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Train of Thought

by Keith Mchugh 2 months ago in fantasy · updated 2 months ago
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Train to Infinity, Part 1

When we all awaken, We'll find a Universe anxiously awaiting our return.

Chapter 1


"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say" thought Geode, as the unused portion of the air gets vacuumed from his lungs. How nice it would be to travel the vast emptiness of the silent Galaxy, he thought. "Yet soundwaves can carry lightyears through time and space. is a scream not a soundwave in its own form. OH, how nice it would be in silence, away from the constant sound of the machines keeping me breathing." The sound of the heart monitor now a distant familiar reality as it beeps. The clouds begin to gather fast above the place Geode calls his cell. Self imprisoned over his years of poor choices. An ominous glow comes from the full moon, blasting its light behind the clouds. Lightning begins to flash exposing the dark fluffy patch speeding towards town. Looks like this may be a good one. Finally some entertainment, as his thoughts embark on the wonders of the storms and the power they carry. "If only I could ride that lightning all the way to the end of my time. How much longer am I to be tied to this tree called life? I'm done!!" he calls to the air as if no one could hear him. "bet you no one could even hear me scream in this room." he scoffed. The rain begins to pound against the windows , As Geode stares into distorted dark city streets. The artificial air keeping him breathing. The atmosphere in the room, stale and cold, as alone he ponders how it came to be this way. Tied like a dog to tree, these tubes my chain.

"86yrs" he thought to himself. OH, how time passes so swiftly. Seems yesterday I was just 50. A flash of lightning flashes , bright enough to blind Geode for a second. The thunder coming crashing right behind it, knocking Geode back away from the window. His heart racing from the fright, that incessant beeping echoes through the night. Geode mind pacing as he recedes into his bed clear from the storms fright.

Geode lay peacefully rested as the storm bellows across the sky , drowning out the usual sounds of banter in the halls. he begins to reminisce of the good ole days. A child free in the streets Geode was into all kinds of different troubling young fun. Smocking , drinking, stealing, dealing. you name it. Geode at 13 was forced into a life that he created through outer circumstances. His only goal, Survival, As he wrestled the nature of the beast before him. 86 long years he thought again to himself. 86 wasted years he say as he begins to sink into the diseased carcass that he brutalized through the years. "If only I could do things differently, just tell myself of the blunders. How the addictions pulled me under, stealing away my youth, as I was running from the truth. Now it ends here in tubes.

Lightning flashes, and thunder comes crashing, as Geode remembers back when he was arriving in the train station after his father passed. his mother forced to drop him at the station as she hopped on her own train leaving Geode behind.

Raised in an Atmosphere full of alcohol and drugs, and the unfortunate path that its compelled to take. Geode learns fast the ways of the devious, He like his father used it to his advantage. Lying and stealing their way through place after place. Never able to stay long at any town. Burning bridge after bridge, until the bridge fell on poor Geodes dad. His mom in no shape to care for him, runs for a fix, while 13 yr old Geode, waits in the terminal for her return. Hours went by and still no sign of her. Geode searches the whole station to no avail. Alone he's forced to start making the tough choices. With them as his only role models Geodes life was unfortunately destined down the same road. So sad the role it plays in a child's life. The most important years shrouded with anger, frustration, and constant lack of love and nutrition.

Scared and alone, Geode stands pondering his next scheme. Looking around for an easy target, Geode proceeds down the terminal. He was all to familiar with this game. All the times his dad would have him steal, while he would keep them distracted. They always were visiting the bus or train stations. Geode spots an older lady with a nice hat reading a book, her bag under her seat. "she would never know if i sat behind her for a minute to grab it. piece of cake" he thinks to himself. He slowly enters the platform where she was waiting. Geode was looking at the arrival and departure sign about 6ft away from where she was sitting. Being a child has its benefits Geode thought as he sat behind the lady. Playing it cool for a few minutes waiting for the right time, when an old man approaches him. He goes to hand Geode a ticket, while saying something. Startled by the man Geode immediately scratched the idea and jumped to his feet. "EXCUSE ME!!" he said to the old man, who stood silent with the ticket. "Can I help you?". The old man stayed silent a moment. Geodes now impatience beginning to show. The old man replies, "It only looks ugly on the outside. You can change that, look inside to find the answer." OH, how the old withered figure stood before him. He would be haunted by that dream for many years. Geode wanted none of it and slapped the ticket to the ground. "Leave me alone!!" Geode looks down at the shimmering ticket and sees value, so he swipes it from the ground and arrogantly dances off, shoving the ticket in his pocket. He'd check later he thought. He needs to get back to work. The old man yells "Its a tricky world out there boy, you better be careful."

