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To Boldly Go Where No Show Has Gone Before: Four Shows Star Trek Fans Would Love to See

by Craig Arnott 3 years ago in star trek

'Star Trek' is a property that has a fanbase and legacy that are pretty unmatched in TV and film. With the last few years seeing a resurgence of love for the franchise, here we will look at four potential shows 'Star Trek' fans would embrace.

To boldly go where no one has gone before!

At one point, Star Trek seemed to a be force that you could not avoid, especially during the 1990s. But there came a lull in the star based adventures and fans wondered if the journey had ended. Thankfully, in recent years a new trilogy of films and Star Trek Discovery have reignited the passions of the Federation in many hearts. Now with talks of a new show focusing on Captain Picard, after hanging up his Starfleet Uniform, it seems they are starting to think outside of the Holodeck and coming up with stories to tell that do not require a Starfleet crew. With the Star Trek Universe expanding, here are four other shows that have either been rumoured or wanted by fans.

'Tuvok and Section-31'

Tim Russ portrayed the serious Vulcan Tactical Officer.

As seen at the end of Star Trek Voyager, Tuvok succeeded in returning to the Alpha Quadrant and assumably sought treatment for a genetic condition that would consume his mind. Where his career led was uncertain, until Star Trek Online made new canon events in many character's futures. Set 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, Tuvok is an Admiral and in command of the U.S.S Voyager. But, what about that 30 year gap?

Section-31 is set to reappear in the prequel series, Star Trek Discovery. This will show fans what the organisation was like before corruption hit the ranks. Their original mission was to act as a covert team of operatives that would gather intel and keep the United Federation of Planets safe. At the conclusion of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Section-31 had gone full rogue from Starfleet and appeared on the brink of collapse. With Tuvok proving to bring order and discipline to the Marquis crew members aboard Voyager, who would better to bring Section-31 back?

Tuvok could take helm of a new covert ship and crew as the new head of Section-31. Rumours of this show did hit the internet a few years ago, and if it was genuine of fake remains unclear. One thing that was clear, fans loved the idea of a Section-31 based series. With Star Trek focusing more on exploration and discovery, Section-31 could bring a new direction for the show, with conspiracies and mysteries for the crew and fans to figure out.

'Starfleet Academy'

Every Captain started out as a cadet.

Starfleet Academy is a place often mentioned, sometimes visited but never focused on. Through the decades, characters have discussed their experiences at the Academy. Fan watched young Wesley Crusher leave the U.S.S Enterprise D and Nog leave Deep Space Nine to join the program. It has also been a location aliens have planned to use to infiltrate Starfleet. With no show directly focusing on the Academy seems strange. So much drama has occurred there during the course of the franchise.

We know there have been iconic Admirals teach at the Academy, including Chielf Mile O'Brian from Star Trek Next Generation & Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Captain Katherine Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. You can already see how a series at the Academy could offer cameo appearances from the dozens of Star Trek veterans. What would staple the show for fans would be having a couple of old characters actually act as staff throughout the series, and not simply appear for a single episode. With Orange is the New Black coming to an end this year, Kate Mulgrew may be willing to reprise her role as Admiral Janeway teaching the new cadets.

This series would just offer difference in your average Star Trek show. The biggest being the setting. With the Academy on Earth, it would be the first series to use a planet for the main setting over a starship. They could then offer more space-themed adventures as the cadets enter training scenarios and missions on training vessels. If this show were to be made, some of these cadets could then be carried over into new shows, much like O'Brian and Worf who both started out in Star Trek Next Generation and migrated to Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

'The Klingon Empire'

The high council will spill blood to prove a point.

One alien race pretty much everyone knows, even those who have never watched Star Trek, the Klingons are one of the best known aliens races ever created. With a bloodthirsty need for battle, but a high standing for honour, they are a race that are simply interesting to watch. The customs alone are fantastic and different. My personal favourite, how a bride and groom are attacked after the wedding to simulate how their great leader Kahless and his wife were attacked shortly after their marriage.

One of the most famous Klingons is of course Warf, from Next Generation and DS9. At the end of DS9, he returned to the empire to become the new ambassador for the Federation. In Star Trek Online he has continued this role and appears to have remained on Qo'noS. Star Trek Online also featured the quarter Klingon daughter of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, Miral Paris, who is said to be the Kuvah'magh. Showing Klingons often find their way into the centre of a story.

It has been rumoured that Worf could return to lead a new Star Trek series, but never confirmed. But if they added Miral also, these two characters could give you a show they could contain the main premise on the Klingon Empire, but still link to Starfleet. Perhaps Miral Paris truly is the Kuvah'magh, and an ancient Klingon prophecy is yet to pass. This would tie in the faith and belief this race of people hold and could give fans a truly divine Star Trek based series.

'29th Century Starfleet'

The U.S.S Relativity

Star Trek Voyager took fans of plenty of adventures, and a couple involved the Federation from the 29th Century. Captain Braxton and his crew encountered Janeway and her crew twice. The first sending them all back in time to the late 20th Century, the second to stop a temporal explosion on the U.S.S Voyager. Voyager also showed fans what the Borg would look like in the 29th Century, when some of Seven of Nine's nanoprobes assimilated the Doctor's mobile emitter from the 29th Century, creating a new Borg drone.

With glimpses of what the future holds, you can not help but wonder what the Federation operate like in this time. With exploration seemingly completed, this Federation scan time instead of space to stop incursions that could alter the timeline. Granted, they do sometimes fail, such as when the Borg went back to the 21st Century and assimilated Earth. But, this does make you ponder what events they may have witnessed and protected from Star Trek history. Have they witnessed the origins of the Borg? How the stable wormhole was created? Have they observed the fall of an iconic empire, such as the Klingons or Romulans? These are all events that could be covered.

A series in the 29th Century could have some amazing episodes, where the crew go into the past and actually have to act through events of a past Star Trek show. While this may sound crazy and impossible, Star Trek has succeeded in achieving this before. Captain Sisko and his crew were taken back to the episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles" from the original Star Trek series. In the episode, Captain Sisko and his crew interacted with Captain Kirk and his crew in an episode that merged old footage with new footage for the episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations." If they attempted this again, we could see a future crew operate in secret to stop time from changing while crews of the past play out the events we have already witnessed.

What kind of Star Trek series would you love to see made?

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A guy who was raised on comic books, sci-fi and the love of superheroes, thanks for that dad. I am also studying Film Production and Cinematography giving new insight into the craft.

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