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Two Betrayed Chapter 7

by Ian Worrall 2 years ago in fantasy
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A continued story for your enjoyment

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Suqqu had spent the better part of a day mourning her loss. She had to use up all her magic power and supplies to dig a hole deep enough to bury him and levitating into the grave before pouring the dirt over him. She left a mark should she ever become powerful enough to resurrect the dead. "I'm sorry my hero, she said as she closed her eyes, I wasn't there to save you as you were for me, but after I avenge our betrayal, I will do everything I can possibly do to get the power of resurrection."

She hurried herself to the closest tree and climbed halfway up until she got to the branches. The next part of the vocal story

She only had a few hours until sundown so she wanted to make the most progress as possible while still being careful to avoid predators, she would be an easy meal for any that wanted to take her.

Suqqu manage to jump through four trees until her delicate hearing heard the hiss and her telepathic sense detected the simple thought of a snake thinking mealtime. Ordinarily she could have put the snake but in her grief, she used up all her magic supplies burying her hero. Now her only hope was that she could outsmart the snake that was coming to eat her, her tiny little legs would never allow her to outrun the animal.

She glanced all around her as she gingerly stepped further on the branch, and the hissing grew louder behind her and she saw a massive venomous snake. She jumped off the branch grabbing it with her hands, and even with her tiny weight the branch bent down and she let go jumping down to the next branch, the slingshot effect of the branch sent her flying.

Suqqu knew the snake would not give up on an easy meal, she had to find a place to hide, and there's nowhere in any of the trees. She jumped from Branch to branch down to the ground and she could sense the snake's presence getting closer and closer. Her tiny heart beating almost over chest as she looked around, nothing in the immediate vicinity for her to hide in.

Suqqu took off to her left it was her best hope of Escape she thought, at least they gave her a better chance of escaping than standing still. Every pace she took she could hear the simple-minded thought of the predator mealtime, mealtime, mealtime. And her delicate hearing could tell the predator was gaining ground.

She looked Over her shoulder saw the snake was rearing up with its mouth wide open to swallow her whole. She tripped over a twig and fell on her back, she screamed her lungs out as the predator bore down on her.

Just as she expected it to be swallowed whole, she heard the chunk of metal slamming into the ground and then a hand twice the size of her whole body scooped her off the ground. She looked down and saw the snake impaled with a metal Spike, and then looked in the eyes of another human, "Thank you, thank you," she cried.

"Oh don't thank me just yet," the man said. "The snake will provide a good dinner for my family tonight, and my little daughter always wanted to have a Pandor as a pet."

Suqqu did everything she could to squirm out of his hand, but there was nothing she could do as he pulled out a little metal box from his pocket, put her in and closed it.


About the author

Ian Worrall

Ian Worrall is a lifelong fan of the Edmonton Oilers and one of the biggest fans of Iron Maiden in the world. No Remorse No Regret is available here:


And here: https://books2read.com/u/bowLPv

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