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Wandering Stars

by Curt Soul about a year ago in science fiction

The Tale of the Two Stars

Wandering Stars
Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Chapter I — The Journey Begins

Deep in the dark depths of space lives a fearsome race. Known as the Primordians they travel the galaxy leaving planets in their path lifeless and void. Erasing light from the depths of the dark universe and Led by 3 generals, these feared beings only answer to one…they answer to ‘the Darkness’…

Our story begins on a planet called “Solaris”. The year is 3030, the darkness has landed and Screams of terror fill the streets. They demand that the stars be returned to them. What are these stars they speak of…?

Mum, MUM!

What’s going on? What are those things?

A young man named Draco asked his mother Gaia.

They are the end of this world, known to many as “the darkness”. We must get you to safety, everyone has made preparations.

Said Gaia as she rushed Draco down a secret, underground tunnel.

Where are we going? What are you talking about mum?

They eventually reached a large room filled with all kinds of lights, glowing machinery and figures stood in the shadows, wearing hooded robes.

Dad, Grandma, Grandpa? Why are you all here? Will someone please tell me what’s going on!

Who are those people in the shadows!

Mystery voices from the shadows began to speak.

Young Draco, you will travel and you will wander across many star systems, along the way you will…

What are these lights?


The mystery voices words began to fade out as strange rings of light began to surround Draco, growing larger and brighter, spinning faster and faster.

Fare well my son; always remember that you are the light that shines in the darkness. As Draco’s father spoke, everything turned to white. Surrounded by white light Draco’s eyes closed and his consciousness faded.

Meanwhile on another planet a young Queen named Cassopheia’s kingdom was under siege. Cassopheia was known for her great beauty and phenomenal strength. Darkness filled her world, countries falling, odd creatures spawning. Something terrible had begun.

There’s too many of them!! How can I fight all of these vile fiends Eugh. I did not bathe in milk and honey just to smell like blood sweat & fear. She looked left to see her comrade stood glaring at her. A tall well built man named Feahr.

Sorry Feahr I was referring to the emotion fear not you..(Hah I totally was referring to you, your smell is fiendish).

Feahr had been guardian to the young queen since her mother the previous queen passed away.

Suddenly a huge explosion shattered the glass walls of the palace. Smoke filled the room, Primordians poured into the room.

Your highness!! We have to get you to the Star Chamber.

What!! I’m not going on that thing to that dirty planet!!! The young queen was also known for her vanity.


Feahr shouted out in distress.

A Primordian appeared beside Cassopheia. To Feahr’s surprise Cassopheia’s arm became covered in pink & white armor, swiftly she turned sending the Primordian flying across the room with a left straight punch.

Your highness you know your not supposed to use ‘that’ power.

Whatever Feahr, I don’t care my nails are already chipped, how much worse can it get?

Just as Cassopheia finished her sentence a huge Primordian, wearing gold armor barged into the room and threw a wild right swing, sending Cassopheia and Feahr flying through 2 walls landing them in the chamber of stars (A room with walls decorated in glowing patterns of light).

You have to go now your highness, if they capture you the universe is doomed.

Escape is futile.. all is born from darkness, all ends with darkness, all is within darkness.

The huge Primordian entered the chamber rambling.

His skin was a muddy grey colour, his face boar the same features as a reptilian creature.

Who are you?!! Feahr shouted

Hah I am the great general Cyg…..

Before the general could finish his sentence Feahr tackled him sending the two of them flying into the chamber of stars control room.

Feahr looked at the queen with apologetic eyes and then hit a blue glowing button. Rings of light surrounded Cassopheia.

Feahr what have you done!! I’m not leaving you!!

Young Cassopheia, you will travel and you will wander across many star systems. Along the way you will…

UNDO THIS NOW!!! I’m not leaving you!!!!

Surrounded in the white light Cassopheia’s consciousness faded to black. And so the stars once again began to wander…

Chapter II — Confusion

Where am I?

Surreal, Strange beasts, plants & creatures fill this place.

Draco awoke deep in a jungle, Surrounded by vines and wildlife. His mind full of questions, doubts and disbelief.

Why was everyone together in that room, why was I the only one that was saved?

Why did everyone but me know what was going on!!!

