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Time Walker Chapter Four

by Dawn Marie Styles 4 years ago in extraterrestrial / science fiction

A Dark Blood Novella

Chapter 4

Hunter jerked awake, his body shifting to the side and he fell off the bed, then met the cold hard floor with a thud that shook the room.

“Ah, fuck!” He also landed on his arm.

Sharp pain shot up into his shoulder, all the way down to his stomach making it him feel so sick, he nearly vomited.

This, he acknowledged, had never happened to him before. Ok, so he’d been in pain plenty of times, but he had powers, he didn’t feel minor injuries like this. But there he was, holding his arm, wailing like a baby on the floor.

As he looked about, he realised that he wasn’t in the same place as before. This room was... more relaxed.

The walls were padded, pale green and there was what appeared to be a sink, in the corner to his left there was a seat with a number of buttons on the arm rests and when he rolled on to his back and looked at the ceiling, there was what looked like a glowing mist. This had him rigid for just a moment as a flash of familiarity hit him, but then he shook it off as the mist began to pulse and dissipate, he thought perhaps it was just his vision settling.

He stayed laying on the floor, still holding his arm but aware the pain was fading, and then feeling like an idiot for crying when he had fallen off the bed. He mentally slapped himself, and then cursed several times in a row for good measure.

At least the worst of the nausea had gone, the last time he’d experienced that feeling was when Corvette had down loaded information directly into his brain.

Shit. Corvette, what a traitor!

He tried to focus his eyes, to see through the dark but he couldn’t. Moving his arm gingerly, testing it, he found it ached at the elbow.

Then, concentrating on producing a plasma ball, he opened his palm, but nothing happened.

All his abilities had gone. The only aspect of himself that remained was his strength. No wonder he couldn’t sense the electricity that pulsed in the door way of that other room.


This place, where ever it was, whatever it was, had some sort of blocker for abilities like his. He was a sitting duck waiting to be shot and cooked up for dinner.

Quickly getting up and scanning for a door, this time he found none, but the glowing mist returned illuminating the room in a soft hue of orange.

As he took in his surroundings all he saw were padded walls, the sink, and what he now thought was possibly a toilet. Oh, and the bed.

Taking three strides to the wall on his left, he felt the soft wall, pushed his hands against it and quickly pulled them away as the material started to suck them in, like memory foam, the material slowly puffed back out.

Taking his index finger he poked at it. Let his finger sink right in until it wouldn’t go any deeper. The memory gel, he decided to call it, sucked his finger in and held it firm.


Curiosity had the better of him, taking his finger and replacing it with his entire hand. The same thing occurred and he quickly pulled it away.

Satisfied that there wasn’t any danger, he decided, somewhat playfully to rest his whole body against the wall. Slowly, he felt the material adjust to his size and begin to curl around him as if it were alive, he could feel it pressing, pulling him into it like a mouth sucking on skin, holding him still, but in amazing comfort.

He relaxed his body and let his weight sink and the memory gel held him firm. The softness of the memory gel was luxury on his bare skin, and vibrated against his back delivering delicious tingles.

Truly amazing,

Whoever had invented this was a genius, it was like being in a massage bed but standing up. But as he tried to pull away from the material, he couldn’t, it held him still, like a prisoner and he started to panic.


Struggling and getting nowhere, he finally relaxed, deciding that all he was doing was using up energy, plus, his arm was now hurting more than before. Perhaps there was some type of code that needed to be spoken to release him?

Suddenly a section of padded wall sprang out and slide across itself, the hiss of it had him jump inside his own skin, and he felt, yet again, like an idiot.

“Here, pretty, pretty,” a female voice purred. He couldn’t see who it was as he was hidden just inside the opening but he felt the woman’s presence like a rush of cold that prickled the skin on the back of his neck, reminding him of the way Tarania had once made him feel.

He mentally shook away the fear, and replaced it with a confidence that was so false he didn’t think he’d pull it off, but had to try.

When the female rounded the opening, he nearly crapped in his tight trousers. Her face was nothing human, she had eyes that were silvery yellow on the edges and blended in to a gold/green of what he thought were her pupils, then there was her nose, small, and her mouth generous, bright red lips the same colour of her hair and her skin was iridescent, shimmering like diamonds had been crushed and sprinkled all over her. But what made him really sweat were the fangs protruding from her lips, and had slowly elongated.

