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Waking up from the dream

by Luke Miller 2 years ago in fantasy
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A short story

The young boy awoke to the sound of a strong wind that rattled his window frame. There was a storm brewing on this cold winter's night and he barely felt protected by the weak frame of his home. Mother nature felt different tonight, like a loving mother lion sensing the danger her cubs are in while, surrounded by a laughing pack of hyenas. A loving mother, yet feice and ready to fight to defend her children against the would be predators. The night could feel it too, and the Mothers bone deep rage sent fear into the night, but not knowing any better, they were committed to their plan that evening. They were going to steal the sun.

Again the wind crashed against the window, and the boy noticed a small crack appear in the bottom corner of the paine of glass. “Am I awake or asleep?'' said the boy as he ran his finger along the splintered glass. The crack rippled like a stone in a lake, and the boy noticed a pure white barn owl sitting on the window sill. Unaffected by the powerful storm, the owl's gaze met the boys, and he noticed a strong blue glow that surrounded the wise old owl. Confused, the boy tried to make sense of the situation, as he could not see the blue light surrounding the owl, he could feel it.

A shiver went down the boy's spine, as the owl spoke in a silent voice “The night has become consumed with fear that the Mother’s cells are illuminating the shadows and starting to know themselves.” The boy squinted hypnotised by the owl's deep stare and listened attentively. The owl continued “there is a choice- love or fear, and those who have forgotten true love don’t know how to react to the love that is spreading on the planet right now. The night has hatched a plan to steal the sun as the world sleeps.”

Loud thunder roared, and the hypnotic gaze of the owl was momentarily broken as the boy witnessed the strengthening winds bending the fully developed acacia tree in the garden. The boy had not uttered a word, and while consumed with questions he felt strongly that this was a time to listen. A bolt of lightning struck and in the moment of light the boy caught a glance of himself in the reflection of his window. “You are ready,'' said the owl, as she turned and spread her perfect wide white wings and silently glided off into the night.

The boy, still unsure if he was awake or asleep, looked to the acacia tree noticing a large stag deer with the same blue glow as the owl. There was a moment when the Earth stood still, for the boy knew what was being asked of him. He was being asked to leave the comfort of his shelter and go outside to face the night. The boy crippled with fear and still unsure if he was awake or asleep took a step back from the window. The strongest gust of wind of the night hit his window, and the glass shattered into pieces. The boy knew that if he didn’t go and face the night, it would come to him. So with courage in his heart the boy buttoned up his coat.

The boy found himself outside, remembering he had to face the night, but unable to recall the short journey to his garden. He caught eyes with the large Stag who was unfazed by his presence. With a deep knowing the stag spoke with the boy in the silent language. “The whole world sleeps,” said the blue glowing deer, with love in his heart “the humans have forgotten who they are. They have been hypnotised by the night and forgotten how to live with the land. The night has placed humanity under a spell, and ALL are sleeping but you. If you go back to sleep, tomorrow the sun will not rise.”

The boy looked at his watch, it was 11:11, the sun would rise in 7 hours. The deer interrupted the boy midthough saying “You must face the night” as he eloquently drifted off into the darkness.

The boy placed his hand on the strong wise Acacia tree. Speaking in the silent language she wisely whispered “If you don’t make the effort to truly know yourself, someone can tell you who you are and you will believe them. To know yourself you must go it alone, you must face the night.”

The boy opened his eyes, still unsure if he was awake or asleep, and found himself completely engulfed in darkness. The only light he could see was his watch which read 12:12. A silent seductive voice spoke, as he noticed the beady eyes of a fox glowing in the darkness. “Look behind you” the fox hissed. The boy turned and saw the back door to his home wide open, a bright light illuminating the figure of his Mother with a steaming cup of hot coco in her hand. She urged the young boy to return home to sleep. The boy looked into the eyes of his Mother and realised she was not his mother at all. At this revelation the night angrily slammed the door and he was again placed into the darkness of the night, with just a slight glimmer of light shining through the keyhole of the closed door.

