The Workshop

The Arch of a Lost Civilization (Part Three)

The Workshop

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Liz opened the door into a pie-slice shaped room.

“Well, this is my family's place,” she said, “We’re currently in the living room. Father often hosts guests here. Through this door,” Liz led Hanski across the room, “Is the elevator.”

They stepped into a circular room where a circular platform stood at center. She opened a gate on the railing and motioned for Hanski to board on. Once she closed the gate behind her. The platform began raising, the railing splitting between the floor and platform.

Hanski swiped his hand out of the platform back and forth in a semicircular motion.

“Whoa! Stop that!” said Liz, “Are you trying to get your hand smashed against the ceiling?”

Hanski ignored her question and in turn asked, “How the hell is this thing rising without support?”

“What you've never ridden or even seen an electro-magnetic elevator?”

Hanski shook his head.

Liz sighed, “Is your home town really that low-tech?”

He nodded his head.

“Electro-magnetic elevators work by increasing and decreasing the pull of the lift between two magnetic pads and switching the polarity of the magnets,” explained Liz as they passed a second floor to a third, “Were here. The towers.”

“Towers? None were visible from the outside”

“Well… they’re not traditional towers. This house was built from smaller building blocks, and the company that so happened to assemble them call them towers. Each one is a two-level suite, sort of like apartments. My family so happens to be the type to use a level for work and/or hobbies and sleep in the other level. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Liz got off the platform and opened a door, entering a roomy workshop, “Welcome to my workshop Hans.” Gadgets and tools were organized on tables throughout the room.

“Whoa, so you’re an engineer?”

“Well… I was going to school to get certified, but due to the incident, I’ve been out a year. I should be able to get back next semester, though… How about you?

“Mostly private lessons. Mum and Dad were never keen on letting me near common children. ‘You’re our heir,’ they always said, ‘It won’t do for their filth to rub off on you.’”

“Damn, maybe your parents are more brutal than mine. They may exploit opportunities for money, but they treat the island like friends and family. Typically, the money goes to charities and the improvement of our infrastructure. I understand that, but I am no less pissed…”

“Hey, what’s this?” asked Hanski, drawing Liz’s gaze to a lump half the size of a man that was obscured by a tarp.

“Oh, this? This is Avery,” said Liz, “He’s my old Nanny-Bot. Model 3XXX. You could say he’s the reason I got into engineering.”

“Really? Why?”

“He saved my life once and I promised I’d return his.”


Liz had no time to give out details when a voice said, “Marian we’re home! Come on down and say hi to your folks!”

Liz walked over to a speaker next to the door, pressed a button and said, “Right, I’ll be down there in a few, Dad.” She then turned to Hanski, “I suppose Avery will be a story for another time.”

Liz and Hanski stepped off the lift and made their way into the living room. “Hey Mom. Dad,” said Liz, “How was work?”

“A little rough today,” said her dad, “The Lunar Festival Committee already started harassing me to review a list of events to be scheduled…Who is that boy?”

“Oh, right. Mom, Dad, this is my new friend Hanski Kalteherz. He came to–”


“Oh. Where are you from Hanski?” asked Liz’s mother.

“Central Europe, Ma’am,” said Hanski.

“What brought you here?”

“Well, my mum and dad own a magazine and sent me to photograph–”

“AND HE’S FROM THE PAPARAZI,” boomed the mayor.

“Dad! He just takes pictures!” said Liz.

“That’s what they all say. I’ll tell you, men only want on thing from pretty girls. And the paparazzi wants another… Hey, boy, your folks don’t happen to own an erotic magazine, do they? I bet with your looks, you could make the ladies panties drop. Wanna take scandalous pictures of my precious princess, do you?”

Hanski shook his head, saying, “No, sir! I–”


“Dear!” said the archeologist, tugging on her husband’s ear, “You’re scaring the boy,” she turned to Hanski and smiled, “Care to join us for some tea?”

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