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by Ashleigh Holmes about a year ago in astronomy
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There is no clear divide when you are born on the cusp of two star signs. My birthdate is the twenty-second of September and depending on where you read, I am either a Virgo, a Libra or a Late Virgo with Libra traits. It doesn’t sound like the simplest way of identifying who I am as a person, and growing up, whenever anyone asked, I would say ‘Virgo’ but when you really get down to the individual traits or persona of myself, you start to wonder.

The most common strengths that I definitely recognise in myself is kindness, hardworking and practical but with that comes the weaknesses shyness, constant worrying and very critical of myself whether it be in work or home life. Suffering from anxiety and depression for majority of my life and being worried for no reason is scary, but for me it has become second nature and I have accepted it. I have been on anxiety medication which helps, but it does still take strength in myself to not let it define me.

Virgo brains are a constant power struggle to find the balance between perfectionism and chaos, while we love order and everything in its place, our over critical minds and worry tends to blur and cause havoc. Counter balancing these thoughts, Virgos are known to be artistic and seek creative outlets. This cannot be truer in my life, starting from a child, I loved writing short stories and drawing which as I got older, turned in to pursuing a degree in Journalism and experimenting with photography. Although I never followed through with Journalism, the writing passion has never left me and as I look for avenues in and around my full time job as an administrator, I still feel unfulfilled.

I worry about taking the leap in changing careers into something more creative, as I currently have a steady income and the uncertainty, especially in this day and age, I am hesitant to make the jump. Overthinking is another major weakness often identified in Virgos and I will always put my hand up as a ‘Self Acknowledged Over-Thinker’ which has caused some issues in my personal life. Jumping to the worst possible conclusion before all the facts are in, is something I have had to work hard to make sure it doesn’t rear its ugly head at the worst of times.

Star sign compatibility in terms of love, I never really delved much into or focused on as I felt that I would know when the right person came along regardless of the stars. My husband who I have been with for eight years and married to for just over three years is a Sagittarius and in most ways we are complete opposites. I am an introvert whereas he is an extrovert but for us it works, as we are both flexible and despite how shy and sensible I am, I feel safe and our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. And now that we are parents, we are on the same page as to how to raise our daughter who is a Cancer star sign, who has issues regulating her emotions which come in waves, but as she is not even three years old, we will help her work through that.

At the end of the day, I associate with Virgo in more ways than one and although I don’t really focus on running my life, love and parenting via the astrological sense, I am definitively a Virgo. Our life and experiences change over time, but the core characteristics are deeply imbedded in everyone and we just need to ensure we all live our best lives.


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Ashleigh Holmes

Married mother of an adorable little girl who keeps me on my toes. I love art, craft, photography and food. I love to write about parenting and the trials I have struggled with, and also photography as an outlet for lifelong anxiety.

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