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Two Betrayed Chapter 10

by Ian Worrall 2 years ago in fantasy
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A continued story for your enjoyment

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Suqqu and Roush scampered through the grass, their tiny size kept them hidden from the humans that had captured them. But they did have dogs, as did every member of this human village, dogs that can easily swallow a Pandor in one bite. And the dogs did have a better sense of smell than humans did.

But the two tiny people had the advantage of knowing where they were going to be going. They did not go straight for the forest, because they figured that's where the humans thought they would be going to right away. The human village they were brought to had a little trail that they scampered along the side until they got to a main roadway.

With no carriages coming from any direction they ran as fast as their tiny legs would carry them across the roadway, and this was where they ran into the forest and climbed up the first tree they came to. Out of breath, they took a seat on one of the highest branches and each broke off a twig to serve as either a crutch or walking stick, or a club to swat mosquitoes, it would do nothing against anything larger than that, but it was the best they could manage under the circumstances. Alone and without their supplies to make magic spells, they were the most vulnerable creatures in the forest. But they were free from captivity as all living things should be.

"We can't wait here too long," Suqqu said. "The predators will find us in due time."

"That and we have to find some food for ourselves."

Suqqu rubbed her belly, it had been a while since she last ate, freedom from captivity was the first order of business, but she did regret not taking some of the food pellets for later use, or more accurately use right now.

"Do you still remember what berries are healthy and poisonous?" she asked.

"It's not something you ever forget," he answered, the memory of his little sister still fresh in his mind.

Fortunately for them, this tree had berries on a lower branch that they could eat. As they stood up and began making their way down the tree, Suqqu communicated telepathically, "From this point forward until we get to our home village we communicate in our thoughts."

Roush agreed, there was no sense in giving any predators an easier way to detect them.

Several minutes of climbing down, their retractable claws were definitely a benefit, and they got to the lowest branch of the tree. They each held one berry in both their hands and started munching away. It was like the best berry either ever had, if freedom could have a taste this must be was like. They managed to eat half of their berries before their tiny bellies were stuffed.

Suqqu and Roush both heard the thoughts of the eagle soaring above. A predator on the hunt, neither were taking a chance that it had spotted them through the trees.

"Keep ourselves quiet," she thought to her companion who needed no convincing of that.

Side by side they climbed down the tree, not jumping when they were low enough, they did not want to make a sound that the eagle will definitely hear.

Both could hear the thoughts of the bird of prey as it was doing everything it could to lock in on them. I’m hungry and I want something to eat, were the bird’s thoughts. They knew however how to avoid detection from a hungry predator, move slowly and don't make any sudden moves until necessary. They tiptoed to the cover of a fallen tree, and could still hear the eagle’s thoughts.

"I know there's a hole around here somewhere," Roush thought to her.

"And it hasn't been covered over yet?"

"I hope not."

How far away safety was, he couldn't be quite sure, but for creatures as tiny as the Pandor, one hundred feet would seem like a hundred miles to a human. But they also couldn't stay in one place forever, eventually the eagle might find them and make a meal out of one of them.

Flattening themselves to their bellies did you get a spider crawling to the next cover, a stand of ferns. The screeching of the eagle as it began its attack run sent a torrent of Terror through them.

"Get up and run!" Suqqu shouted, and her companion complied.

They got within two feet of the ferns, when a rabbit rushed out in front of them and was trying to hop away when the eagle came down grabbed it and its powerful tendons and took off.

With sweat stained faces, Suqqu and Roush sat down on the damp moss, "That was terrifying," Roush said.

"I guess the rabbit was a bigger meal for it."

The two of shared a ironic laugh, sometimes there was a benefit to being barely larger than a mouse. After they caught their breath and got their heart rates settled, they again began their trek home.


About the author

Ian Worrall

Ian Worrall is a lifelong fan of the Edmonton Oilers and one of the biggest fans of Iron Maiden in the world. No Remorse No Regret is available here:


And here: https://books2read.com/u/bowLPv

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