Draco’s moment of contemplation was broken by a wild beasts roar. The beast resembled a Pantheros, shiny black coat, huge sharp teeth. This beast however was much larger.

Startled and terrified, Draco ran through the forest, fast but somehow fluidly.

Draco’s feet seemed to move on their own, almost as if leading him somewhere.

Where am I running to? Feels like I’ve been here before….running…run…. At that moment his consciousness began to wander, images of his younger self running around a beautiful forest, playing with a girl flowed into his mind. Someone else was also there….someone much larger…a shadowy figure.

What the hell was that?

Was that real, dream, memory?

A loud roar filled the jungle reminding Draco of his current dangerous situation. He was being hunted.

What is that thing chasing me!!!! WHYYYY is it chasing me!!

This is the worst day e….

Draco tripped, rolling several times before bumping into a large tree. The beast began to close in. Draco’s heart began to pound.

The beast pounced, its sharp teeth glistening in the sunlight.


Draco cried out

Suddenly sparkles flowed in front of Draco forming a large figure, the beast collided into the figures chest.

He stopped the beast…with nothing but his..chest!!

He just stood still….what kind of monster are you?

The figure stood proud and majestic in a shiny green and white armour. The armor was covered in dots and tribal markings.

Draco sat frozen and amazed at what had just happened.

Where did this thing come from? Was it friend, foe or even human for that matter?

Draconus you’ve finally returned, I’ve been waiting for you.

Draconus? My name is Draco and who are you?

Do you not remember me? I’m Delta Hyperion your…

Meanwhile Cassopheia had also landed on a strange planet. In a swamp to be precise.

Eugh!!!! Argh!! I HATE DIRTTT!!!

Cassopheia was completely covered in swamp mud.

Her tantrum was interrupted by the loud roar of a huge beast.

The beast leapt towards Cassopheia.


The young queen full of rage turned and delivered an almighty blow to the beast, knocking it unconscious.

The echo of the blow could be heard throughout the entire swamp.

I didn’t want to come to this forsaken planet!!

Full of scummy beasts and mucky swamps.

Eugh! It was disgusting enough in the books.

Cassopheia’s rage quickly turned to sorrow as she remembered her friend Feahr.

Why Feahr…why did you sacrifice yourself.

What’s so important? What’s so important on this planet, what am I meant to do or find here?

Are you sure your ready to know that? Ha ha ha

Who said that!! Show yourself

We aren’t hiding, open your eyes young queen.

Ha ha ha

Cassopheia turned around to see a man in a black suit, wearing black shades and a huge yet unsettling, creepy smile.

Ahh so you finally perceive us

Ha ha ha

The mans laugh was high, squeaky and very creepy.

He sounded like a lizard with a sore throat.

Welcome to earth princess.

You disgust me.

Why do you refer to yourself in the plural?

It seems your perception has not yet awakened young Queen. Ha ha ha

Confused and highly disgusted by this mysterious psycho in a suit, Cassopheia looked around.

Bad vibes and murderous intent surrounded her.

The young queens heart stopped for a moment as she realized this psycho was not alone.

100s of these freaks in suits filled the bushes…trees…water. They were everywhere!!!!!!


Cassopheia hot tempered as always leapt into battle.

“If you won’t speak I’ll beat it out of you!!!”

Meanwhile elsewhere Draco amazed and curious yet still cautious, questioned the strange, armored person that had appeared.

“Draconus, I’m your guardian, have you forgotten me?”

I’ve watched over you as you grew, until you and that girl moved away. She was always with you. Why is she not with you?

My guardian?

Draco wandered off into his thoughts.


Does he mean the girl I saw in my head? Who is she?

Draconus, you called to me, so I manifested. As I already said, I am your guardian, it is my duty to protect you.

You are currently on planet earth and If the girl is not with you then I can only assume that the darkness has found you both.

If that is the case then we do not have time to talk anymore. We must awaken your powers, restore your memories and find her.

I have Powers?

Draconus have you forgotten everything?

Maybe this song will unlock your memories. A song began to play from Hyperion’s chest.

“If I could fly away, I’d fly to you, I’d give my heart and soul, to hear your heart beat too”….

