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This Rise of Skywalker Theory May Solves a Huge Luke Skywalker Plot Hole

The Rise Of Skywalker Plot Holes Solved

By Culture SlatePublished 4 years ago 4 min read

What if Luke was the one who orchestrated Rey being left on Jakku?

One of the major plot holes in The Rise of Skywalker is why Luke told Rey that him and Leia had always known who she was and her complicated background. If they knew this why did Luke ask who Rey was int The Last Jedi?

One of the most interesting viral fan theories out there is that Master Luke was the one behind manipulating Rey's family history and that he did that alongside Reys father. If this is true, that means a Skywalker and a Palpatine teamed up to make sure that Rey and Kylo would end up teaming up to defeat Palpatine.

This Rise of Skywalker theory could offer much needed closure to the movie and explain how Luke actually knew that Rey was a Palpatine and was the man behind the curtain orchestrating the events that played out in the sequel trilogy.

The fan theory emerged in an article from Digital Spy, The theory states that we know Luke was on Jakku around the same time as Rey's father and he was an active participant in hiding her away from her grandfather Emperor Palpatine. In The Rise of Skywalker Kylo Ren told Rey, "They sold you to protect you," which parenting critiques aside, sounds strangely familiar to another child hidden away from Palpatine years earlier, Luke.

In Return of the Jedi, Obi-Was says that Leia was hidden away by the Organa's and since she has a completely different name nobody would know the difference. Also to note; the Organa's were there at the time of Order 66 and are the ones who lead to the start of the rebellion.

When was Luke on Jakku?

If Luke was on Jakku at the time that Rey was left there to protect her, and was there specifically there to orchestrate her hiding, mind you he is sort of an expert at hiding children away and changing their identities to keep them away from Palpatine.

In canon, Luke visiting Jakku originated from the book 'The Legends of Luke Skywalker'. In the book it states that Luke was on Jakku right around 5 ABY(After the battle of Yavin). This being right after the battle of Endor. If we give this any validity, that doesn't work with Rey's age in The Force Awakens. In canon, it states that Rey was born in 15 ABY, so this couldn't be the moment that they left her since she was yet to be born, but this doesn't mean they couldn't have met and started planning this.

If we are allowing Luke to be on Jakku once then maybe he could of been there twice. Maybe Palpatine's son went to Jakku in search of Luke and wanted his help. This theory does "work" if Luke went to Jakku twice, once to plan and once to help hide Rey. The only way that Luke could have known Rey's complex backstory is if he was told or was a part of the plan this whole time. Which also would fix the issue that they knew that Palpatine never died.

If Luke Met Rey's parents it would change everything.

If Luke actually met Rey's parents right after the Battle of Endor, this could mean that Luke found out that Palpatine was still alive, even after seeing Palpatine fall down the reactor shaft in the Death Star.

Then, when Lando says that Luke and Leia were searching for Ochi(The one who had the Sith dagger), Luke ran into Rey's parents and found out that Palpatine was never dead. Even with all of this, we still have one massive problem, and like every problem in Star Wars, The Last Jedi.

In The Last Jedi, luke clearly has no idea who Rey is when she appears on the island. Now, this might work if we take into account that Luke has severed his tie to the force after he lost the children he was training in the ways of the force to Snoke. IF we are going with the idea that he knew about her years before. If we leave Luke behind then he might not know about Palpatine, and this way because he was going to look for the Wayfinder, it wasn't about finding Palpatine it was about hunting down the remaining Sith that were hiding in the galaxy.

Luke knowing Rey's family background and that Palpatine was alive would make his exile make no sense. But, if we take into account that Luke knew Palpatine was alive and then still chose to leave the fight that means Luke is blatantly irresponsible.

So when did Luke know?

If Luke was helping Rey's parents that means that he knows for a fact Palpatine is alive, in this cast his exile and detachment from the Force makes no sense. So, as it stands it is only safe to say that Rey's parents acted alone in her hiding. So the only logical reason he would know about her backstory would be because when Rey came to find Luke at the end of The Force Awakens she reactivated his force-sensing abilities. Through this, he was given the information through the force.

For this fan theory, I think the amount of contradictions are too great to give this a lot of validity, the only way this would work is if Leia actually knew about Rey and kept her secret away from Luke.

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