusion take my theories with a grain of salt. I have a lot more theories about the guides and whoever is running this situation but that’s for another day! For now remember if you die and a guide greets you and replays your life , think twice before heading to the light! If you accept the possibility and agree that I may have saved you a lifetime or two pass this article along. Together we can break free of the Matrix!

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