Chapter III — Stars Collide

“Learning how to fly, I found you, shining in the dark; we’re both like wandering stars”.

What was that?

Said Cassopheia tired and wounded from battle.

“What’s this feeling…I know this song”.


A voice in Cassopheia’s mind spoke.

I am Ladus, it appears he has awoken.

Your world feared that you and that boy’s power would attract the darkness.

So I was sealed away.

My power? Boy? Why does no one make sense!!

Cassopheia The power of the stars that resides in you and that boy are both sides of a coin, together you are balance.

I am your guardian.

This doesn’t make sense, who are you!!!

Cassopheia open your heart and free your mind. There is no longer any time for doubt. The darkness approaches this world.

The darkness?


What the hell do they want!!!!!!

Following me from world to world. What could they possibly want on this planet?


What! What do you mean me?

Soon you will meet a light that resonates with yours and all will become clear….

These words are written on all chambers of the stars.

“When the 2 stars meet once again their light shall resonate and illuminate the galaxies, the sage of stars shall then awaken”.

The darkness fears this reunion, so they search long and far for the 2 stars.

This must not happen!!

You must find the other star awaken and unlock your memories. You have power, fear no one, fear no thing!

Now go!!!

Cassopheia felt a surge of power rush through her as the legion of suited men charged towards her.

The sensation was warm, it was as if she was enveloped in sunlight. Cassopheia charged through the endless sea of freaks in suits, demolishing many in her path.

The more she fought the more energy built up inside her, the more strength she gained, the more intense the sensation became.

Back on her home planet she was well known and respected for her exceptional combat skill, reaching legend status at a young age. There’s just no end to these freaks!!

Cassopheia began to grow tired.

Meanwhile Draco was deep in conversation with Hyperion. I know this song…..

At that moment something inside Draco unlocked.

A memory began to play in his mind in black and white.

Draco..DRACO!! Huh what

Your always day dreaming


Mum said we’re moving away… far away.

What! Why?

Is it because I’m from Ursa Minor and your from Ursa Major?

She didn’t say.

Draconus, promise me you wont forget me.

Draco had unlocked a memory

Any old memory from his early childhood.

I…I… wrote this with her, we swore that no matter where we ended up; we’d never forget each other.

Every night we’d light a candle to remember each other.

But there’s more..that I can’t remember.

She moved away but where was we, the scenery didn’t look like anywhere from my world.

Ahh I just wish I could remember

Wish I could find her and ask her.



Out of nowhere something or someone came flying into Draco, knocking him off his feet.

What the hell!!!

Draco got up, out of breath holding his head, angry.

He shouted but stopped himself mid sentence.

In front of him, a very beautiful girl laid unconscious.


Draco was speechless but Hyperion Broke the moment.

Draco they are coming, take her and let’s go to the sanctuary.

The sanctuary? Why is there so much secrets!!

Wait where are you?

I’m inside you

What!! How is that possible?

There’s no time to explain, run!!

They ran for 5 minutes until at last they reached the sanctuary.

The sanctuary far exceeded Draco’s expectations.

It was a beautiful underground temple.

The walls inside were decorated with iconic drawings & arrows.

At the sanctuary Draco, laid the girl down gently.

I want to remember what I’ve forgotten, I want to know what made me

and the girl in my mind close, who was she and who is this girl next to me?

Draco looked at the girl for a moment.

The girl was beautiful, stunning.

She looks familiar, I feel like I know her…

Suddenly purple rings of light appeared and surrounded Draco’s head.

I feel myself drifting, floating, it feels warm.

Draco closed his eyes, when he opened them he found himself in a forest. In front of him 2 kids stood talking.

Noooo Dracooo I don’t want to go through the muddy swamps Whyyy?

Because its muddy and yucky Dracoooo

Whatever, your just afraid that there’s a monster.

Ahh my head!!

Suddenly the memories became white flashes playing in Draco’s mind. Ahh what happened!!

Draco cried out in frustration.

This woke the girl from her unconscious state.

A strange pink, patterned mask appeared over her face as She awoke defensively throwing wild punches at Draco.

“What are you doing!! Stop that!!”

The girl not totally awake carried on attacking Draco with a flow of automatic punches and kicks.

