Virgo Season | Cell Magic + Crystal Clear Intentions

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Alchemising 29 degrees of Virgo

Virgo Season | Cell Magic + Crystal Clear Intentions

Virgo season. A time for cleansing—celluarly restructuring, honing in on the body—using it as the instrument it is and taking care of it accordingly. Same goes for the mind.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (mental capacities, logic, facts/thought).

Again, a time for cleaning/clearing—using the mind as an instrument and taking care of it accordingly.

Ever the alchemist, Virgo energy notices the details, views the scope and breaks it down to figure out how to make it (anything) work (or work better). Categories have subcategories and subs again, but don’t worry about that, the detail is their concern.

Just watch as all the necessary components come together—from experience, from memories, from the immediate vicinity, from encounters, from the ethers—at exactly the right time.

You’ll see this all happen as Virgo calmly stops for a chat with others like they have all the time in the world.

Little do you know of the exacting patience and attention as the exact blend of each ingredient is weighed—the energetic compounds balanced to the degree—then assembled to make something much, much richer in depth than the sum of its parts.

That’s the nature of Virgo. It looks like magic on the surface because of all the considered focus and attention to detail on the back end. A lot of mental energy has gone into contemplating this magnificence—many wins, many losses, a lot of scrutiny, and the strain of it all—long before eyes cast hold on the manifested reality.

This season brings upon a wave of potential.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Elements of:

Clearing/cleansing, the mind, the body, purity, gut feelings, natural vibes, sacred relations, daily routines, acts of service and a desire to escape to another realm (Virgo’s opposite is Pisces, to dream, to imagine, to release)

Combining these elements, like the alchemist—you can re-up your mental processes to align with that of the magician.

There’s nothing Virgo likes more than clarity of thought and getting the details right.

Imagine giving yourself enough time to to recalibrate your cells.

Imagine releasing all your daily responsibilities and inane worries

Imagine that you were the work—you were the project—in need of attention to detail.

What would be your approach?

  • What do you need that’s practical and would make you function better?
  • What can you clear out of your body/day/life to streamline daily processes?
  • What makes you break? And what exactly do you need/do you need to do when that moment happens?

It’s honing in on these details which can make the biggest impact over all.

Trust your gut on these answers.

There’s a certain ancient wizardry with all this. The senses are ignited. Virgo is connected to a feeling in the stomach for vibes. Some say our gut intelligence is on par with the mind intelligence. Getting down to the cells is advised.

Your gut will be able to tell you which situations are right for you, but in order to hear the messages, your nerves need to be steady. Otherwise, it’s like asking for sprinkler advice in an electrical storm.

Recalibrate the cells.

Notice which thought paths make your nerves fray, then figure out a strategy for when that subject matter comes to mind.

Maybe you just need to breathe in fully with both nostrils until there’s no more room for breath and remind yourself you’re more space than matter. It’s then you’ll feel into your cells again, and decide to let go of the ones you don’t need anymore.

Virgo is all about the processes. Let your mind be clean.

What balances times of intense focus on fixing things is moments of absolute surrender where you admit to yourself that you don’t know everything, that there’s a bigger force contributing to the picture and the efforts you put in are not in vain.

Your work is appreciated. You don’t need to keep doing more to be integral. You already are just by being here, by being the energy.

But—as Virgo’s know—there’s always room for improvement.

For more purification.

For better results.

So get to work.

(Just kidding).

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