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Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Breaking The Matrix Podcast, I’m your humble guide in this deep dark bizarre rabbit hole, MorpheuX.

On today’s agenda, we’re discussing

UFO’s, ET’s, Pyramids, Law of One, Holden Ratio & God’s Existence

Are we alone in this Great Expanse we call the Universe or the Multi-Verse? I believe it would be extremely naive, narrow-minded and egotistic to assume that we are alone. Whether you adhere to the Creationism philosophy (ie there’s a single God who created everything) or the ‘Theory of Evolution / Big Bang Theory’, as in we all emerged out of nothingness completely randomly, neither school of thought excludes the notion or at least the very realistic possibility that there are other beings on other worlds and/or in other dimensions. Allow me to share my thoughts on the whole realm of UFOlogy.

I genuinely believe we are NOT alone. We just need to back it up a minute here. I do adhere to a monotheistic principle of creation but also to science. My take, God created Science, and through science, we can even prove the existence of a Supremely Infinitely Intelligent Creator, all you need to do is research The Fibonacci Sequence aka The Golden Ratio. In short, this mathematical equation which is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on and so forth (add the first two numbers to get the next and then you keep doing that over and over). This powerful equation can be found in everything, from plant life, to our own DNA and shape of our fingers and limbs and to the number of petals, to the alignment of the stars, The Golden Ratio is found EVERYWHERE. So, given this powerful proof of the existence of a Divine Creator who’s placed Its Fingerprint into all of its creations, and given the rich diverse forms of life on this planet aka plane of existence, how can one believe we are alone?! Seriously, we still haven’t learned everything about this world, there are depths of the seas we’ve yet to reach, God only knows what’s down there. I believe FEAR of the Unknown is what blocks most people from believing or just considering the possibility of life elsewhere.

I used to be close minded to the notion of ET’s. I admit, it was out of fear. But there’s absolutely nothing to fear. Yes, it’s an uncomfortable thought. But truth be told, they’ve been here way way wayyyy before us. They’ve passed down knowledge to various civilizations, how can you explain the Pyramidal structures found all over the world on various continents which also happen to align perfectly with specific star systems. For example, the three larger Giza pyramids happen to align with the Orion constellation. Whom made it so? What tools and advanced technology did the ancient egyptian civilization have in their possession to position these large monolithic structures exactly and precisely with the stars above? Let alone, the bigger more intriguing and fascinating question, how did they build them big fancy shmancy pyramids? There is ample research and scientific data about the shape of these pyramids and the angles of each side, which coincidentally mathematically equate to… The Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence) and to Phi, and Pi, and each side of the pyramid happen to align almost exactly with true north, east, south and west. Did humans achieve such a feat with just rocks and picks and axes ??? Come on, you’re smarter than that.

It’s undeniably evident, we’ve had otherworldly visitors who’ve helped us along the way. Now, some say, humans were created in test tubes by those beings, or at least, our DNA was manipulated in such a way that we somehow evolved from monkeys. Maybe this whole world started off as some kind of experiment, a lab for extraterrestrials who had a keenly acute and profound knowledge of genetics and DNA and all that. Maybe there are humans who descended from Adam and Eve, for those who adhere to creationism, and maybe some did evolve from primates (like the jackasses in Washington who sell us out in favor of corporate donations). And maybe some are actually reptilians who use cloned human body suits to hide in plain sight. I am open to all theories. But it all starts with critical thinking and the ability to research various sources of information, reading up on research from scholars and experts in the field, with quantifiable data, that can substantiate the fact that we are definitely NOT alone.

I have seen a UFO, actually, it was within a few weeks prior to the recording of this episode. A light in the sky, at night, which at first I thought was just another star, but it zapped here and there in mere seconds, blinking/flashing and swooshing above in the sky, that I thought I lost my damn marbles. But no, it was real and it was happening, The night before this unique event unfolded in front of my very eyes, I had a vision of light in my dream, and this light spoke and said: We’re going to show you something but do not panic or freak out, stay calm, and just breathe. I woke up thinking: WHAT THE HECK was that?! Til later that day, I saw what I saw. And when I did see the UFO, I tried communicating with its pilots telepathically, and said this: If you are genuinely benevolent beings with genuinely friendly and positive intentions, fly closer, but if you are maleficent and have malice in your heart, go in Peace, you’re not welcome here ever. Lo and behold, the craft flew closer towards me. I couldn’t make out the shape of the craft, was it a saucer or a cigar shaped flying object or was it triangular. All I know is that I didn’t lose my mind and I had a unique encounter with a UFO, even though we were miles apart, it was definitely not a plane or a drone or Superman for that matter.

In various cultures around the world, they discuss visitations of Beings from other worlds and other dimensions. There’s even a parallel world in which beings known as Jinns exist, yet we cannot see them nor they see us (there’s an invisible dimensional barrier to protect us from one another and it’s forbidden to break through). However, in occult satanic secret societies, they have learned through sorcery and ancient traditions of black magic and witchcraft, they’ve learned how to open portals to that world, and exchange information. Now, just like us humans, we’ve got good folks and some really evil shitty ones. Well, for ET’s, some are positive polarity beings and some are negative. In the book The Law of One (which I highly recommend reading, visit my site Breaking-The-Matrix.com to find links to it), it discusses in great depth and detail the distinction between positive polarity beings and negative ones. In essence, we can either be of service to Self (and thus become selfish in every way possible), or be of service to the Cosmos to others to Divine Intelligent Infinity. The former are the negative beings, and the latter, are the positive ones.

