Top 10 Compelling Assumptions About Aliens

Might we expect a positive arrival of alien in the future?

Top 10 Compelling Assumptions About Aliens
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10. Genetic Mutants, Same as Marvel Superheroes

Some of us may be big fans of X-men comic series. We tend to love the fantastic mutation that gives the superpowers to do either good or evil things. We wish to become a superheroes who can protect the weak or destroy the entire world. For this reason, we may be of the view that alien races are mutant, outer-space versions of X-men. They could reach the higher level of evolution than us. They can use either telekinesis like Jean Grey or teleport like Nightcrawler. Their purposes of using super strengths have been unknown.

For the reason that their internal powers frighten us, they will drive us to have no choice but to surrender and accept to live a life under their controls. During the initial era of their regime, we must learn from their advances in any aspects of life so that we can stand chances to fight back on the principles of an eye for an eye.

If they use superpowers to protect us from natural disasters or international conflicts, we highly appreciate that. Those who are religious will consider them as sacred gods. To Muslims, they represent Allah. From the perspectives of Christians, they are sent to Earth under the commands of Jesus Christ. And Buddhists will see them as Buddhas.

9. Aggressive Nature Like the Historical Conquerors

One thing for sure, the acts of aggression is human nature. We can be aggressive for many motives. Several world-famous conquerors such as Francisco Pizarro, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Napoleon Bonaparte are evident examples. We want to show our inner strength. We want to make anyone fear us. Probably, the aliens from outer space could be of the same character as us. They seem to be much braver than us. They accept to fight in any situation. Moreover, they seem to very hot-tempered that we should not have them teased or else we suffer from them a lot. They may declare war on a marginal basis. They might be very addicted to the acts of struggles.

Like Ares in Greek Mythology, Romans or Vikings, the alien species are born to involve in fighting. They might be the most brutal warriors. Gaining victories is their desire. They will not give up until they get what they really want. They can set up a standard of a honorable soldiers as “Virtus” resulted from the Roman legions so that the leaders can motivate their men to fight to the death.

8. Peaceful Conquerors Instead of War

Throughout human history, many greatest empires rose in power owing to violent wars. The Roman Empire, Mongolian Empire, and British Empire are prime examples. How about aliens? We may expect that they will visit our planet with the intention of peace talks rather than war declaration with the aim of conquering like human race. We agree to learn from their technological advances and more innovative ideologies in an atmosphere of friendship. They are not here to exterminate us, but to befriend us. They arrive in our Earth in welcoming manners.

They would teach us how to remain peaceful status between nations like the same way they usually do in their home planet. They prefer a quiet lifestyle to military conflicts. They are against the acts of war. They are the outer-space version of Martin Luther King Jr. or Kofi Annan. They may fight for peace throughout many thousands of years in where they are living. Their born nature is really peaceful.

7. Well-educated Explorers Rather Than the Acts of Aggression

Whenever a living creature arrives in the Earth, the first thing to do is discovering. If alien races explore human civilization, they will search for nature reserve. However, alien races might act better than our ancestors in past history of colonization. They use our supplies in exchange for the same quality of their resources. They provide us with wide knowledge of new methods of horticulture, education and architecture. They also allow us to assimilate into their community in a welcoming way. They motivate respects, positive behaviors, and educated manners. They disapprove of racial discrimination. They strongly encourage the equality between human, therefore they will play a significant role in bringing permanent peace to mankind in terms of various races. This means we will live in tranquillity forever.

6. Non-verbal Communication via Symbolic Signs

We have both verbal and non-verbal languages. How about our extraterrestrial visitors? They may not use the same ways as we do. Human beings communicate mainly through written words, sounds, and toughing signs but alien species might not. The sophistication of their perceptual language requires the use of advanced technology so that this can bridge the gap between us and them. Also, they are said to have a symbolic system of complex words. In some ways, they use digital recordings and visual waveforms to contact us rather than spoken languages.

5. Adaptive Abilities for Survivals

Dating back to history, the outbreaks of several epidemics like Black Plague, HIV/AIDS, Spanish Flu caused millions of death. Similarly, extraterrestrial species are likely to suffer from such infections. However, this is uncertain. Natural selection probably enables their immune system to adapt to particular living bacteria, making them become resistant to pathogen on Earth. Their extraordinary DNA helps them prevent from the risks of targeted attack by virus.

4. Immortal Probability for Future Developments

Their technological improvements allow them to live a longer life than human being, possibly up to billions years. They may reach a post-biology era, meaning that their internal organs are parts of artificial alien intelligence. They transform themselves into immortal robots, known as cyborgs like Terminator portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger on several Hollywood fictional movies. This leads to the belief that the first aliens we may encounter are robots. If that is true, they will be new threats against us.

3. Emotional Behaviors

We are unable to prove that alien species have emotions at the moment until we observe them. Due to natural conditions in their home planets, they may have more specific traits, instincts than human beings. Extraterrestrial aliens might have evolved in different ways. Additionally, they are said to have six basic emotions: fear, anger, happiness, disgust, sadness and surprise. The genetic blueprints of their own will not have the same kind of reflex as human.

2. Horrendous Cannibals

They may suffer massive hungers after taking off from their planet en route to Earth. A long journey between the stars. For this reason, they might kill us and lock us behind the iron bars in preparation for daily meals. Like antagonist Hannibal in the movie The Silence of the Lambs, alien species taste human meat just for fun or basic need. They treat human as the imprisoned animals waiting to be slaughtered. Furthermore, they may take advantage of us for the purpose of biological experiments. I must say that this return favors to what human have been treating wild animals.

1. Massive Attacks

We have watched a lot of Hollywood blockbusters about alien invasion like Independence Day series or Wars of the World. They are here to destroy all humans. They are here to enslave us. Furthermore, they want to exploit natural resources until the state of scarcity reaches. We must be ready to face this possible disaster. They are advanced enough to use highly technological weapons to exterminate all inhabitants on Earth for their mass settlement. If this comes true, it will be the Sixth Extinction. They could be our worst nightmare. The question is: How far could this be gone?

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