Better be careful, he thought. Now the only words in his mind as he tries to recollect the memories of a dark and gloomy past, as those were the only memories there. all the good ones shrouded by blackouts and blind greed and drug fueled rage. "all I have is this room" he thought. "86 and nothing to show for it. Not even the memories. I thought we were having a blast." As he tries to look past all the rocky roads in his life. "It was always struggle. Fight for this, fight for that. And for what? To end up waiting for my only relief. I had never chose a belief. This world sure is tricky. What have I amounted to? If only I could've done it differently." As the thunder comes crashing, shaking the glass in the window pane. All that's left is to waste away in this damp room, overlooking the rundown building across the lot and hope, if there is a GOD, he finds his favor in me. How could he, if you only knew. How could God forgive a man like me. Lightning flashes through the window lighting the whole room as the Thunder follows as promised. The old man ready for it this time.

Letting the sounds of the storm settle his mind he tries drifting into his only escape from the mundane life before him. Ahh, but they too have eluded Geode for quite some time. He cant remember the last time he had the comfort of a dream. Thunder crashing again and again, machine whirring as it slides up and down filling his lungs, The incessant beeping of the monitor above his head rings hollow through his ears, constant clatter in the hallways, leaves Geode many nights, twisting and turning trying to find his peace. A tiring affair leaving Geode restless. something wasn't right about tonight, the storm wont cease. Its been raining like this all day he thought. always the same. flash and boom, flash and boom. so much commotion i'll never get to sleep, as he lay with a pillow over his head to muffle out the sounds driving him crazy.

Code blue Code blue, comes echoing through. He thought to himself "could this be you?" As the incessant beeps ensue, this proves not to be true. The hours sticking around like glue, Geodes nemesis the clock. mocking him with every tick, the very sight makes him sick. Thunder comes crashing through. Rattling the very core of Geodes heart. "That was close", he thought. He closes his eyes to settle the racing, "for god sakes that beeping is driving me crazy. " As lightning flashes, the glass shatters. And the rains blast through the window, spraying Geode with its cold harsh hand. Swiping any comfort Geode may have found. As he lets it all go, thunder comes crashing, glass smashing, wheels on rails clashing, beeps turn to scratching, the whirring whistling to action, as his thoughts gain traction. A chain reaction, as the Train hits the platform. A startled Geode finds himself standing in a station staring into the Train of !nfinity.

The Platform

"What the..." "Where the..." "How the... how could this be. Where am I. I cant be dreaming, as he wipes the rain from his cheek. This is impossible. is this a damn train station" he thinks, as he tries to make sense of what had just took place. Confused by all the commotion, Geode sees the IV stand beside him and realizes he's no longer in his bed, hiding from the blasting rain. He's now standing upright, his oxygen tank and IV standing beside him. Geode now thinking he's passed on to the other side. He snares to himself, "Even in Death ill be tied to these tubes". Dropping his head he scowls, and begins to move along the seemingly endless hallway before him. Letting his thoughts catch up to his hurried, and frantic thinking.

See Geode was never really the spiritual type, or for that matter that anything existed afterlife at all. Always fighting his own battle growing up, he never even opened up to the Idea of a creator of any sorts. His life being full of sorrows and broken promises, he wondered how he had even made it this far. So many times caught in seemingly impossible situations, and yet without fail would always end up leaving Geode safe and sound. Always food, a place to sleep. Never giving credit where it was due. Still the Universe seemed to have his back, when all the chips were down. A miracle, seen as coincidence, all of those years. How all of that is changing in Geodes Mind. His thoughts now running away with any logic Geode had left.

Geode lifts his head to explore the area. "Cant get any worse", he thought. Standing before Geode was a long Bright marbled corridor. So many people rushing about the station. Immersed in their own travels. No one even talking to each other, just rushing around the station each preparing their own train. Not a noise was to be heard as Geodes every thought echoed through the corridor. Embarrassed by the sound, he hopes no one else can hear it coming from the speakers, on the long cylindrical gold shafts, holding what looks like a galaxy as the ceiling. The nervousness sets in. This is it he thought. "my time is up". Then what could this place be? He thought. "who are all these people", Nervously scurrying the small steel wheels squeaking through the corridor. Trying not to cause attention, Geodes hurries down the hallway, noticing the variety of different beings he was seeing. They were passing through him, as if only his eyes existed in this place. Some beings so scary even penetrating through Geodes tough exterior. See its a tricky world out there, and there's more to the galaxy than the earth. When you break into the Universal Mind, there's no telling the destination you'll arrive at, if you don't have a travel guide.

