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Time Walker Chapter Three

by Dawn Marie Styles 5 years ago in science fiction / fantasy

Dark Blood Novella

Chapter 3

Perhaps this was another facility he was in and was being prepped (made brain dead) to die, Hunter thought as he wriggled himself, glad that he wasn't strapped down.

And that was strange but he went with it.

Whatever the location and the situation he was in now, he wasn't going to sit and "see what happens", he was going to escape, if he could.

Slowly turning his head to the right he could see a doorway which led to a corridor. The same metallic material lined the wall opposite, still no indication of where he was. No signs, no windows . . . oh wait, there was a panel on the inside wall of the room. The square, blank panel had two buttons, one red and one green.

Stop and go?

Whatever, the door way was wide open for him to leave.

He slowly sat up, relieved to find his body in one peice though that was to be expected with his abilities.

That bitch had a lot to answer for, he thought suddenly. However, he wasn't thinking about his captor.

He was thinking about a long lost target he hadn't killed so his mission wasn’t over yet.

Wherever she was, Hunter promised to find her and kill her. And this generosity extended to her sister, Tarania, too.

She was, after all, the original target he was assigned to kill and his previous attempt to kill her had just caused some bizarre DNA evolution and she turned in to some sort of animal with bat wings, then flew off into the sky and started chasing him like prey and tormenting him.

Eventually, she/it disappeared, and later, when he decided it was time to kill her sister Sheena, she was there with her, in that fucking cave, along with Corvette and Troy. So naturally, he took aim but when he fired up a plasma ball and threw it, fucking Corvette dove in front of them taking the blow. What the fuck was he doing blocking a kill shot?

Hunter could have nailed both the bitches.

Ok, so Tarania was a little more difficult to wound, but he was sure he could have killed her — eventually. However, if he had only been able to kill one of the bitches, he would have been happy. But for the humiliation he’d felt, the torment that Tarania had put him through, well, he would kill her if it was the last thing he did.

And Corvette, he had known there was something up with him; he’d been quieter than usual, almost uninterested in the assignments given to them.

When the realization hit him that Corvette was cosy with Sheena, he knew he’d have to kill him too.

He just hoped the plasma balls he’d let loose on Corvette had killed him on the spot.

Stupid fuck, should have known better.

Maybe Corvettes DNA had back fired and he was the first of them to go insane?

Whatever, he needed to confirm his death, and kill him if he wasn’t dead already.

Corvette was now also an abomination and all that went bad needed culling.

This was just one of many sayings that his master had drilled into his head when he'd woken from his birth pod and started training.

Basically, if they didn’t complete missions or if their identities were discovered, or they went AWOL, then they would be classed as defected and would be eliminated, no excuses. If they disobeyed, they'd be eliminated. In fact, anything slightly resembling rebellion was stopped, fast.

A growl escaped him as his temper rose a few notches.

He hated losing, hated being a failure. His only goal was to move up in the Organisation and now he would be hunted down himself for failing to kill the Curio. If he hadn’t already been captured, that is. Which judging by his current situation was a very high possibility?

Cracking his neck, Hunter swung his legs round and jumped off the table, bed or whatever it was, and stretched the rest of his stiff body.

When he studied the floor he noticed his boots were missing. He’d also lost his socks and his feet were bare. Well, at least he had his... oh wait, nope, the trousers he now had on were definitely not his. They were like leather but scaly, a dull grey and too tight. Almost like a second skin. He totally preferred his combats. His upper body was bare, but he wasn’t cold, just pissed that his clothes had been replaced.

When did this happen?

“Fuck-in-hell.” He breathed as he took a couple of steps to test his balance. When he didn’t sway, he headed for the door but just as he went to step through it, he was zapped with an electrical pulse, so strong that it threw him back into the room and he smacked his head against the table he was previously on.

“Bloody hell, what the fuck!” He bellowed as he held his head whilst it throbbed. Again, that should not have affected him; he should’ve easily absorbed that shock. Were his abilities blocked? Had they ceased to work?

Not moving from the floor, he analyzed the door way. He couldn’t see, hear or detect any electrical charge, nothing. It was as if there was nothing there but there was.