It was Tarania all over again, he was going to be some bitch’s dinner.

“Well hello, tasty,” Dimonel said and smiled at the human caught in the restraint wall. She wanted to laugh at him. The poor human was terrified, the smell quite an aphrodisiac to her system.

How did he manage to get sucked into that? She thought and giggled to herself.

“Oh, chasms, what are you doing in that?” She said parroting her thoughts. She leaned close to him and extended her wrist towards the side of his head.

Hunter thought that was it, he was a snack. Wide eyed and on the verge of screaming like a girl, he watched as she pressed her wrist cuff to the wall, moved her face closer and gave him a fang filled smile, right in his face.

"Yum, yum," Dimonel then whispered in his ear.

There was a sudden hiss as the wall started to reced from around the human, and he fell to the ground, grunted, then quickly flipped on to his feet.

Backing away from her, he loosened his arms to his sides ready to fight. Fingures twitching, ready to tool up except he had nothing to defend himself with.

“Stay away, bitch. I’ll fucking break your neck!” he shouted but Dimonel wasn’t threatened in the slightest. He was just a puny human and fear didn't suit him.

She laughed and rolled her head around her shoulders.

The drugs she had ingested, had too quickly warn off, but perhaps this was for the best as she would have done one of two things to this human; A. eaten him, and B. mated him. Both were not a good idea but very nice to think about.

Lucky for him, the 'eat' option would have not happened, maybe... kinda....


His scent stung her nose and she instantly felt high again. Like his scent was as potent as the drug that had faded from her system. His scent was affecting her quite beautifully; As she looked him over, his blonde hair flopped over his forehead, his eyes looked tired but they flashed amber as bright as the second sun, and his skin was creamy like Lakies milk.

His body, solid, mouth-wateringly solid, and apart from his lower half, he was naked. Which disappointed her and Dimonel still wanted to bite him despite she had no cravings for blood. But she did have a very strong hunger for him.

When her gaze slid back up his body and toward his face, her eyes caught on his lips, so generous, so inviting, she couldn’t help but lick her own.

Get with it D, he’s not for your taking! She inwardly groaned at her own warning.

“Calm it, Human! I’m not going to hurt you. I fecking saved you from getting burnt to ash. Chasms, maybe I should have left you and not bothered wasting my precious energy on you?”

“What do you want with me!” the human shouted, lowering his hands but his body remained ready to swing into action if need be.

Dimonel mused at the sound of blood rushing fast through his veins as his adrenalin boosted his awareness.

Tilting her head, she sucked in a breath and moaned at the taste.

Then sitting in the chair, she tapped her nails against the arm rest and smiled.

“Nothing, I don't want anything from you. I saved you." She then flicked her hair back and said, "Just be appreciative you were not found by the Organisation, they would have killed you or tortured you.”

With her words, the human went rigid, the colour leached from his skin and his eyes burned brighter, the amber now appearing as balls of fire and almost white hot.

Demonel noticed how he reacted. What had she said that had caused him to respond in such away?

The Organisation?

Dimonel didn’t say anything for a while, but did cock her head to the other side and continued to study his features.

His scent and the way his eyes flared all suggested that something was definitely off. Perhaps the mention of the Organisation just enraged him like it did to so many others.

“You know of the Organisation?” The human said, his voice calm, indifferent.

“Yes, they are a force needed to be taken down, to be wiped from the universe and exterminated from the memory of all our species minds.”

Hunter kept his mouth shut, this thing, this female form was against the Organisation. If he mentioned that he was affiliated with them she would rip him apart. Of this he was sure, and without his abilities, he wouldn’t be able to protect himself. So, he decided to play the victim of consequence.

“I’m new here.” he said.

“New? New from where?” The female said as her weird eyes flashed like reversed cats eyes.

“I was in Indonesia, now I do not know where I am.” Hunter said and watched as the female raised a hairless brow and then smiled, showing perfect white fangs.

Hunter shuddered, the site of them made him remember the feel of fangs in his neck.

The woman barked out a laugh, “I think you are very far away from your previous home, human. You are on planet Javarnia.”

extraterrestrialscience fiction

Dawn Marie Styles

Hi, I'm not looking for fame. Just a little acknowledgement 😀

More chapters to come! Keep reading!

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Dawn Marie Styles
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