Suddenly out of nowhere a hooded figure quickly swooped in grabbing Draco & the girl by their heads banging them together”.


“What the hell!!”

The confused pair cried out in pain.

“Where am I? Who are you? And who are YOU’”

The girl totally unaware of her surroundings asked a barrage of questions. I’m Draco, you came flying into me out of nowhere! Who are you?

Humph I guess as you took care of me you deserve to know.

I’m queen Cassopheia.

They both then turned to the hooded figure.

The hooded figure took down his hood revealing

his face.

He was an elderly man with a long plaited beard and a bald shaven head. He wore a medallion with interesting symbols that matched the caves decorations.

“So the stars have finally re-aligned”

“I am etherion the sage of the stars….or Rion for short”

You two really define the word confused, but nether the less you still managed to find each other quicker than the enemy anticipated.

Hmm quicker, faster, hmm faster, quicker?

Draco and Cassopheia looked at the Sage with a puzzled look. As he became lost in his ramblings.

“Draconus & Cassopheia the dragon stars, what a cute pair, bah ha ha ha ha.”

“Shut up old man!!”

Cassopheia & Draco were both embarrassed and caught off guard by this statement.

After surprise, wonder began to invade their minds.

Who was this young girl, who was this young man? How did this mysterious old man know who they were?.

“Well kids its training time, follow me”.

Cassopheia looked at Etherion in disbelief.

“What the hell!! You haven’t explained anything”.

Draco looked at the sage with a serious look on his face and said

“Old man, tell me everything that’s going on”.

“Oh my, what emotional so and so’s you two are”. I guess I assumed you two would know…….”

Chapter IV — Memories long forgotten

A long time ago on a planet called Ursa. There was a young girl and a young boy. Ursa was split into two societies.

One of working class called “Ursa minor” and one of noble and royal class called “Ursa major”.

The young girl was from an Ursa major noble family whereas the young boy was from an Ursa minor working class family.

This strong friendship had to be secret and forbidden, but regardless many adventures together resulted in the two becoming inseparable. They would often go to the forbidden forest of woe just to explore; this was where most of their adventures would take place.

Their lives were fairly normal until one particular incident occurred.

The two were playing & exploring the forest of woe when they were greeted by a man in a suit with a strange eerie smile and vacant, lifeless eyes.

He wore black leather gloves, but his long sharp nails pierced through them.

“Your eyes are filled with light

…..Give me. Your light, I WANT YOUR LIGHT!”.

The strange man began to ramble and reach out to them.

Frightened, the two kids ran swiftly through the forest until they found themselves surrounded by men in suits smiling.

All looked lost for these two, but then something unexpected happened. A strange glowing mark appeared on them and the auras of the duo shot up to the sky like great pillars of light, entwining like electric snakes in the sky.

The duo surrounded by light began to move faster than any being; they displayed unfathomable strength and began to break the laws of reality as we know it.

The men in suits certainly had no chance and were overwhelmed by these two lights.

The battle left the forest of woe as nothing more than a wasteland, giving birth to a mystery.

What else happened here?

Did 2 kids destroy an entire forest?

Could they really be that powerful?

Days later the darkness came to planet Ursa looking for the 2 who had defeated their henchman.

They believed that these two must be the ones who hold the power of the stars.

The incident caused the mark of delta to appear on the young duo. Making it clear to duos parents that these 2, young kids were the 2, who held the power of the stars.

The duos parents took them and fled to different worlds, galaxies apart, separating the duo, for if the 2 stars should unite, and the darkness should obtain them, a great catastrophe would surely befall the universe.

Not to mention a great disgrace and dishonour would have to be recorded in the history of Ursa, for the laws clearly state that major and minor never should mix.

Till this very day the darkness searches for the 2 stars…

Purple rings of light surrounded Draco & Cassopheia’s heads. Their minds became flooded with memories.

“Your the girl from my memories”.

Draco looked at Cassopheia with warmth in his eyes.

a single memory rose to the surface from the sea of memories flooding their minds.

A memory and the key to that mystery…what happened to the forbidden forest of woe?

Cassopheia looked at Draco and for the 1st time in years Cassopheia smiled.

“You saved me”

“Back then..you saved me”.