Must be sensors in the floor.

So, he got up again and one foot at a time, stepped gingerly towards the door and just when he thought he’d managed to avoid said sensors he got zapped again. The same as before, no warning, just a zap and he was thrown backward.

This was pissing him off. So when his temper reached critical and boiled the blood in his veins he lifted the table above his head and smashed it to the ground. It shattered into tiny pieces, like shattered glass, silver-like metal but brittle like — well, glass. The soft mattress he was previously laid on splashed across the floor like liquid which made him jump out the way, the shock of it was sudden.. and weird.

“What the fuck?” His voice came out almost a squeak, he frowned. This was nothing like he’d ever experienced before. This was not a material he was aware of. Even his memories files didn’t know what it was.

Just like Troy, an unknown something! A being with no history, unidentified DNA and needed to be killed. Yeah, he needed to kill all of them. They were all abominations. But that didn’t tell him what the fuck this material was. Suddenly, voices could be heard behind him, coming from the corridor but getting nearer to the door way. He swung round only to be confronted by two strange alien humanoid type men. One even looked like a dragon or something similar, a lizard maybe. Hunter screwed his eyes shut and rubbed them with his fists. Surely this was a dream. Had he hit his head that badly that he was now actually unconscious?

...this has to be a dream. It had to be. But ah, in the cave, those depictions had changed hadn’t they, did he see in to the future?

Opening his eyes, they were still there, two weird looking men, just glaring at him like he was he was the weird one.

Sudden waves of dizziness made his head swim and his eyes blurred, and previous nausea returned with vengeance. His vision went blank, and as darkness clouded him he could hear their voices going frantic.

“Quick Neff’, he’s going down.” Footsteps hurried closer.

“I’m on it, feck, the panels’ jammed. She’s been thumping it again!”

Then all went dark. Hunter’s lights were out.

Neff managed to catch him just before his head hit the ground.

Lifting him under the arms with ease and dragging him out of the recovery chamber (that he’d successfully destroyed) and into a guest sleeping chamber. Neff grunted as he heaved him on to the bed.

The human was enormous and he definitely did not deserve this room but the security was better and they could lock him in and the walls were padded.

With the sensor switched to motion activation, if he moved, the lights would switch on and the active panel would flash in the control room. Also, if he tried to break out, he’d be zapped, again. However, this was more for his protection than stopping him from leaving. He had no idea where he was and what certain controls and buttons did. Besides, if Dimonel found him wondering about the ship she’d, if he was lucky, take him out or feed on him. At worst, she’d try to mate with him.

Neff shuddered, it hadn’t gone unnoticed the way her eyes dilated and her fangs grew a little longer when she studied him. Also, it was getting to that point in her cycle when Red and he hid away from her, making sure that they weren’t raped whilst she was in the throws of her needing. Going into season for Dimonel was like a substance addict wanting another fix and not getting it. She would go crazy. Plenty of items on the ship got broken and when she went on the hunt, sometimes she’d actually kill, and then spend weeks regretting it.

If this human got caught by her at that point, despite his size, she’d mate with him until he died from blood loss — the feeding essential to produce young. Apparently, though she had abstained from sex, this was not the time or the best location for bringing up young.

Once they had placed the human on the sleeping pallet, they left. He’d probably wake up soon. Hopefully the new and more comfortable surroundings would help keep him calm and then hopefully he wouldn’t smash anything else up.

Between Dimonel and him, the ship would probably be destroyed.


“What‘s the likely hood of this human not escaping? Does he have any abilities? I couldn’t get a lock on his mind, too many blocks were up. But did the regenerator pick up on any anomalies?” Neff asked Red as they walked the corridor back to the Energy chamber.

“No, which is weird? It was almost as if it was reading itself. Maybe he does have the ability but it’s just a cloaking one?” Red stopped.

“Ah,” he said and raised a slim finger to his squared chin. “Maybe he has an electromagnet ability? That would screw with the equipment.”

“True,” Neff said with his monotone voice, “I believe this apparent human may have secrets. No one has that many blocks up. The possibility that he’s perhaps hiding something important or he is working for the Organisation. Both worry me. I think he may be a lure.”

