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Two Betrayed Chapter 3

by Ian Worrall 2 years ago in fantasy
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A Continued Story For Your Enjoyment

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

"Why aren't we moving?" Suqqu asked.

"I'm going to make sure that they don't come back this way and there's nobody else trailing behind him."

Racker had his sword drawn waiting for a possible attack. There was a slight breeze rustling the leaves, and Suqqu climbed out of his pocket and told him that she would it do some scouting. She scurried up into the trees, for 30 minutes jumped from branch to branch and found that so far they were safe. She immediately scampered back down to Racker and climbed into his pocket.

The man started slowly walking keeping off the trail, there was something needling away at him as to why the Bounty Hunter was on the trail. Part of him there was no way that was a coincidence, another part felt that if he was after him and Suqqu, they wouldn't have been on the trail they would have been hiding out of sight waiting to Spring a trap.

Half an hour into their moving forward, Racker crouched down, he had a feeling something was amiss. That Sixth Sense that years of his experience that has kept him alive.

"What's wrong?" Suqqu asked.

"Something's not right."

Once again his tiny partner climbed out of his pocket onto his shoulders and quickly shimmied up a tree. Just as she made it halfway onto a branch, they heard the thwack of a crossbow Bolt slamming into the tree, he felt the breeze of it as it flew by his face, once again his Sixth Sense saved them both.

"I can see three people a hundred feet away," Suqqu whispered. "I will get over them and render them unconscious."

As Racker crawled behind the tree and pulled out his own crossbow and notched a bolt, Suqqu pulled out her spell materials to ready her knockout spell. It took her 4 minutes to get ready and she took a running leap from that branch and landed squarely on her feet 15 feet above their would be attackers.

She aimed her tiny fingers at the three men who were starting to spread out, with the word "Shoogawa," a white mist shot out from her hands, and enveloped the men who never saw it coming until the last second and never had a chance to escape. It took less than 3 seconds for the men to fall down unconscious.

"Come see if you recognize them," she called out.

Racker carefully made his way towards her with his crossbow ready to fire should another threat materialize. When he got there, he did recognize the three men as associates of Marcellus, and then he knew Marcellus was sent for him. As he bounded the men's arms and feet he told Suqqu to keep an eye out. He tied cloth over their mouths, and tide another longer rope around their ankles.

With the knockout spell keeping them out of commission for at least 4 hours, he hung them by their ankles upside down from different branches.

"Why don't you kill them?" Suqqu asked.

"Marcellus will want to help the men, we will lay in wait and find out who sent him after us."


About the author

Ian Worrall

Ian Worrall is a lifelong fan of the Edmonton Oilers and one of the biggest fans of Iron Maiden in the world. No Remorse No Regret is available here:


And here: https://books2read.com/u/bowLPv

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