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Time Walker

by Dawn Marie Styles 5 years ago in extraterrestrial / science fiction

A Dark Blood Novella


He didn’t want to be created, but life has a funny sense of humour that grows on you, making you accept it, want it and relish in it. Especially if your days of life only remained as long as you completed the tasks handed to you...

His first task was given to him directly. His partner on Earth, Corvette, and himself were given a task to track down two humanoid experiments and exterminate them.

Curios they were named, a suitable anonymous name that kept them from being seen as living beings. They were born into the world for D.N.A bases for cloning.

Essentially they are his family. He wasn't just created from just their DNA, other alien DNA had been stitched in with human DNA.

As a result, he was one of a few who obtained supernatural abilities.

A few had the ability to throw fire, others could conjure anything they desired and some could read minds; the list seemingly endless. As a form of control, they were all kept in suspended animation, underground, in an unknown location, they were only awakened if a previous agent’s identity was discovered, if they failed an assignment, or if they were killed whilst on that assignment. This was extremely rare but not impossible.

He was Hunter, a man of machines, capable of controlling anything that had electrically powered circuits running through it; as an assassin for The Organisation, that was determined to take control of the world and change it for the better, he didn't quite follow the protocol.

He didn't want to kill. Not anymore.

He had decided that he wanted to be around for the future. Wanted to experience the changes and how they affected the end result. The final takeover.

He wanted to live. To experience the future.

He just didn’t count on actually walking through time to get there.

Chapter One

The Future - Year 5013

Dimonel struggled with the extra weight she had acquired only moments ago. She had spotted the body hidden near the lake and instantly recognized the race. Such an exotic race was in high demand.

Flashes of light overhead kept her flinching with a desire to duck which only served to make her curse at her own pathetic reactions.


Laser fire skimmed passed her head, so close, that the smell of singed hair caught in her nostrils......

“Feckers!” she shouted as she continued dragging the heavy weight along.

Now ducking didn't seem so pathetic.

Totally pissed off, it had taken her chromes of time to grow her hair.

Grabbing a fist full, she examined the damaged area. A large chunk was missing.

Pissed was not good enough to describe her hatred right now.

Her hair so sensitive that the fine strands probably wouldn’t react correctly now and her emotions would be displayed wrongly, though she thought for a second that might be amusing, especially if she was as pissed off as she was now, her hair might display happy and she could completely scare the life out of everyone.

Ha, that could be fun, she thought with a grin and let go of her hair. Now green, but flickered between orange and red indicating bad energy fluctuations, confirming how damaged her hair was.

This extra weight better be worth me losing good hair.

She hoped this human featured male would gain her access into the Organisation's testing facility.

She and her people had been planning for chromes to get in and now she'd finally get the access. Then, the hard part, to plant several plasma bombs and blow the place apart.

Bye-bye Organisation of Humanity monstrosity.

She smiled at the thought. Getting rid of that ugly edifice would be the best event her planet would ever experience.

She glanced over her shoulder at the heavy prize and gripped tighter around his ankles. No need for restraints, he was totally out for the count.

His massive feet almost dwarfed her her arm, she had heard that humans had been described in the history logs as big, but this one, well, he was more than just massive. His shoulders alone were twice the width of hers, his length was almost a leap more than her and she was tall for her race.

The Oplem people were strong and powerful, aggressive, but lacked in height. She was lucky to have extra DNA. It gifted her more height than the others, and more strength.

Thank you, mother, whoever you are.

More flashes followed by ground shaking explosions. Four, one after the other, hit the ground. It shuddered with so much violence that Demonel nearly fell to her knees. Though she dared not let go of her prize, not even when she had to duck, this time with good reason as shards of rock and platimet flew towards her.

The damn war was not just pissing her off but getting in the way of her getting her prize to safety. Normally she’d be out there with her people, leading them into enemy territory and blasting them all to ash. But today was her day off. Well kind of, she was never completely off command; just not always available.

She stood and regained her balance, then continued to pull the dead weight; his skin was starting to shred at the back of his neck and blood trails stained the dusty red earth to a shade of black. Demonel noted that she’d need to be careful as not to be followed but then the vast amounts of mangled, shredded bodies strewn about the dusty ground had her decide that, actually, no one would notice the blood of this one human on the ground.

And his injuries were fixable, so she wasn’t that fussed about his skin getting a little damaged.

