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To The Gemini I Know

by Vagabond Writes about a year ago in astronomy
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A Fortune for the Geminis Closest to My Heart

This one is for the Geminis I know. My friends who are born under the twin stars and between the sweltering summer months. Those who exist as two entities within one vessel. The ones belonging to the energetic air sign and ruled by Mercury. Just as the celestial bodies move in our brilliant sky, we move into the Gemini season. May the incoming months bring good fortune to those I know fortuitous enough to be born during this time.

To Aili

You are not the first Gemini I have known, but you are the most prominent in my life. Being the inflexible earth sign Taurus that I am, it is not easy courting one so free flowing and brilliantly dazzling like yourself. Your ever changing mindscape is difficult to navigate, but always a wonderful reprieve from my own fixed way of thinking. I look forward to the years to come spent in your company.

Aili In Love

I foresee great love continuing in your future. The past year has been rocky at the worst of times, and rewarding at the best. This pattern will continue and love will be renewed with continual effort. It will be paramount to clearly communicate how you feel and what is important to you in a relationship. Your partner will be receptive to this communication and respond in kind. Trust in yourself, and your partner.

Aili With Family

Though at times it may seem as though you and your family members are from different planets, there is unyielding love that binds you all. The last few months have been evidence of this. You have become more outspoken about your personal beliefs and your family has been supportive even while carrying differing beliefs. Lately you have been finding more common ground between yourself and other members of your clan. This will lead to better communication overall and a more positive home environment.

To Trey

You are one of the most infuriating Geminis I know, and somehow one the most soothing as well. This is perhaps the duality that comes with being the star sign that you are. You are a brother who I can debate furiously with one instant, and share a genuine breath of laughter with the next. It is in this fact that I find solace, and I am grateful for your continued friendship throughout the years.

Trey In Friendship

With the impact your companionship has on others it is no surprise that your divination is in regard to friendship. The next month will bring a grand reunion of friends, and a celebration of a life lived in good company. Beware petty disagreements with those not accustomed to your playful nature. In situations such as those be sure to convey that all things were meant in good nature, lest the dispute result in friendship lost. If this strategy is followed, the future of your relationships will contain unbreakable bonds.

Trey In Wealth

There is great fortune in your future. So far in life you have managed to keep a firm hold on your finances. You have not let the daily expenses of life deplete your funds, and in the rare instances that it has you worked diligently to recover the lost. Your hard work will not go unrewarded. The results of your labor will yield wealth. There may also be an unexpected large donation to your pockets very soon.

To Billie

You are the Gemini personified. I have witnessed you change your name thrice, and the color of your hair countless times. I view each new moniker, each new splash of color as one half of your Gemini soul claiming dominance over the other. This makes you remarkably complicated, but endlessly fascinating. I have enjoyed watching the myriad of people you’ve become, and am ever excited by the growth this brings to you as a person.

Billie’s Compatibility

You may think yourself compatible with anyone outwardly attractive and seemingly alluring. That is an easy error to make. What you truly need is someone willing to accept and understand your ever fluctuating state. They need not change with you, only to stand by your side as you do so freely. This is not easy to find, and more difficult to keep. You have a tendency to flee from productive romantic opportunities in favor of more dangerous, albeit exciting propositions. Curb that self destructive instinct and your compatibility with potential partners will rise.

Billie In Health

You will find yourself in good health this year. Over the course of the last year you have made active strides to improve your mental health. This advancement is proof of your capability. While the future may be uncertain you can find stability in your ability to shift as frequently as it does. If you find yourself in need of help do not hesitate to seek comfort from those close to you. There are a wealth of people and resources available for you if you so desire.

The Geminis I Love

The Geminis in my life are some of the best people I know. They take the form of my grandest lovers, closest friends, and most cherished family members. Their dual sided nature can cause the Gemini to be a handful at times. Sticking by their side during these moments is rewarded by their vibrant personalities, and great intellect. If you are fortunate enough to encounter a Gemini, do well to stay on their good side. Your life will be better for it; I know mine has been. I wish good fortune to all the Gemini I know, and love.


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