The boy turned with determination and walked past the fox, as he warned the boy not to continue his journey. The boy shivered, noticing he was no longer wearing the coat he had put on before leaving his home and defiantly walked into the darkness. Glancing at his watch, the boy noticed it read 1:11, then realised he was in a different world. He could smell plastic in the air and a cleanliness that was completely void of nature. He saw a conveyor belt of devices, toys, pills and foods, all wrapped in plastic. A man appeared with a cheesy grin, surrounded by blackness. In a monotone voice he said “welcome to the land of the free, here you can do anything you like.” The man's grin lacked any real emotion and the boy noticed a table out of the corner of his eye. There sat 2 children, and their parents. All 4 of them were perfectly groomed, with immaculate clothing, holding phones in their hands with the same emotionless grin as the man. A waitress brought a large tray of burgers, fries and ice cream, while both the waitress and mother pretended they didn’t notice the father's depraved eyes fixated on the waitress. The children didn't look up from their phones, but started to eat, before being interrupted by their Mother who handed them a small cup of multi coloured pills. “Don’t forget your meds.” She said with an empty smile. The boy turned to the man who still had the same grimacing look in his eyes. “Welcome to the land of the free,” he repeated, “you must be tired, join us for food and after desert you can get some rest.” Glancing at his watch the boy read 2:22 and through the plasticoated scenery saw a door at the end of the hall. “You must face the night” echoed the voice of the deer in the boy's memory. And while feeling the tiredness of the hour, he summoned the strength of his heart, and still unsure if he was awake or asleep made his way to the door. The darkness engulfed the room, and the emotionless smiles quickly turned. The path towards the door was littered with smart devices and bags of rotting food. Pieces of fried chicken, skinny fries and fizzy drinks exploded from the ceiling, as the boy made his way through the chaos. He reached the door, and in a last ditch effort to make the young child conform, the man yelled “Don’t be selfish! The land of the free only works if we do as we are told!” The boy, feeling a sense of empowerment, noticed that the man held no power over him, he opened the door and walked through it.

The boy found himself on the other side of the door in a palace. He was welcomed by a beautiful middle aged woman, who oozed seductive energy. He noticed a yellow glow to her, that was almost blinding. She blinked and he noticed she had the eyes of a serpent which flickered from human to serpent with every blink. She wrapped a large animal skinned robe around him, and placed him under her wing. “We have been waiting for you,” She said with a coy look in her eyes. “Well done, you have passed your test, you are royalty and belong in this palace where you can rule with all your might and power. We needed to make sure you would not mix with the commoners and their lower ways” She placed a thick gold bracelet around the boy's wrist. It was decorated with lapis lazuli, emeralds and an array of ruby red stones. She led him to a room occupied by a large elaborately decorated throne, with a lion either side of it. There a tanned skinned teenage girl with perfect posture held out a tray of exotic fruit and urged the boy to eat. The boy felt entranced, and had to summon all of his strength to not take the beautiful fruit, he looked at his watch seeing it was 3:33, and pulled himself from under the wing of the woman. “You must be tired,'' she said,” with panic in her voice, her gaze aimed at a room with a large bed. The words of the white barn owl returned to the sleepy boy “The night has hatched a plan to steal the sun as the world sleeps.” The boy looked for a way out glancing at his watch seeing that it was 4:44, still unsure if he was awake or asleep. He heard a loud shudder of the wind rattling the window of the palace. He walked to the window, the woman in his shadow, with an energy of desperation. “If you don’t make the effort to truly know yourself, anyone can tell you who you are and you will believe them.” flashed the words of the Acacia tree “you must go it alone, you must face the night.”

In a blink the boy was in complete darkness. “Sleep!” a loud voice bellowed, as the boy intuitively knew he was speaking with the night. The boy looked down at his watch seeing it read 5:55, he knew the time was close and was exhausted at what he had endured. “Sleep!” bellowed the night as the boy saw a glimmer of light on the horizon.

Feeling the fear of the night, the boy took a deep breath into his heart. He remembered the wisdom of the owl, the love of the deer and the knowledge of the Acacia tree. The boy left his body and saw himself as a fully formed Hawk. He had an emerald green heart and a rainbow aura. He returned to his body and the night in complete despair yelled “Sleep!”

The boy spoke to the night “the sun must rise, and the night must fall, each element accepting the other in a total union. We cannot exist in the absence of the night, nor can we be void of the day. The day does that which it knows best, as does the night, it is only when we try to control each other that the balance is disturbed. We must have both the day and the night.”

The boy found himself at his window again looking out at the rising sun. Pretty sure he was now awake the boy felt a sense of relief that he could finally go back to sleep.


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