As she looked around, scanning her surroundings, constantly checking for chaos troopers. She growled at the reminder that too many lives had been lost to this war, but none lost in vain. Efforts to subdue the Organisation from taking control of this planet had been poor, but worth it. Every time the Chaos troopers' Destroyer vehicles were claimed, it was a great victory.

The individual troopers then tortured for information.

Not as badly though. Her people were tortured by the Organisation and they did some really nasty stuff.

Her people were generous like that. Kept them alive for quite a while, built up their hopes of freedom, then they were served as dinner to her kind.

Ha, not to me though.

She caught a flash of light to her left, dropped to the ground just as a missile flew overhead. The Chaos trooper’s had a vast arsenal range. Missiles, heat lasers, light lasers, electro-shock bombs, it went on.


She dropped the human’s legs and they landed with a thud beside her, causing plumes of red dust to puff into the air. She winced as a flash and bang nearly blew her eardrums apart. It was so close that the air around her was charged with energy. Sprinkles of rock and the smell of blood clouded around her and though it was hard to breathe, she was thankful for the dusty cover.

That was a little close.

She hoped it wasn’t meant for her, she hoped that she hadn’t been spotted. Just in case, she left the body and took shelter behind a ten leap boulder, cursing the entire time as she didn’t want to leave the unconscious body for a second, however, she didn’t want to risk getting killed over this prize and it pained her to think that if she had been spotted, she would be forced to leave the human behind. Then she’d have to retrieve him later and hope he was still in one piece.

Just then another zap sounded; laser fire shot over her prize, skimming his skin. The human didn’t flinch.

Still unconscious?

Dimonel winced for him; the laser fire left a thin black scorched line across his face.

That almost got him.

Her hopes to get him back in one piece were now looking dismal; she was now thinking she’d be lucky to get back to her ship with just his arm.

“Praise to Troy,” she whispered.

Troy was her species' father. Well, not just hers, but all of the planet's inhabitants. It was recorded that he was their farther and their mother was Tarania—a great warrior Princess of the Javasea, once a place on earth where they ruled and birthed her species, quite literally.

Every time situations got bad, or Dimonel wanted some luck to come her way, she would send praise to one of them. Hopefully he would hear and keep her prize safe.

She hoped, and hoped hard.

She waited out the activity. After what felt like half a chrome, she slowly peek round the curve of the boulder. Her hand first, followed by her face.

If Chaos troopers were still about, her hand would have been shot at—shot off, in fact. Also an injury that was fixable, she wouldn’t have risked it if it wasn’t.

No shots, the troopers had moved on.

She quickly scooted over to the human and checked him over for other possible injuries. Luckily only his cheek had been marred. His pulse still there, low and slow but he was alive. Troy had heard her.

Again she took him by the ankles and continued on. It wasn’t far to her ship which was a massive relief, as Demonel was starting to get hungry. This was a little dangerous for her human prize, as she survived off blood and hadn’t found a fresh kill for days. She worried that her blood lust may take over, causing her rage to intensify. She’d attack anyone if it did. Everyone would be a meal to her.

Something she had vowed against doing.

Now she only fed off of the recently killed, and not those who she had killed. Her dilemma harsh but she would stick by her vow even if it killed her.

Stopping for a breath, she scanned the terrain. Her sorry excuse for a planet looked more like a deserted scrap heap now that war had raised all cities to the ground.

Her race lived underground on the other side of the planet.

Also, it was the only place they could store water.

The cool caves supplied sheltered pools of water. Supplied by captured drops of condensation.

Unlike the smooth walls of the caves and the tunnels that were constructed into walkways, with rooms sprouting off into individual living quarters. Made to be as comfortable as was possible with the limited resources they had salvaged.

The world above was harsh and dangerous. And no one race was able to survive without being targeted by the Chaos troopers.

Dimonel continued to scan the red rust-dusted landscape for any of the troopers; there were none at that point in time, but that could change very quickly.

The ground littered with shards of black glass and panels, and solid beams of platimet stuck out of the ground made an ugly sight but at the same time, when the moons bright orange light hit the large pieces of wreckage, they shimmered.

The reflections of each piece caught in solidified puddles of black, only then could she admit there was some beauty left in her world. She had a secret appreciation of the pretty side of destruction.