Geode calls out before him, as his voice drowns the sound of his thoughts. "Hello, Hello, Can anyone hear me?" he says. Not even a twitch from any of the several thousand beings littering the station floor. Not even shoulder room as he passes through the mass of what now seems as energy flowing like an electrical current. The sound of Geodes favorite song comes playing over the speakers, as Geode thinks finally some good music, Heavy Metal blasting through the halls, Geode scurries his stand with him and heads for the seeming concert down the Hall. "Must be tucked in a corner", he thought, making his way through the sea of beings before him. "What an odd place", he thought. "There doesn't seem to be enough train bays for this many people, is this Purgatory or something?" The music getting louder as he travels further down the corridor hoping the music will shed light on where he is. I must be dreaming the storm just scared me to death as he tries pinching himself awake. He doesn't feel anything try as he might. " This is some weird dream," Geode thought. All the while the silent trains and seemingly massless beings moving as if on schedule. How he ponders the possible explanation. "Am I given a train? How long is this corridor? Why am I still attached to these tubes? His thoughts now turning inward and down into the abyss of darkness starting to surround him

As if they knew, a strange voice is heard echoing through the corridor. This voice didn't come from the speakers, or where the music was coming from. It was if it was right beside him, yet only the beings constantly passing by, paying him no attention, were there. startled by the Voice Geode calls out. "WHO'S THERE!", with scowl in his voice. Silence mocks Geode. The music now silent. Only Geodes thoughts ring through the air. "STOP IT, STOP IT!, He cries. Make them stop, I cant take it anymore. IM SORRY, I Give up," as he continues to cry. The sorrow of his past, a burden to hard to carry all at once. Still nothing, as the time seems to past endlessly. Geodes thoughts on all of his errors growing through life, like a missile, destroying the path before him. Blazing his own path, not caring who was affected. As the burdens slowly fall through the tears in his face, he begins to see some of the shimmering good times, the selfless acts of kindness. The love he shared for nature, the goodness he was to afraid to let show. Geode thought it to be a weakness that would tear his life apart, worse than it had been. He notices through all that ugly exterior, he had protected himself with all those years, were covering such a shimmering beauty, like crystals shimmering in the moonlight, lighting the path with their reflection.

Geode takes hold of himself," C'mon old man, get ahold of yourself. There's no going back now. Look at these tubes." arguing with that thought Geode wishes how, if he could only change that part of his past, that sent him down the road. how he wished he'd listened to that old man, at the train station. Pulling out his wallet and grabbing the shiny ticket he snatched from the old man long ago. It was worthless. But, Oh, how it used to shimmer. He held it all these years. A reminder of the station he was left in as a child. No one would ever leave him again he thought as a child. Not if its just Me, as he began his adolescent years. Now staring at the ticket, crumpled and worn from the years of being tucked tightly in Geodes wallet. It read. TRAIN TO !NFINITY. Below that reads; He who holds this ticket, is granted a one way trip to infinity, uncountable destinations to admire, fulfilling your hearts desire. Geodes eyes repeatedly reading the ticket. Wouldn't that be nice, looking at the IV stand beside him. he begins to wonder if this is where he is. "How did I get here then", as his thoughts runaway with all sorts of weird ideas.

Travel agent

Geode thinks "wishful thinking" as he tucks his old ticket between the tattered bills wasting away in there. He hasn't had a chance to use money for several years, due to his living arrangements. Staring into the dark abyss, Geode hopes to hear that voice again. As his thoughts ring out around him. And the darkness grows within Geode, his regrets and resentments start to enter his train of thought, bringing a whole new E-motion to the mix. As the anger builds inside, Geode notices a ring of light emerging curbing the Anger from entering the RAGE stage. With it, what seems to be chords attached, reaching towards the center of the ring before him. "Could this be a portal?" Curious as to what is happening Geode carefully examines the ring, He wants to reach for a chord, to feel what this shiny metallic material is, floating toward the center. The light brightest at its center. The ring perfectly hovering around it, slowly turning, as the chords stay center to the light. Geode thinking what harm could come from holding one. they looked so pretty as they float toward the center, like spokes of a bike tire.

Geode reaches for a chord, as he feels his heart racing with anticipation. such a vivid dream he thought. Just then a voice calls out again "Geode, there's still Time", he turns around, only the darkness of his thoughts surround him now. " Who was That!, HEY!! YOU!! he calls out furiously.(Geode was never one for patience.). The voice calls again "There's still Time, Plenty of time." " Where are you? why cant I see you. " Asks Geode. "Why you simply never asked. I've been here waiting for your arrival. You could call upon me anytime, for I hold the ESSENCE of Time in my heart. All one has to do is look within the most deepest part of your own heart to find me. I am Unu Kahli. I am the travel agent for this portion of the Universe. I am tasked with assisting all those who hold the golden light of The Creator. Geode laughs sarcastically, "I believe you got the wrong guy whoever you are." Have you seen my life, do you even know who I am. God could never forgive some of the things I've done." "Do you know some of the things you've done", replies Unu. " How many times the things you did good made such a difference in other lives, your selfish thinking kept you from seeing the bigger picture." Geode trying to recall at least one thing he did right. Nothing comes to his mind. Just a haze of half broken thoughts of what was, drowned by the addictions heavy side effects.