“A lure for whom,” Red asked, raising his brow.

“Anyone against the Organisation and anyone currently fighting them. Think about it. They leave him unconscious to be found and he’s a rare species that, if traded, would buy food, water...weapons. Anyone could have snagged him, sold him...and he would do the rounds. If he had a recorder chip in his head, everyone’s voice frequency identification and location would be found, and the Organisation could reel him back in and extrapolate the data, then go on a killing spree. Enemy eliminated. Job done.”

Red frowned, rubbed his chin and nodded. “You give good reasoning. We better give him another scan, perhaps after he wakes. Maybe the blocks are a safety aspect of his biology.” Turning right, they entered the energy chamber.


Dimonel sat up and wiped her mouth with a cloth that used to be white, now had deep red blood stains on it. She chucked it over her shoulder without care and smiled, flashing her fangs. “Good choice boys, this one was on drugs...not that I mind. He was on Uforia. I’m buzzing.”

Her smile widened and she stood leaning on the dead body that lay limp on the table, arms hanging down the sides.

Dimonel’s eyes glowed bright and her hair and lips blending from pink to purple, silver to gold. She was feeling a little frisky, whether it was the drugs or her going into season. Both men backed away slightly which made her laugh. “Chill guys, I’m not going in to needing, not yet anyway. Besides, if I was, I’d be going after the human.” She practically purred the word human. Both men looked at each other. Red raised his eyebrows and Neff, well, he just shrugged his shoulders in a whatever-floats-her-ship type of way.

Swaying and having to hold on to the table, Dimonel steadied herself then giggled. She hadn’t felt like this in Chromes. Funny how time flies by so fast that at one point she thought she was planet popular, suddenly she was lunar lonely. Her friends had died, her family gone. She hadn’t had a chance to have a "good" time due to the constant threat. No wonder her meal lost his life, stupid fecker was on drugs, probably never saw it coming, or maybe he did and thought it was funny.

If she didn’t have Neff and Red on the ship, she’d have tested the body beforehand, however, she suspected Red thought she needed to chill out a bit. She wouldn’t have put it past him to find the only drugged up fresh kill on purpose.

“I’m going for a stroll.” Dimonel announced and began a wobbly path towards the corridor.

“Where?” Neff said, his voice forceful, he wasn’t asking but demanding. She had always admired his loyalty to her, his protective nature was good but if she were honest, he really got on her nerves at times. It was like having an over bearing parent breathing down your neck, demanding your whereabouts despite the fact you have left home Chromes’ ago and had your own digs.

“I am going to take a sneaky look at the fine looking human I brought in.” Ooops, was that a little too honest of her? When she said fine, what she really wanted to say was fecking sexy and smelling delicious. Good job she had just eaten. Though, that didn’t help the drug induced arousal that she felt. Maybe she shouldn’t go to see him.

Nah, what’s the worst that could happen? He wouldn’t get off the ship, so whatever, she was going to give him a visit. Satisfy her curiosity then go and get some sleep, wake up and get back to the Lake District.

She groaned. Why she even called it that now she had no idea, all that was left was the dry crater that once held water.

Neff held his arm in front of her as she reached him. “I don’t think that would be a good idea, do you?” His eyes bore into her like he had x-ray vision.

“Why?” Demonel snapped.

“Because he will freak out again and at current is unconscious. If he wakes up and finds you there he may try to kill you.”

Dimonel shrugged and continued forward and pushed past him, “I’ll rip his throat out if he tries anything.” She said over her shoulder, though actually, she wouldn’t.

He was a meal ticket to a banquet of revenge. Not a meal ticket for food.

“We’ve moved him. Good luck finding him.” Neff shouted after her.

"Feck off," she shouted back then added, "Where?"

“I’m not saying, the less contact you have with that man right now, the better.”

Dimonel turned and speared him with a cold look and her eyes glowed for a second but then returned to normal.

Red just shrugged and sat himself down in a chair by the body.

Fecking lizard, she thought as she snarled at Neff.

Fine, she didn’t need to know where he was, she could simply sniff him out.

science fictionfantasy

Dawn Marie Styles

Hi, I'm not looking for fame. Just a little acknowledgement 😀

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