Cassopheia tightly embraced Draco in a flash.

“Of course I saved you, your my best friend”.

Draco smiled as he spoke to Cassopheia.

I’ve found you; finally that longing inside my chest

is gone.

Etherion stood calmly and said

“Ahh so it seems you two have finally regained your memories” “You remember what happened on that day eh?”

That day…the duos latent power had awakened the power of Delta. Draco & Cassopheia had defeated the men in suits however 2 more even greater enemies had appeared.

2 powerful, dark,beasts ridden by 2 beings in suits.

The beings were slender with scaly blue skin and tall sharp horns on their shoulders.

The beasts were large dark red, reptile like creatures, with deep, sharp, purple wings.

You could almost call them dragons.

One of the beasts swooped in grabbing Cassopheia with its tail, quickly flying away. With his newly awakened abilities Draco quickly defeated the beast and rider but Cassopheia was nowhere to be seen. Where was she?

He ran through the forest, angry, worried and frustrated.

I’m not fast enough, I need to be faster, where is she!!!”

At that moment a great beam of pink light shone from out of the dark depths of the forbidden forest up ahead.

“That’s her, I need to get there.”

Draco’s body began to glow purple and feel light.

He began to float off the ground as he ran.

Woah am I…IM FLYING!!!

Draco began to rise higher and float faster, soaring above the trees towards the beacon of light.

He reached the location to find Cassopheia unconscious and surrounded by 3 of the beasts.

All of the riders were dead; the beasts were out of control.

They all dove in to eat Cassopheia. They were unsuccessful as Draco flew in releasing a great surge of light, exploding and destroying the beasts but also all of the forest, a frightening force for a child to have indeed.

After the explosion ended a tired Draco listened to Cassopheia’s heart, it did not beat.

It’s not beating? Are you… Dying? I don’t want to be alone.

Until Draco and Cassopheia had met, they had lived lonely lives. Cassopheia over protected and sheltered by parents, Draco unable to fit in with kids his age. They had wandered alone in the darkness until they had found the light that was each other.

I’ll give my heart if I have to, please just stay. Let your heart beat.

A beam of green Light from Cassopheia’s chest connected to a green light that shone from Draco’s chest and Cassopheia’s heart started to beat again.

So that’s what that song was.

Yes yes now kiss and say your vows because we have much to do! Etherion interrupted abruptly.

Now on to the training room BAHAHAHAHAHA.

Old man. wait!!

Draco had a determined look in his eyes. “What are we training for exactly”?

Cassopheia blurted out in a mocking tone.

something like “train to fight the darkness and save the universe, for only you two have the power.”

The expression on Etherion’s face became serious. “Exactly…now lets go”.

Chapter V — The Sage of the Stars

Draco expected the training room to be decorated with patterns, stars and lights but to his disappointment the training room was nothing more than a black empty room.

The disappointed look on Draco’s face was clear for Etherion to see.

Disappointed I see, ha ha ha ha ha what did you expect boy, a palace?

What are we supposed to do in that stupid box of a room? Cassopheia began to moan.

I’m not going in there!!

Old man, how are we supposed to train? There’s nothing in there, I can’t see anything.

Your wrong though, I wasn’t disappointed, I was wondering how my mum and family are and…..if they’re alive.”

An immense glow began to emanate from Etherion, almost erupting from within him.

You both are still young and small minded….

The light pulsated, matching the old sages heart beat.

Ha ha ha ha I bet it’s

Draco & Cassopheia stood in awe.

Open your minds, free yourself. We did not come here to improve your abilities, we came to release them!

If you’re worried about your family then grow strong and save them! Fire in the form of light resides inside you.

The light that shineth in the depths of your being is what you will find here.

The light around the sage began to form triangles & circles until they resembled the symbols and markings on the walls of the temple.

What’s going on!

Cassopheia & Draco cried out in sync.

“Stars see all, stars give life to all, and stars sustain all”.

“I….am the sage of the stars.

These symbols represent direction, purpose, flow.”

Draco began to feel a burning sensation in his left wrist,

inside of his wrist a symbol appeared and began to glow green & vigorously.

“Draco,Dracooo!! What’s happening? Ahh”

The same symbol suddenly appeared on Cassopheia’s arm and also began to glow pink & furiously.