Which takes me to the Ruling Class Families like the Rothschild, whom I firmly believe are hybrid humanoids with Reptilian lineage, but they answer to far more darker beings who are pure blood Dracos, hence the term Draconian Laws. These entities only serve themselves and their masters, and use the rest of us as slave worker ants to keep enriching themselves. They lack empathy, they lack morality, they lack a conscience, and they’ve been here for centuries. But they only have and keep power if we, all of humanity, willfully consent to their reign over us. Most are completely unaware that we participate in our own subjugation, in our own enslavement. We are born into a matrix system which is designed to weed out all the critical thinkers who ask too many questions, label those ones dangerous to the establishment power structure status quo as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’, and ostracise them from society. Why, because they refuse to submit to conformity, they refuse to consent to living a life of lies and deception. These are the outspoken pioneers of humanity. Trying to shift our course away from these Elites and to free the collective consciousness of humanity from the clutches of Draco-Reptilian rule.

All this to say, we are definitely not alone, these otherworldly visitors are here, have been here for millenia (perhaps even millions of years). The negative polarity beings control the ruling elite in order to farm our fear, and use it as sustenance. The positive polarity beings who come from other worlds, other dimensions, other densities, only show up when called upon, and only for specific purposes, whether it’s to advance humanity in terms of our awareness of the Oneness of the Universe, or to actually protect us from self-destruction.

Staying in this topic, it’s important to note, that various governments in the world have aligned themselves with either the negative or positive beings, There have been leaked documents and eyewitness testimony from various whistleblowers (who mysteriously end up dead or suicided), who had the courage to share their stories of military treaties with these foreign visitors from far away galaxies, where they exchange technology for human specimens (even animals, look up cattle mutilations, it’s weird AF). There are Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs for short) where they conduct experiments of hybridization of different animals and species. You have to understand that some of these beings are obsessed with genetics.

Should you live in fear knowing all this? NO. Leaving in fear is what negative polarity beings want. Fear paralyzes. Fear clouds the mind. Fear shuts us down. You have to live in the spirit of Divine Oneness. We all emerge from a singular source of Creation, it is our journey to find our way home to this Source, some refer to this place of eternal blissful light as Paradise or Heaven, it is essentially our Spirit’s home. Whether negative or positive beings, the quest is to go through the Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening and through various cycles of existences in various forms of beings, sooner or later, even if we reach the depth of darkness, we realize that service only to self leads down to a path of self-destruction, self-isolation, self-sabotage… and eventually, must chose to become servants of the Living Cosmos, and that’s not just how we ascend consciously, that’s how we TRANSCEND to a Higher Density/Frequency of Existence. That is all meticulously detailed and covered in books The Law of One - The Ra Material.

Angelic beings are from another dimension, prophets or divinely-appointed and/or anointed messengers, are beings from a Higher Density, who’ve chosen to come down to our density in a message of Oneness through a mission of selflessness to serve in the ascension of humanity’s collective consciousness. Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, weren’t mere mortals, they were here to wake up humanity each with their own chapter of Divine Cosmic Knowledge.

Hope this episode has been as eye-opening and fascinating to you as it was for me to share all this wisdom. Now, don’t just blindly believe what I tell you, please don’t. I always invite you to dig for the truth on your own, be discerning, think critically and independently. Don’t let others (including myself) shape your world or universal views for you. You’ve been blessed with such a powerful mind, with the capacity to be used either constructively or destructively. Be Love. Be Light. Be of Service to the Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening. You’ll see that once your consciousness vibrates or I should say is aligned with the divine frequency of the Cosmos that surrounds us, you’ll begin to see beyond the deception and deceit of the hybrid reptilian humanoids, you’ll see into their eyes and realize they just use magic spells to sell us lies, I testify -- OH I TESTIFY that there is only One Almighty Divine Creator The Most High, and from it we came, and unto it we shall all return. Some take longer than others, and go down darker paths, and some of us are here to shine our bright light to cast away the darkness and bring more hope, unity and compassion into our world. Never ever lose hope. You’re far more powerful than what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe. Don’t let Tell-A-Lie-Vision aka TV shape your views for you, it is a brainwashing box which beams subliminal messages into our subconscious to turn us into mindless consumerist debt slaves who don’t question anything and willfully consent to their own submission. You’re here because you’ve chosen to be here at this point in time, to learn, to evolve intellectually emotionally spiritually mentally psychologically and spiritually, to empower and enlighten yourself as well as others. Don’t forget, it’s the 99% ie humanity VS the 1% the Draco/Reptilian Ruling Class, they absolutely CANNOT rule over us without our consent, and they cannot survive without our darker energies, so don’t fall into the fear traps, that’s how they win. Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Stay Humble, and continue to patiently persevere against all odds.

Don’t forget to check out the official Website Breaking-The-Matrix.com, for all things ‘alternative’ theories. Fuck the mainstream, question their narratives always because it’s always pushing some kind of an NWO agenda.

I wanna biggup and send out a big SHOUT-OUT to all my loyal patrons.

Thank you for your love, loyalty and continued support, it means a lot. And thanks to YOU for tuning in to another episode of BREAKING THE MATRIX Podcast, it’s been my honor to be your humble guide down this Rabbit Hole.

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Professor MorpheuX MaximuS

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