Unu says, "Geode we don't have time for discussion. If you are here then you need not know of the how or why. We must prepare for the train. Geode, "What train?" UNU," each chord is connected to a point in your life, where you can hop the train, and arrive in the past, at the present moment. Do you understand? "no" says Geode. "What are you talking about?" Unu,"you can grab any chord to a place in time you wish to change, is that more clear. And when you return to this place, that chord stays active in your DNA to help the next generations adapt better. The only catch is that you don't know what each chord is attached to or when. Time has no power when you hold its essence. Existence flows within thought. Thought is not bound by time, therefore it is your innermost thoughts that will register here. That is so we can protect the universal timeline as you shift through your own realities trying to achieve the oneness instinctively driving the Train Of Infinity. You all ride it, most of you don't know, you go life after life, repeating lessons over and over not knowing you can change them, here within the Universal Mind." You are never taught, we had the power to change all sorts of things, with only thoughts and good intentions, Unu goes on to say. A curious Geode now cast all his attention on Unu's voice. Geode "Where do I start?, There's so much I cant remember." Lightning flashes and the silence crashes with the sound of the thunder as a Train whistle blows. Geode is thrown threw the darkness, landing securely in an armchair with a familiar pattern on it. That was the chair he hid in as a boy, when the Bad people would come to his old house. The ones he and his mom ran from on Geodes 13th birthday. He was to be their property at his coming of age. Uncertain why he was in that chair, a golden light appears before him. Unu calls out from the light saying, " This is a reel of your life, you have seen this many times. You don't remember, due to the havoc the shift plays on the brain. Pay close attention, because this is where we make your travel arrangements.

Geode relaxes back into the chair, startled to notice the tubes had been removed. His skin a young vibrant glow. He starts feeling all the healthy cells in his body. Amazed he thinks, no more pain. Air so fresh and cool entering his healthy lungs. What an amazing feeling he thinks, and tries to get up and enjoy every motion he could. Stretching his arms out before him, feeling the blood circulate freely through his now fresh veins. So wonderful and free he thought. Now this is Heaven he thought. As he slowly settles his mind, from the young man he was feeling under his eyes. Unu calls out "Here we go Geode, Are you ready? Excitedly Geode replies "ABSOLUTELY!". UNU, "Relax, there's plenty of things on the table beside you to pass the time as you watch. "

Geode looks off to the right as the projector screen lowers. So many items to look at at once. It was if he could only see 1 item at a time. The more he focused the harder it was to see. He barely makes out the shape of a cigarette. With his newfound vitality, Geodes' brain goes straight for the smoke. Geode holds the cigarette to his mouth. "Now to find a lighter on this table." and just as if the thought brought it to life, there it was. Clear as day. OH, how he loved that feeling of the first smoke of the day. He thought this should be better than that. seeing he was in Heaven and all. He puts the smoke to his mouth, brings the lighter up close, anticipating the warm smoke warming his lungs as they once did. As he flicks the Lighter he remembers the IV needle that was attached to his hand, how they were why the tubes cursed his last days. Tied like a dog to a tree. He drops the cigarettes to the floor, as his train of thoughts run away with his mind.

With a flash he's blind, his heart starts racing, as fear chasing every thought. "Where have I been brought? I just need to wake up, this just isn't right. Its way to bright. This is the movie Right?" As his sight adjusts to the light, Geode sees a child in the night. It's Mom and Dad having a fight, as he sat in his cradle, barely able to smile. Yet so vulnerable to the fright. All the while, the two raging on. Unaware the effect it was having on Geodes' small receptive ears. As the movie continues on playing, tears well up in Geodes eyes, as he remembers all the painful and loving memories, as the reel shows things differently. It shows how they truly went. Not how he remembers them to be. And as they reach the point where the cigarettes' were introduced, Unu Calls out, "Destination point set, time to ready the train." "Wait!," says Geode, not wanting to end the reel. He was having so much fun remembering his past after all these years. "I Don't want to go back there, I cant go back, not now. Was this a dream, no, no, no. don't make me go back to that room. I don't want to lose these memories again. As the light fades into the darkness the chair seems to vanish right out from under him. He starts falling into an endless abyss. You see its a Tricky world out there, and you wont want to miss what happens after this. Don't let the Train of Thought run away with your mind.

Stay tuned to Part 2


About the author

Keith Mchugh

Good day to the wonderful soul reading this. I'm so glad to be able to share my art with so many awesome people, with such great imaginations. I hope you enjoy my little contribution. See you in the station.

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