Feel the sensation; adapt your vibration the mark of delta has shown itself to these young kids full of frustration.

My my I guess it’s time I told you the story of the 2 wandering stars.

In fact I believe it’s your right to know…

Chapter VI — The Story of The Two Stars

This is the tale of the legendary duo, a tale of the “two stars”.

Ladus said to have had the strength of 100 giants and

Hyperion said to at his peak have enough power to wipe out planets in an instant.

This story begins eons ago long before your planets time. Those you call Gods lived & died like men on a planet called Delta. These gods lived in harmony and in peace. Delta was called planet of the guardians to many planets. Each God one was assigned a planet to guard and govern, however one fateful day one of the gods grew tired of their way of life. This god was called Cepheus.

Cepheus wanted change, he wanted more power, he wanted to be exalted high above the other gods, he wanted to rule planet Delta.

One day Cepheus embarked on a journey to find that which he desired, power.

On his journey he came across many worlds and wonders, doing whatever it took to gather information, even…killing his fellow Gods and destroying worlds.

In no time Cepheus became notorious and feared in many star systems and came to be known as the ‘darkness’.

Upon hearing of this journey, and the wicked deeds that had occurred Perseus, the ruler of Delta ordered many Gods to find Cepheus and stop his rampage.

Many left none returned.

When all looked lost, two great warriors, Ladus & Hyperion, stood forward and decided to take on the task.

They had no idea of the madness and life changing events they were flowing into. They quickly found Cepheus’ location.

He was on a planet in the darkest depths of space that none dare venture into.

The harsh trials and battles on the journey to this dark planet formed the strong duo that in time would come to be known across many galaxies as “the two stars”. Ladus and Hyperion found Cepheus on this planet inside a mountain, standing next to an unusual looking fountain.

He told them he had found what he was looking for and that he would rule delta and the entire universe very soon. He asked Ladus & Hyperion to join him, but they refused and a battle quickly broke out causing all 3 Gods to fall into a mysterious fountain of energy.

Inside the fountain the trio became surrounded by light.

When they emerged from the fountain, they were different, they were more than gods, they had become ascended gods.

Ladus & Hyperion used their new power to defeat Cepheus and take him home to delta for judgement.

Legends spread throughout the universe of “the two stars” that rose up against “the darkness”.

Hyperion & Ladus became walking legends among the Gods and it was not long before jealousy, greed and lust for power began to grow among other gods. Many began to seek out the fountain of power for their own personal desires. Only strong enough to make it to the fountain and back returned as powerful ascended gods. In no time a new age and great war began all over planet delta. The war was so intense, that many star systems were destroyed. Civilisations, planets, galaxies, countless beings all destroyed from this senseless war of greed and power.

The ruler of Delta was left with no choice but to call upon the great alphas to eliminate the threat of these “ascended” Gods as well as the heroes

“Ladus & Hyperion.

The alphas were an elite group of warriors.

These alphas wiped out many ascended Gods, however Hyperion, Cepheus & Ladus were just too strong.

They were the only ones who had been completely submerged in the waters of the mysterious fountain of power therefore they had received the full effects of the fountain. However this event was not the only source of their increase in power. It was of course their immense and unbreakable will power. This was the tool they used to carve their names on histories wall of Legends.

With no other options left the ruler of delta called upon The sage of the stars to assist the alphas.

The sage of the stars was a powerful guardian and ruler of the galaxy that planet delta resided in. It was his job to maintain balance and order in nature and the cosmos.

After a fierce battle Cepheus, Hyperion & Ladus were defeated.

The sage of the stars separated the 3 deltas sending them to distant corners of the universe.

Ladus & Hyperion died searching the universe for each other, longing to be reunited but the legend of the “two stars lived on”.

No one knows what became of Cepheus. They say his darkness lives on to this day searching for the two stars and plotting revenge on planet delta.

They also say Every 25000 years the souls of Ladus and Hyperion are reborn to reunite and fight against this darkness.

No matter how far the distance, the two lights will always wander to each other, and so the dark force searches for the spirits of the 2 stars, to erase them once and for all.

This is the story of the wandering stars….

science fiction

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