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Two Betrayed Chapter 5

by Ian Worrall 2 years ago in fantasy
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A Continued Story For Your Enjoyment

Image by Mathias Förster from Pixabay

Racker and Suqqu had continued with their trek 7 miles off the main trail. Racker figured it would be less likely to get ambushed that way. After a few hours of hiking, Racker chose a place for them to sleep, close by there were four large trees that Suqqu could climb up in a hurry should the need arise, and a large rock five feet high and teen feet wide he could use for cover. He set up the canvas sheet for cover should any rain come and as they hunkered down for the night Suqqu asked before going to sleep, "Are we just going to walk right up to him?"

Racker tapped her lightly on top of her head with his index finger, "No, we'll come up with a plan before we get there."

After casting an alarm spell, Suqqu curled up in the little to pin cushion that her human benefactor have procured for her bed, and in seconds she was asleep. Racker smiled as he looked at her thinking, I wish I could fall asleep so quickly. Racker spent about forty minutes lying there, each sound of the forest keeping him awake, there could be another bounty hunter out there coming after him and his little partner. A breeze would rustle the trees and he would look out their shelter scanning his eyes around and see nothing, if only I had infrared vision, he thought. Several times this happened before he too was able to lay down to sleep.

A few hours later, the screaming of the alarm spell woke them up. The little Pandor let out a little shriek as she jumped off her bed and scampered up into the trees as the large man drew his sword and tore down the canvas sheet. Suqqu jumped from tree to tree, her negligible weight did not make a single branch move.

With his jaw clenched and scanning his eyes around the dark scenery as best he could, Racker kept himself hidden behind the large rock. If all goes well as it always had before, his little friend will return to tell him who was there. The crack of a twig behind him caused his blood to go cold, he turned to see another former associate, the Bounty Hunter known as the Darkwing, a member of the avian race of Crowmen, with two of his minions behind him.

"You should have kept going after the other bounty hunter, Marcellus and his wife failed in taking you out," the Darkwing said. “I must thank you for leaving them tied up, they were very tasty.”

"We all make mistakes," Racker responded, "and we all have to sleep. Since I did you a favor, perhaps you could do one for me, and let me go."

The Darkwing laughed at the foolish human, “Too high of a price on your head,” he laughed again and he and his minions raised their crossbows and fired, all three bolts drove through the man's body nailing them to the Rock.

In desperation, Suqqu had come running through the tree branches, and was too late to save her hero. With no time to cast a knock-out spell, she saw the Darkwing run him through, knowing she could do nothing, she climbed to the top of the tree where she huddled up, her knees to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and began crying, vowing she would take revenge. No one can get away with killing her hero, the man who saved her from what would have been a gruesome death.

She heard the three Crowmen celebrating their victory, and with a steel set in her jaw, she dried her eyes and began to formulate a plan to take them out. Wait until the get drunk enough to pose no threat to her, and they will find out the mistake they made in not letting Racker live.


About the author

Ian Worrall

Ian Worrall is a lifelong fan of the Edmonton Oilers and one of the biggest fans of Iron Maiden in the world. No Remorse No Regret is available here:


And here: https://books2read.com/u/bowLPv

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