Only twelve annums previously her planet, once named Javarnia, now named by her as Slum scum, once had tall shimmering black towers of Obsidian, consumer buildings made from crystal and vehicle ways of flat crisp silvery platimet; rivers that flowed freely through purple fields of vine weeds, and the reflective surfaces made everything bright and beautiful.

She missed it, terribly.

Though most of the crystal was stolen and traded for food and clothes after the war. It had left everyone desperate.

Residents of the city had scattered but many didn’t survive the missile blasts and were caught in falling shards that were so big they crushed entire structures in seconds.

However, some, mainly females and children, had been snatched and thrown into carriers like stray Hitics, creatures that scavenged for food, they were all treated like vermin. When all they were doing was trying to survive.

Dimonel now felt like those creatures, almost understood their plight.

She was too fecking soft.

“Fecking Hitics.”

Dimonel jumped at a scraping sound to her right, but it was just a Water lizard. She watched as it scampered over the toe of her boot.

Point well taken, she was soft. Anyone else would have snatched it up for dinner.


She had been flinching more lately but had put it down to her hunger.

Well that is what she blamed it on, not at all to do with the fact she was actually due to go into season soon. It would be her sixth one, and her two crew members were not looking forward to her company whilst she was in full swing of it.

She would go lust crazy, not just for sex but for blood too. And so both her crew members were currently on edge, hoping they were not to be the next victims of her mating madness, of which she would not be able to control herself, and they’d end up drained of blood and seed.

Sighing, she looked up at the sky, frowning at the shimmer of the planets super electroplasma net the Organisation had erected, designed to keep everything in and only the species of aliens that did not need oxygen or gravity were able to leave the planet.

The only reason not everyone had been killed was because the Organisation was using them for tests.

Every once in a while, someone was snatched away, mainly healthy men and fertile women.

They were never seen again.

She had no doubt that whatever the Organisation was doing to them allowed them to survive. Probably the only reason children, in the beginning, were taken first.

The thought caused bile to come up from her stomach into her throat, the acidy and nasty taste it left sickened her further. And just to think of those children, defenseless against whatever mistreatment. She couldn't get her head round it all.

Rumours spread that troopers were created from some of her people.

Their DNA was taken and transferred into a fertile woman's egg; their unborn children designed to be super beings of mixed abilities.

An army of super strength, capabilities to teleport, fly, breathe fire, throw fire, camouflaged, and some have mind control.

The list went on.

However, so far all the troopers used were weapons that fired missiles and such like.

Her people were not just one race.

She was a part of the Oplems, but there were others; The Dracos, a lizard-like race with blue/purple scaled skin and black eyes. Long faces and flat nosed. They were rumoured to be fire breathers and held the ability to camouflage to their surroundings.

Oh and apparently they could also fly. However, she had not seen such abilities.

Her gaze fell back to the human. He was a sorry state, scratches and cut skin marred his features. Blood smeared across his pale face, ruining his perfect masculine cheek bones. His eyes shut his lashes long and Dimonel found she was jealous of those dark lush lashes. She had none, or eyebrows, her skin practically translucent, smooth and iridescent; it shimmered like crushed diamondS. Her hair and nails, and lips changed colour depending on what mood she was in, at current her colour was now blue. Not that her hair was joining in.The previous red/orange colours were gone as her temper dissipated.

Now she was just tired and hungry. Feeling depressed. Literally blue. But at least her hair hadn’t been effected too badly by the chunk missing. She growled again, then kicked at a rock and watched it fly into the distance.

The rest of this human, well, she hadn’t seen muscles so naturally large, even in his unconscious state they bunched with pure power under his clothes, black leg coverings with pockets and straps, and were loose with a weird metallic toothed fastening at the front. She assumed it was a fastening of some sorts. It could have been anything. His ripped top was the same black but tight, and made his chest look delicious. Surely these clothes weren’t easy to move in?

As she gazed over to his face, his lips were generous, his chin square with high cheek bones, and his hair blond. Well, from what she could see that wasn’t covered in blood.

He was very attractive. She wondered if all human males were this attractive in this pure form.

She sighed again as her stomach cramped and her fangs elongated.

Time to get back before you become my meal, she thought.

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Dawn Marie Styles

Hi, I'm not looking for fame. Just a little acknowledgement 😀

More chapters to come! Keep reading!

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