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Vote for the World

by Facundo Raganato 2 months ago in future

A Letter for Altruism

Vote for the World



Brother & Sister.

Who stands there beside you?

Who stands there for you?

The World is Changing.

The world is changing faster than we thought it would,

and at the end nothing else will matter but us.

We cannot exit the room.

We can try to escape it, but sooner or later, we stand in surviving together.

We stand in living together, so we must stay.

We must stay and accept that this is the room given to us,

and we must find a way to organize it.

The World is Changing, but so are We.

It is the year 2020.

Technology has become part of our daily life.

Globalization has grown beyond the boundaries of preference.

Yet, we now have the tools to keep ourselves in communication. Please don't take this for granted.

Now is the time to keep ourselves united.

What is essential for a human being is necessary in any society,

but the main question is:

"Where are we going?"

Perhaps you can remember a time when you asked a family member a question about the world, in which their answer sounded like: "In my time, we used to do this." Now the new generations respond: "This is how is it now." The middle line between our past and our future is the Now to move forward, so we must learn from each other.

But who gets to decide what is worth saving?

Better yet, who gets to decide what is worth changing?

You decide.

But do me a favor.

As I write these words and you read them.

Do me a favor and think of me.

Because I think of you.

I think of you every single day,

because I also ask: "Where are we going?"

I think of you because at the end of every way, regardless what road you choose to walk, we'll be here in this room again.

We do not need to fight to understand we have differences.

Every single person is free to have an unique opinion, yet sooner or later we will understand that our differences are few compared to what we share in this room. Therefore, we do not need to fight each other.

We must keep ourselves communicating to build the future.

So, what do you value?

What do you think is essential for us beyond yourself?

What would you save?


We must stop playing the same games in this room.

Whether one wins or loses, we must stop playing ourselves.

With every single choice, we have the power to create the world.

Recognize what is essential for a better life; for a more harmonious future.

From my perspective:

Education is essential; The more we know, the more power we have to manifest our reality. The wisdom and knowledge from our past will give us a clearer path for the future.

Nutrition is essential; No more hunger. All human beings have the same right to live.

Health is essential: It is the quality of life we must improve globally, and being healthy is the most important priority for any human being.

Altruism is essential; the cycle of investing on our self-interest is long past, we are connected beyond understanding, to care for ourselves as human beings is optimum for all our choices.

Nature is essential; We live in a planet with natural resources, to build a system where we can keep a harmonious balance between what and how we consume and what our world provides is crucial for the future.

As we wait for our leaders to catch up to the ways we are evolving, we have the responsability to make the changes and act on them as conscious beings as we are.

So, if I can write one word to sum up what I mean to say here,

It is as simple as this:


For even if one stands empty, someone will be there to follow this word.

And if one stand full in this room, I trust they will follow this word.

Because as I believe in me, I believe in you.

I promise that I will give my best to make our room better,

even if it is not my time to decide,

because I trust that you will do the same when your time comes.

And when you ask me "Where are we going?" I will give you an answer

that will reflect how much I think of you,

trusting that if I ask the same question,

you will show me that you think of me too.


Who stands there beside you?

Who stands there for you?

We decide.

Our future depends on us.

Because regardless what happens,

in the end, we all stand in the same room.


- Facundo Raganato


Facundo Raganato
Facundo Raganato
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