Top 10 Ways to Survive an Alien Invasion

Are you really prepared for the unknown?

Top 10 Ways to Survive an Alien Invasion

Living in a world where, at this point, anything can happen, you must be prepared for every scenario. If Earth was taken over by an alien race, it’s important to keep your head on straight, or else you might lose it. You never know if these aliens are keen on decapitation, right? If you can calm down and focus, you can use the following pointers to survive.

10. Keep the Peace.

Since we aren’t familiar with aliens, it’s normal to be scared shitless at first sight. We don’t know why they’re here and we don’t know what they want from us. Don’t give up and immediately kiss your ass goodbye. Even though it may be hard, it’s important to be calm and friendly until we’re sure of their intentions.

However, in case of a hostile situation, it’s important to also make peace with your fellow survivors. These are the people that may save your ass one day. It’s better to be friendly and stay on their good side, rather than have them gladly hand your ass to the aliens on a silver platter.

9. Find Some Kickass Weapons.

If the situation is hostile after all, and you’ve made your alliance with the other survivors, now what? Find yourself the BIGGEST AND MOST BADASS weapons, because who knows what these alien bastards have hidden away. Are there such things as plasma guns, or laser cannons? Are the aliens covered in armor or have impenetrable skin? We don’t know… So find anything and everything you can get, learn how to use it and be prepared to use it. Important tip: Don’t forget extra ammo…

8. Find a Respirator and/or Hazmat Suit

If you know where you can get one or you’re lucky enough to find one, grab it! Again, who knows what these aliens have in store. They may contaminate the air or release some weird alien virus that turns your body inside out. If the aliens are here to stay, they may change the atmosphere to make a comfortable environment for themselves. Like they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

7. Leave… Already!

WHY are you where you are? Do you think it’s safe? If not, go… NOW! The aliens will more than likely be attracted to the largest and most populated places on Earth, so if you happen to be in one of these places, GET THE HELL OUT! Get to a smaller town or any place that’s in a less populated area so you and the other survivors can get your plans together without a huge threat hanging over your shoulders. If you have to hide anywhere, don’t hide in a damn city!

If you have to hide indoors anywhere, be it a house, shed, cellar, etc., hide in a place that has a clear entrance and exit. The last thing you want is to be cornered with no way to escape. While an underground bunker may seem like a good idea, you have no way out except the front door. So, only hide out there if you’re absolutely sure they can’t get in, but be sure you can still get out if necessary. Otherwise, you’re pretty much tuna in a can.

6. Don’t Go Near Spaceships or Crash Sites.

With the technology we have, we’ve made many strides as far as space exploration. However, we’ve only gone so far. We have no idea where these aliens came from, so we’re clueless as to what they’ve brought into the atmosphere with them. Their ship and the crash site could be highly toxic for all we know. Also, yes it’s exciting to know that aliens have landed on Earth, and of course people are going to be curious, but knowing this, the aliens may have set a huge trap just waiting for curious minds to arrive.

5. Find a Way to Camouflage Yourself

It’s smart to assume that the aliens have superior technology. They could potentially have the capability to weed out humans from other alien lifeforms, or detect human movement in a less populated area. If you’re outside, blend with the surroundings. Hide your movements or make them less noticeable. If you find that the aliens can’t detect movement at night, do everything you must at night.

4. Find Military Help if Possible.

The common thought is that the military is prepared for these situations, so many humans will flock to military bases. It’s a smart decision. There will be weapons, technology, underground hideouts and a community of survivors for support. From day one, you’ll have elite training from soldiers, along with a sense of discipline. This will be crucial for long-term survival, as some outsiders will psychologically crumble over time. So, if you’re surrounded by military minds and survivors that are truly committed to the cause, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently under pressure. First and foremost, though, you’ll be safe, or at least let’s hope so.

3. Be a Thinker First, then a Doer.

Thinking ahead and making assumptions can help you more than hurt you, to a degree. We’ve always been told to assume nothing, but in a case like this, screw what we’ve been told. Assume they have superior technology; assume they have deadly weapons; if they’re friendly, assume that they may have alternate plans. If we assume things, in a case like this, we prepare ourselves ahead of time for the potential outcome. Use your head and let your inner detective come to light. Pay attention to everything, their movements, their way of communication, etc. Study them in order to strategize.

2. Take What You Ain’t Got.

If things just aren’t working, you’ll need to fight fire with fire. Find ways to rip those suckers off and take what you need to fight back. More than likely, whatever they bring with them, will take them down too. They’re going to be concentrating more on bringing weapons that will eradicate us, knowing that our weapons can’t even touch them. So, give them a taste of their own medicine.

1. Take Down That Mother of a Mothership.

If all else fails, and it’s all or nothing, band together and destroy the shit out of the alien’s headquarters. Take note of what you’re dealing with so you can make plans to do what you can to kick ass and survive. A coordinated attack is the most logical way to go, so gather as many people as you can, take down the mothership, and take out those alien bastards once and for all.

If the need should ever arise, good luck and Godspeed. In the great words of Mr. Spock, “Live long and prosper... Bitches!"

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