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Life on Earth

Vita Super Terram


Religious scriptures and teachings often build a foundation on good morals. These morals are often taught through the personification of civilizations' surroundings at the time. Personifying things such as constellations, human personalities, social structures, and other non living things of this nature. Vita Super Terram (V.S.T.), is Latin for “Life on Earth," and will explain life on earth, as of the 21st century. As humans we are unaware of what caused the creation of life, but understand all things follow a basic cause and effect principle. The facts that will be presented are not meant to dismiss God, but rather to show that we do not, and may not ever, understand the original cause of life. What we do, on the other hand, have documentation of, through drawing and writing, is the beginning of civilization. V.S.T., will start from the root of civilization, and follow it up to the now, to help better the understanding of a constantly evolving life on earth.


Reverse engineering is a process, in which man made objects are deconstructed to reveal its designs. As scientific research is used to explain natural phenomena, reverse engineering has been used, by humanity, to understand and improve our lives.

Now, when thinking of reverse engineering, we picture a process including machines. The thought of humanity being part of an intricate structure of engineering escapes us, due to conventional thought processes. The lives we live are built on structure. The current structure is a derivative of previous structures. This is not a negative annotation, but rather used to show the evolution of the structure itself. The evolution of the structure itself is followed by the evolution of everything within that structure.

It is important to understand the concept of reverse engineering, as humanity has used the ability to reverse engineer since the beginning of time. We also have the ability to reverse engineer our own thoughts using a process known as self reflection. Understanding these concepts will assist the reader in understanding how humanity has constantly been evolving since the beginning of time.

The next concept we must grasp is the ability to prophecy. The word prophecy means a prediction, and has no correlation with divine intervention. A prophet is regarded as an inspired teacher. Believed to be inspired by a divine presence, due to the accuracy of the predictions. One must understand we can and should all possess the qualities that create the thought process of a prophet. Using deduction, writers throughout history have succeeded in creating stories of dystopian societies, that if eventually come true will be considered prophetic.

In order to make proper deductions leading to a potential prophecy, one must use what is known today as the scientific method. A method consisting of systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypothesis. It is commonly known that a majority of humanity is not observant of their surroundings, which is detrimental, being that observation is a key building block for the scientific method and many other areas of life.

The lack of observation leads to the final concept the reader must grasp to understand the process of evolution. This concept is not mechanical nor scientific, but much rather considered an art form. Psychology is often referred to as a science, but all things scientific have calculated variables leading to solutions. The human mind however, has an infinite amount of of variables due to its ability to create. Creativity by definition means, “the use of imagination or original ideas.” Being that creative ideas are most often original, new variables are introduced concurrent with the ideas.

Understanding how we advanced technologically, scientifically, and mentally throughout history will help better the understanding of the life we are living now. These three concepts will serve as a foundation for a basic truth that will aid in the construction of civilization for the future.

Captured by Carma
Captured by Carma
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