Time is Linear Yet Fluid

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Past, Present, and Future...Get an understanding of how it is possible for time to be linear and fluid simultaneously.

Time is Linear Yet Fluid
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“Wasted time is wrong that can never be righted...”

Past, Present, & Future

What is real beyond our perceptions...what's really real? Is this life real? We exist as a consciousness in a shell that allows us to interact on this plane. So, in a sense, our existence on this plane is not real. When one realizes this many thoughts may be put at ease and questions answered. The only things that are real are your consciousness and the present moment, because at that moment the only things existing is the moment and your consciousness. The past is no longer real because it is gone and the future is not real because it has not happened. This is not to say that specifically speaking the past and future are not real because the past was real at that moment and the future will be real in time at its moment. In short, neither are in the present. However, that moment in the past as stated was real at that time, so learn from it so that you can make the real moments in the future better.

The past is like a dream. You can remember it, but it is no longer real. It is true though that when that moment was real it had some impact on your present and future. Just as a dream and as stated earlier learn from past moments, but remember those moments are over and no longer real. Do not dwell in something that is not real. There may be lasting remnants of the past but that time is gone. If those lasting remnants are bad they must be faced or time will move forward but you will remain stuck in that moment unable to move forward. This creates a vacuum not only for you but those around you. You may need help moving past these painful moments in the past. If it is too difficult to go it alone seek professional assistance...your future depends on it.

Remembering positive things from the past can be therapeutic. There is nothing wrong with remembering good times. However, don’t get so caught up in nostalgia that the long for those days do not allow you to move forward.

The same holds true for not dwelling in the future. That is not to say don't plan for the future, but do not do so much planning that you do not live the real moments of the present. The future is a place of possibilities and is ever-changing with our every decision in the present and there are many catalysts for our decisions. There are also unforeseen variables that interact with our future plans. So, of the three the future is the most flexible.

The paradox is that time is linear and though linear it is still fluid because the past and future are not real yet they exist dreamlike concurrently with the present. So, if I were to go backward in time to a past moment, thus making it again my present so now it is real. Anything done differently could cause major changes to the moment in my actual present. Going forward into the future would make that future moment my current present which then makes it real. Because the future is not set my actions may not be as catastrophic to me immediately but they could be solidifying a different future than was going to be intended by my decisions in my actual present. Understand that the past, present, and future are going on simultaneously but remember to learn from the past, live in the present, and use experience to plan for the future so as not to repeat the past.

Wayne Sutphin
Wayne Sutphin
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