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Top 10 Scariest Movie Aliens

Everyone is a little uneasy about space exploration, and these are the reasons: the scariest movie aliens.

By WatchMojoPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
The following clip contains mature content. You have been warned!

We definitely would not want to make first contact with these extraterrestrials. Welcome to WatchMojo's picks for the "Top 10 Scariest Alien Races in Film."

Kicking off our list is the gelatinous alien entity that is brought to Earth inside a meteorite. Feeding on whatever life forms it encounters, it’s able to get around obstacles by oozing through any opening it can find. Its only vulnerability? Freezing temperatures make it solidify. Admit it: the idea of getting chemically devoured ranks pretty high on the piss your pants-o-meter!

These aggressive carnivorous beasts are the top predators on their desert planet. Since this alien race is photophobic, the light is their only weakness, so they swarm out of the ground during periods of complete darkness. Sounds exploitable, but these flight-enabled armored beasts can spot you in the dark with echolocation, overpower you by sheer numbers, and are happy to wait for the perfect moment to strike!

Great, just what we need: an evil alien race that resembles our other ultimate fear—clowns. These demonic extra-terrestrials are nothing to laugh at, as they visit Earth in order to capture, harvest, and devour humans. But, they don’t just rely on their teeth: they also make use of a variety of terrifying and outright sadistic weaponry, like cotton candy guns and shadow puppets.

This nomadic, parasitic alien race left their dying world in spores carried by solar winds in order to discover and consume the resources of other planets, including Earth. With the end goal of causing the extinction of the human race, they spawn emotionless replicas of their prey, which horrifically involves disintegrating their victims into dust. But what scares us the most is the scream…

These interstellar bugs from the planet Klendathu take our fear of creepy crawlies to the next level! Unfortunately, all the ammo in the world doesn’t seem to do much good, due to their armored exoskeletons, ability to tunnel underground, and sheer numbers. They can do worse than stab or slice you to death: they’ll also bring you to their leader, which is an insect that feeds on brains!

An octopus-like race from the planet Mars, these aliens use their technological superiority to man giant tripod weapon platforms. This terrifyingly unfeeling group has arrived to claim Earth’s resources, use human blood as nourishment and to terraform Earth into a new red planet—literally. One thing’s for sure: that foghorn siren is bone chilling, especially once you know that it’s followed by human vaporization!

The Borg is an alien race of cyborgs that assimilate all other civilizations into their collective. Instead of killing you, they erase any sense of individuality to transform you into a cyborg drone, who in turn does the same to others. When you put it that way, it might be better to get eaten than to have your mind taken over and your body parts replaced with technology…

This aptly named alien species only cares about the thrill of the hunt and collecting skulls as trophies. In search of the perfect game, they use incredibly cruel traps, plasma rifles, thermal vision, active camouflage, and blades to eviscerate their prey. Physically imposing and completely without remorse, these creatures will skin you alive and pull out your spinal cord before you can escape.

This shape shifting, parasitic alien life form combines the elements we fear most about The Blob and the Pod People: it can assimilate any life form at the cellular level to adapt to new environments. Not only does this monster consume you, it also deceives everyone using your face and knowledge. Why’s it number two? Because it works at an explosive pace. Also, that horrific spider head.

Taking the top spot on our list are the perfect killing machines. With twin jaws, several dozen teeth, acid-blood, an armored exoskeleton and a blade-tipped tail, the Xenos are “born” to victims unfortunate enough to be impregnated by a face hugger. Rape allusions aside, these beasts are relentless, unfeeling, and capable of quickly scaling any surface. If you think they’re bad, just check out their queen!

Which aliens would make you crap your pants if you ever met face to face? For more entertaining top 10s, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.com.


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