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Top 10 Worst Ways to SETI

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial

Its hard to believe how long we've been doing this.

Top 10 worst ways to SETI

Half a century, over a billion dollars spent and no results. Here are the top 10 worst ways we are Searching for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).10. Fermi ParadoxA paradox that is a conflict between arguments of scale and probability that seem to favor intelligent life being common in the universe, and a total lack of evidence of intelligent life having ever arisen anywhere other than on the Earth. Overlooks the most basic premise of EARTH Methodology regarding the possibility of Hetlau. Tries to use a complex mathematical analysis to calculate the probability. Estimates 200–400 billion stars in the Milky Way (2–4 × 1011) and 70 sextillion (7×1022) in the observable universe. Combined with the mediocrity principle says life should have occurred even if on a minuscule number of planets.Way to complicated. ESH are going to think in simpler terms that are needed to psychologically control EA. Such as EMSR, HNFS, and EPMS. EA need to think like ESH, not with complex mathematical formulas. ESH will possibly use an ETA:

  1. War (Why?)
  2. Slavery (EMSR)
  3. Infrastructure (EPMS)

9. Drake EquationAn equation trying to calculate life's probability: N = R x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L, where:N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy capable of communicationR = average rate of star formationfp = proportion of those stars with planetsne = average number of habitable planets per starfl = fraction of habitable planets that go on to develop lifefi = proportion of planets with life that develop intelligent lifefc = intelligent life-bearing planets where life develops detectable communicationL = duration of time a civilization’s communication is detectable

Again, way too complicated ESH are going to think in simple terms that are needed to psychologically control EA. Such as EMSR, HNFS, and EPMS. EA need to think like ESH, not with complex mathematical formulas. ESHwill probably use an ETA:

  1. War (Why?)
  2. Slavery (EMSR)
  3. Infrastructure (EPMS)

8. Zoo HypothesisA hypothesis that stipulates eXtra terrestrial races would not interfere with fledgling races. Suffers from Human nature fallacy syndrome (HNFS) or the weakness of human nature to hope for the best and avoid the worst. Have you ever seen an animal born in the wild? If it can't figure out what to do immediately it gets killed. We are in the wild so if they don't immediately kill us what would the next logical step be? The possibility of making us their slaves (EMSR).

7. Great Filter

Applies a filter by which events can be ordered in the event timeline of a civilization. Gives opposing viewpoints depending on how it is interpreted as whether we may be on the right path to finding eXtra terrestrial life or about to wipe ourselves out.Blocks the view of Extra Terrestrials by requiring you to view events through a filter. All you need to look for is the possibility of Hetlau which would mean ESH which would mean Extra Terrestrial. People simply don't think to look for the possibility of HET or if they think about it, it is too unpleasant and they look no further. It's unfortunate because they are right in front of you each day.

6. Kardashev ScaleWas designed to measure the energy potential of intelligent civilizations and used this measurement as a marker of their advancement.Fails to consider Earth as a portion of the energy potential. Just think how much free energy they are getting from all the EA throughout history working as their slaves (EMSR).5. Multiverse TheoryMultiverse theory projects that there may be an unlimited number of alternative universes out there.Places the focus on an abstract concept that is too complex to get enough people to evaluate it on a scale that could get traction on a large enough scale. It's difficult enough trying to explain how eXtra terrestrials function in the Universe.Why focus on something you don't even know anything about when you can study the possibility of Hetlau right in front of you. After you experience repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence you will realize with disclosure they can just tell you about Multiverses.4. Aestivation HypothesisApplied at an interstellar level, the aestivation hypothesis dictates that earlier intelligent civilizations developed across the universe, but since the universe is still relatively new and hot, they’re waiting for it to cool off.Why would they wait for it to cool off and lose the opportunity for the possibility to have already just come down here and make us all their slaves (EMSR)?

3. SETIThe current international standard for SETI research employs radio telescopes to observe frequency aberrations that make their way into our atmosphere. Thus, much of SETI activity is directed at “listening” for signs of extraterrestrial life.The SETI method should be the poster child for how not to do it. Either that or they should change their ecronym to SMURFS, Single Methodology Using Radio Frequency Signals. At least that way no one would have to spend any time trying to understand why they aren't Searching Earth for the possibility of Hetlau.2. Gaian BottleneckThere may be a plethora of planets offering optimal environments for early life to form, but that life can’t adapt and stabilize on the planet in time to evolve into complex organisms.Maybe on some planets but not on Earth. Here the possibility exists that not only can they adapt and stabilize but they can conduct war and enslave an entire planet of beings who are completely unaware. The only bottleneck is getting the information out to the EA that it's (EMSR).1. Mediocrity Principle / Rare Earth HypothesisApplied to cosmology, the mediocrity principle is used to say that Earth is statistically most likely to be among the majority group of planets, meaning planets like Earth are plentiful throughout the universe. On the flip side, the rare Earth hypothesis suggests that Earth is statistically most likely to be among the minority group of planets, meaning planets like Earth are scarce throughout the universe.This one is first because it is the only one that offers any hope. Once you realize the possibility of Hetlau and that they are implementing an EMSR, the hope is that this is the Rare Earth hypothesis. Why, because let's face it, who wants to find out there are a bunch of other planets out there where Extra Terrestrials have enslaved entire planets full of beings who are unaware of it?

Stay tuned for the Two Way Mirror TheoryIt explains how to search for extra terrestrials without spending any money and be able to see results in a 24 hour period. The only drawback is you won't like what you see and you will be forced to decide whether you still want the truth even if it's very unpleasant to deal with. Or, would you rather ignore it and continue to listen to the same story you have been hearing all along even as they try to modify it with partial disclosure.

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