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Ufo: Boom of Sightings All Over The World

by Marco Bonomo 2 years ago in extraterrestrial
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Sightings of unidentified flying objects. The UFO expert: "Some spheres moved in a zigzag manner, they weren't StarLink telecommunications satellites"

The ongoing epidemic could lead to an increase in UFO sightings as aliens could try to escape the planet, speculates the ufologist.

It appears that an enigmatic alien spacecraft has been spotted in the vicinity of the International Space Station, if Scott Waring's intrepid extraterrestrial hunter is to be believed.

Explaining his findings in his "ET Database" blog, Waring explained that he was watching NASA's live feed when he noticed the camera zoomed in on "a strange object coming from underneath the space station", although the authenticity of the video has provided cannot be verified immediately.

"I thought if it was a capsule it would reenter Earth's orbit and then Earth. But when this object disappeared upward into deep space, it literally blew my mind," he wrote.

Waring also speculated that the object was probably not some kind of "spaceship with USAF top secret alien technology", as the person behind the camera appeared "dismayed and unprepared for its sudden appearance".

He also put the ongoing coronavirus outbreak into the equation, speculating that while the pathogen is "spreading like an out-of-control fire," aliens that may be present on Earth may decide to flee the planet.

"If this is true, expect to see a large increase in UFO sightings as they leave Earth's atmosphere," Waring warned.

Furthermore, the sequence, republished on a well-known YouTube channel dedicated to UFO sightings, immediately went viral.

The images of a mysterious cube-shaped flying object, taken from the cabin of a commercial aircraft and shared on the Tik Tok platform are going around the world, spurring the creation of new theories about aliens.

The video, whose authenticity is however difficult to verify, was posted online by the user Cesarin MP, before being republished on the YouTube channel UFOmania - the truth is out there on January 31st.

According to the description provided by the latter, the video would have been made aboard a commercial aircraft of the Viva Air directed towards the Colombian city of Medellin.

The rather sharp filmed sequence shows a strange cubic-shaped object that almost seems to slide on the blanket of clouds.

Obviously, what was shown aroused the curiosity of the spectators, who launched into various hypotheses related to the presence of alien races visiting the Earth.

Massimo Fratini, one of the leading international UFO experts, also validated the singularity of the sightings. “I am receiving many reports of a UFO fleet sighted yesterday and in the previous days - he points out - Many say that it was the StarLink fleet that passed around 21.15 - 21.30 yesterday and headed east. But the strange thing is that many have seen spheres of light moving scattered and in clusters. Some spheres moved in a zig-zag, which has nothing to do with the StarLink satellites all moving in a row next to each other. A gentleman in Tuscany (Porto Santo Stefano n.d.r.) photographed around 22.00 a fleet of light spheres that passed immediately after noticing the presence of a larger sphere of light still in the sky. The sphere that comes and stops, changing color and waiting for the UFO fleet, is called the "sentinel sphere". Once past the group of UFOs, the sphere vanishes into thin air ”.

In launching his statement, Fratini also publishes the photograph that we reproduce in the article with the value of testimony, given the poor quality due to shooting with a cell phone. Several reports have also arrived from Ostia and the coast of Rome.

The comments confirming Fratini's assumption are numerous "They are not just satellites - agrees a witness from Trieste - They move in a straight line in a parabola spaced equally from each other. I saw them last night at 9.30pm. But then there were other spheres nearby and many that moved. After 10 minutes everything calmed down but I still saw a few balls moving individually and in groups of two ”.

“I saw those lights around 9 pm - says Davide from Rome Monteverde - Some of them went in line. Others did not and traveled other routes. I noticed them because at first I thought but how many planes turn. Then I saw some of them widening. But it was evidently that they proceeded in groups. The thing that surprised me this morning is that I saw them at 9 pm and you at 7.30 pm ”.

"Phenomenon also seen by me in Sardinia at 21.28 - adds Antonia - I don't know if they had started to pass before I saw them, as soon as I looked at the sky I saw a bright dot moving and a flash on its left and then all a a succession of aligned passages that proceeded north-east, then two others passed but very distant from the others ".

From Bari Savina says: "We got to see them on the 16th (about forty, they moved quickly and almost in single file) and yesterday (3)". Jessica notes that at the time of the sighting "Strange no noise but the dog never stopped barking until they finished". Annapia and Enzo da Cerignola, in the province of Foggia, underline: "on the evening of April 18 around 9 pm we noticed that there were stars that moved and then disappeared into thin air, but not like satellites in single file. distant from each other and each was going in a different direction ”.

Laura is even more detailed: “Absolutely they weren't in line, they were scattered and some went in different directions before proceeding like the others. They were small as stars, so they didn't see each other on the phone. As far as I'm concerned, no mothership, that is, bigger light, but two of them lit up enormously and then returned as bright as before ”.

Finally Tatiana wrote: "I am writing from Eastern Rome, tonight (Friday 17 April, ed) around 21.20, I was looking out the window and looking at the sky I saw the same thing that Mr. Luciano saw on Friday 20 March, in the same direction to the east and they all passed at the same speed and distance from each other. At first I thought it was a satellite but then I saw a lot of them go by, at least fifty. I called my husband, my mother and my father and they all saw them, even a friend of mine who lives in another area ".


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