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Typhoons Intercept Russian Bombers

Standard Two Ship Formation Reveals ETI

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Britain scrambled two Royal Air Force Typhoon jets on Monday from Scotland to intercept Russian two Russian Tu160 strategic bombers near the United Kingdom's airspace (here). Recently we have seen other Intercepts and Flights flown by various Military pilots from different nations:

What we consistently see is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of two-ship formations being flown. The reason this is important is the possibility of Hetlau meaning there may be secret fighter tactics not being revealed on Earth that exist using ETI known as a Tactical Vee. Fighter pilots flying fighter formations using tactics that have evolved over the last century since WWI still use the terminology Leader Wingman to distinguish the roles of the aircrew. Using mutual support between the Leader and Wingman, as well as expanding the concept to work between the Lead and Wing sections of a four-ship division, fighter aircrew tactics haven't evolved the way fighter aircraft technology has. With the possibility of Hetlau operating Hextocracies and Hextaries, could the need to advance machine technology while restraining EA Intelligence (EAI) exist? Would this help them accomplish the possibility of War vs the EA? By developing the machine technology it advances technology on the planet and funnels resources where desired. This advances the ET architecture.By withholding information from EA it prevents them from achieving ETI. In addition, it keeps the civilian population from figuring out what is going on. Unlike the submarine community where very little information is made public about operational tactics, the fighter community is quite different. There are a lot of aviation enthusiasts who actually know quite a bit about fighter tactics as the information is more readily available. In addition, there are a lot of fighter gaming communities. This would allow them to pick up on the shift from two and four-ship formations to three-ship formations. Thus revealing the ETI in the formation tactics and the presence of HET on Earth.ET and HET (Humanoid Extra Terrestrials) refer to the aircrew as Intercept, Energy, Angles when operating a three-ship Tactical Vee. EA pilots refer to themselves using the legacy terminology Leader, Wingman, Wingman when in a three-ship Vee. So for EA pilots, a three-ship formation is just a transitional formation to get three aircraft from point a to point b.

The EA pilots don't want to have to fight in a three-ship formation because they do not have an SOP to provide mutual support. The duplicative nature of referring to the wingmen with the same name is what is preventing the EA pilots from evolving. ET and HET pilots prefer to fly / fight in a three-ship formation as they have a SOP that allows them to provide mutual support in a three-ship formation. The three-ship also is a triangle which is the strongest geometric shape. This allows for the best maneuvering options with the least number of calculations required to achieve them. A two-ship formation is essentially a straight line and the energy state of the section can be calculated by evaluating the mergline which is the hypothetical line between the two aircraft.A four-ship formation is a box which is a weaker geometric shape. In addition, the fourth aircrew which appears to an EA using EAI to make the formation more powerful exponentially increases the number of calculations required to maintain the geometry of the fight every time the opposing three ship maneuvers. To an ET / HET pilot who knows ETI this calculation overhead makes the formation less efficient and less effective as a fighting formation. Watching fighter Intercepts and Flights of military fighter aircrew can yield some key info about ETI when you know what to look for.Follow me on Vocal Media for more stories atHumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com


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