The World's Metamorphosis

by Cooper Knighten 3 years ago in tech

5 Ways VR Will Change Everything

The World's Metamorphosis

I leveled the sword against my opponent.

"I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes the throne."

The king stood up and while removing his crown and outer cloak replied,

"So be it."

He lunged forward while simultaneously hurling a dagger at my rib cage. I leap over the dagger and sprinted over to fight my opponent.

I never made it because instead of slamming into the king I ran straight into the wall.

"Stupid game." I muttered while massaging the lump forming on my head and taking off my VR goggles.

Even before the invention of the computer, humans have dreamed of being able to escape reality and enter virtual worlds.

For the first time in human history, we now possess that ability. What we do not seem to comprehend is the profound effects this technology will have on daily life.

It seems to be the expectation that Virtual Reality will be used to create incredible forms of entertainment, but this technology will change more than how we watch movies.

Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize life as we know it.

It's the equivalent of the invention of the television. Upon the television's inception, no one thought it would ever be used for anything besides watching TV and yet screens appear everywhere in today's world.

Virtual reality is going to have that same amount of saturation in a couple of decades. Here's the five ways that virtual reality will change the world.

World Changer #1: VR for Charity

Imagine being able to physically experience what it's like in an third world country, or as a homeless man.

If people could actually see and have that feeling of presence as they spend a day in the life of someone in need they would be much more likely to assist those people.

World Changer #2: VR for Education

What if in history class you were handed a musket and got drafted into war? This is what is possible with virtual reality.

VR has an enormous amount of potential for educators to be able to teach students via virtual experiences.

World Changer #3: VR for Shopping

Internet shopping is already beginning to surpass brick and mortar stores.

It's only a matter of time before we are able to view products using VR.

World Changer #4: VR for Escaping

Escapism is when someone uses entertainment to escape their current circumstances. Due to the nature of VR, more and more people will use it as an outlet to leave their problems behind and enter a different world.

Not only will ther be countless video games that allow you to do the impossible, the real market is creating realistic simulators.

Fishing from your couch in virtual reality is much easier than actually fishing.

World Changer #5: VR for Sociallizing

Virtual reality will change the way we interact with each other. Real life people make mistakes and can cause emotional turmoil.

Virtual reality friends however will be perfect and that will massive change social norms.

At this point it is not so much a question of how will virtual reality change the world but rather when.

Cooper Knighten
Cooper Knighten
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