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This AI Tool Generates Mind Blowing Paintings In Under 2 Minutes — Here Are My Results

This Artificial Intelligence Art Generator is mind blowing. It can create impressive art in less than two minutes with a simple text prompt.

By Jim MongePublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Image generated by MidJourney AI

What if I tell you there is an AI art visualization tool that can generate an image similar to the picture above in less than two minutes with a simple text prompt? Yes there is and it’s fucking mind blowing.

The tool is called MidJourney. The way they describe themself is “New research lab. Exploring new mediums of thought. Expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.”

It’s currently in closed beta and can only be accessed with private invites. You can apply here and wait for a couple of days or even weeks to get accepted. I got mine after a little over a month. But the wait was so worth it because after a few minutes of toying with the tool, it completely changed the way how I see Artificial Intelligence.

Now, on to the results.

AI Generated Artworks

Here’s the first six images I generated and their corresponding text prompts.

Elemental teleportation, baroque, metallic, blade runner, photorealistic, epic composition

Image generated by MidJourney AI

This is my favorite piece. The details are profound it can be mistaken as creation of a professional digital artist. The idea that this masterpiece was put together in mere seconds is just crazy.

Here’s more.

Man in sci-fi stealth gear underlit by red neon lights, cyberpunk style.

Image generated by MidJourney AI

Nailed it. I love how the neon lights matches with the background. This can be a great tool for character creation.

Cat with a cyborg body, in cyberpunk environment, rendered in octane

Image generated by MidJourney AI

Ain't that a cool cat?

Alien like human portrait, with twisted features, dark, and morbid

Image generated by MidJourney AI

Ain’t that spooky? But good.

A woman outside an abandoned building, empty city, give it a post apocalyptic vibe, 16:9 reso, add some yellow lights.

Image generated by MidJourney AI

Now that’s something I’d hang on my wall. Even the reflections on the ground are on point.

Red skull, golden head dress, surreal portrait.

A photo I uploaded in my Instagram account

How it works

Once you get the invite link, it will redirect you to a private discord chat group. The number of users in the group right now is small in order to not overwhelm the servers with the GPU-heavy process needed for each prompt.

Inside the dashboard, you input your text prompt. It can take whatever description of the final image you want as long as it does not violate the rules. I mean come on, you already know which words are not allowed.

After you hit enter, the bot will generate four different images. Just like the one in the image below.

Discord prompt screen

You can choose to Upscale one of the four images to generate a higher resolution and more detailed version. There is also an option to make more variation of the photo if you want.

Final Thoughts

AI content creation clearly isn’t going anywhere, it’s already here and shows no sign of stopping. It will continue to evolve and the results are only becoming more impressive.

I have one concern though. As an illustrator myself, seeing a computer paint a picture that seemingly looks more impressive than mine is sad. Not because it makes me feel a little less of myself as an artist, but because it sucks out the fun of making arts by hand. Why would I spend hours drawing if I can just tell a computer to paint it for me in seconds?

Nevertheless, putting my hands on them makes me realize the huge untapped potential it can offer in the art industry.

For example, artists can focus more on coming up with great ideas and delegate the task of illustrating those ideas to AI.

Additionally, AI could also be used to generate new forms of visual art of which human artist has never thought of before.

That possibility is extremely exciting for both artists and audiences alike.

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About the Creator

Jim Monge

In no particular order, I enjoy: cheesecake; coffee; painting on my iPad; painting asphalt with sweat; thinking on paper; alt rock, pop; palatable alcohol; good books; good talks; and writing pretty words about it all.

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  • test7 months ago


  • Ahmet Nazif Sati8 months ago

    AI is definitely a game changer. I also made the cover art for my story "Emily" in MidJourney AI, using prompts from the story itself. Works like a charm and will change the digital art sector, giving a new definition to the concept of "digital artist" and the way art is created.

  • Vi Nguyen8 months ago

    So cool! Thanks for sharing, as a screenwriter - this would be a great way to help my ideas be envisioned physically in someone else's mind. Scary but awesome. Love it!

  • Greg RS9 months ago

    great article!

  • Alex Blackmeer9 months ago

    I am a writer and I use AI writing tools to help me write faster, or get fresh ideas. I use a graphic design tool to generate images for my articles, as I have no skills in drawing. I do not feel threatened by technology, I embrace it. Everyone should do that. Imagine being a writer and having to use a quill and ink to some yellow sheets of paper to write your books? Or being a designer and having to use crayons and paper all the time? Or being a photographer that carries kilos of equipment while climbing a mountain, rather than a small Go Pro on his head? Technology can be used to make our work easier, it does not need to replace us. Nothing can replace the creative mind of a human being.

  • Abiri Jael9 months ago

    Great article! Also I'm. So. Torn! Being an artist this pushes that holy shit this is fantastic button while making me feel some type of way like I may become obsolete if an AI can do this! UGH! Thank you for sharing your amazing results and please share more!

  • Sissi Smith9 months ago

    Very cool, but the AI overtaking creative roles admittedly feels a bit dystopian so I'm definitely torn.

  • In Orwell's 1984, Julia works for the Ministry of Truth in the fiction department where machines write novels. I'm sure somewhere in those windowless halls of the MoT there was a painting department. We've had AI that can write copy for a while now, it's a short trip to fiction if it can perform imagery like this. I won't deny that I really like the lead image as well as the "blade runner" esk image, but as my wife is an artist, and I am a writer (the one thing I've always wanted most to be), it is painful and tragic to see this come to be.

  • Phil The Animal9 months ago

    This is something I want to try , as a tool not a replacement

  • E M9 months ago

    Wow this is amazing! Very cool but agree with the others that it’s kind of sad for artists - love the art pieces you generated - would love to play around with this! Great article, thanks for sharing 😊

  • Peter Evans 9 months ago

    This is a really big achievement

  • I've seen software that says it can write blog posts and articles for you and this is great news for spammers. I see these things as just developments and I may use it to create pictures, but would never use anything to write for me. AI should be an aid not a replacement

  • Ali Howarth9 months ago

    That is crazy. Like you though, it makes me feel a bit sad for artists. AI is some tough competition. On the other hand, people may start wanting proof that the art they purchase is done by hand. Interesting times ahead.

  • Jyme Pride9 months ago

    I enjoyed this! Do you have a book out, or one to come? You shared some pretty interesting content. You made me think. Blew my mind! Please write more. Tell us more!

  • Briant Laslo9 months ago

    Are the images created free for you, as the creator, to use however you wish? Or, are there some kind of limitations or rights connected to the software creating it?

  • Call Me Les9 months ago

    The article and your perspectives and insight are excellent. Well earned top story! The concept, however, makes me incredibly sad for my artist friends, including my illustrator who does digital art. It also makes me wonder if the same thing is coming for authors. Bam! 2 min book. I have mixed feelings on this. You could argue that a human still needs to feed it the parameters but, I dunno. This feels weird to me. Perhaps I'm feeling my new age bracket!

  • Wow, thank you for sharing

  • Andrea Lawrence9 months ago

    The images are very interesting, but those legs are pretty freaky.

  • Stephanie Hoogstad9 months ago

    I use the app starryai for fun, and even though it is highly addictive, I have to agree with you that it's not the same as making art by hand (even if I suck at art). I become obsessively stuck in the process of putting in the prompt and seeing what the AI can come up with, giving me a good distraction, but it's not quite as soothing as the physical motions of drawing and coloring. This new tool is definitely more advanced than starryai, though. Thank you for the very informative article, as well as for sharing your AI-generated art.

  • RM Stockton9 months ago

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alyssa Cormier9 months ago

    Some of those are amazing!

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