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Theory Explained

by Carlos Guerra 8 months ago in fact or fiction
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An inside view of my latest upcoming written series

What is a theory? It's a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. In case you were wondering, yes that is the exact explanation given when you google "definition of theory". Nonetheless, a theory is a hypothesized belief that either can not or has yet to be proven as scientific fact. Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has come up with a vast number of theories regarding every aspect of reality you can think of. Inevitably, more of those theories have been debunked and tossed out, than they've been proven to be correct and established as scientific fact. On the other hand, some theories are considered to be scientific facts yet, there remains a large number of individuals who hold the belief that they're not true.

This brings us to the premise behind my next written series, Theory Explained, where together we will take a look at the most popular, most unbelievable, most horrifyingly possible theories that have gained or maintained popularity in our society today. From theories accepted by mainstream science like the big bang theory, to theories that at first appear to be unbelievable like the flat earth theory. In this series, we will consider every one of these theories with an open mind and completely unbiased opinion. We will be asking important questions that each theory presents and we will also do our best to answer these questions. We will take into consideration all of the supporting evidence, as well as any evidence against each theory. In addition, I'll be attempting to contribute evidence and arguments to each topic, establishing a conclusion of my own. This series will take a nose-dive into these theories and by the end of every addition, you'll find yourself thirsty to learn more.

You may be asking yourself, what factors does a theory need to be considered a popular one? If you aren't.., well then you can kiss my ass because that's the next thing that I'm choosing to go over. Thus, giving me a valid segway into giving you a list of some of the theories that will be covered in this series. That being said, a theory can popular regardless of whether or not it's accepted by mainstream science. Any theory that is backed by individuals with intellectual renown and has a significant amount of supporting evidence can be considered popular. Here is a list of a few theories that we will be exploring.

Simulation Theory

Popular with the head honchos of silicone valley like Elon Musk, simulation theory is the hypothesis that our reality is not a base reality. That we are in fact, a simulated reality created by an intelligent race far more technologically advanced than our own. In other words, the plot of the movie The Matrix but in real life. When you take this theory into consideration, it's more than enough to either fascinate you or make you piss your pants. Theory Explained: Simulation Theory will be our first "episode/edition" of the series and will be released very soon. Therefore, if you haven't already, please subscribe to my Vocal account so you can be notified upon its release!

Flat Earth Theory

I must admit that I myself have completely rejected this theory for the longest time. As much as I doubt that this theory is true, I have never considered it with an open mind or exposed myself to any of the arguments supporting it. This is why I will be adjusting my mentality for this series and analyze this topic without being bias. To sum it up, flat earth theory is the idea that our planet is not round and is in fact completely flat. Magna Carta, Holy Grail... typing that sentence alone makes it hard not to cringe. Everything in space is round except the earth? Give me a bre- wait, wait, we're supposed to be unbias.

Ancient Astronaut Theory

Unlike the flat earth theory, the theory of ancient astronauts is one that I completely believed for a great period of my life. My belief was so strong, that I found myself completely rejecting any arguments against the theory without ever actually taking them into consideration as a scientist should. Even to this day a part of me still believes it's possible that in the early days of civilization, our species path was manipulated by an intelligent race of whom was not of this world. The amount of supporting evidence for this theory is quite vast and that's why it has maintained popularity for decades. Quite honestly, the only reason that I have yet to write about this topic, is because I wanted to contribute something of value to the theory. As opposed to the overwhelming number of "youtube-scientist" who have explored it already.

The Big Bang Theory

While this theory is considered to be undeniable within the mainstream scientific community, at the end of the day the fact remains that there is no way for us to actually prove it. Which makes it no more than a theory. For reasons I can't explain, I have always felt a small sense of doubt whenever I thought about the big bang. This is exactly why I have chosen to include it in Theory Explained. The premise is quite simple, the universe as we know it all began at a single point and, out of nowhere, exploded causing it to expand forever outward. When you really think about it, the idea does sound pretty insane.

That is only a handful of the theories that I plan to explore. There are still several others that I have yet to mention. On top of that, if you follow me on any of my social media accounts (which you can find in my bio) I will be looking out for my readers to inform me of theories that I have yet to learn about. So if you wish to do just that, then you should definitely follow me on social media. Theory Explained is a journey that we are meant to go on together, so that we can all learn something new! Don't miss out, subscribe to my Vocal account so you can catch every issue.

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