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by The Vibe Podcast about a year ago in astronomy
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Taurus ♉️

As an Aries, this sign was a quite difficult one to study. Aries could be emotional at times so I’ve had to work very hard to overcome Aries challenges. I love Astrology because you can use your Zodiac sign as a guide to help you be the best you! And fun fact, the Buddha does not downplay Astrology.. green light! Let’s go Taurus! Of course there is special meaning to your birth and Astrology let’s you know just how special you are, you’ll learn about the good qualities and about the not so good qualities. I’ve had to put in work to be a good Aries and if I can do it.. so can you! I refer to Taurus as a secret Aries y no me gusta! I don’t like secrets! That’s my personal opinion, at least with Aries you already know we are weird and wild from the jump. I don’t like to find out someone is weird or wild.. it’s disturbing when you have to find out. Enough on my personal feelings, let’s see where my books guide me. In the beginning of my Spiritual Journey, I would search in my books. Now that I have become more comfortable I just open the books and let it guide me.

Taurus have a soothing presence, which makes them comfortable to be around. Unless you try to push them. They are extremely loyal until the point where they see others almost as belonging to them. Facts! Taurus no one belongs to you. Humans are not property.

Taurus doesn’t like to being pushed or rushed. Similar to Aries. Everything about Taurus is sensual, they’re attracted to nice smells, tastes, sounds and touches. They may also have a pleasant voice.

Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac, a fixed Earth sign. Ruled by Venus in her material world incarnation as Goddess of the manifest. Indeed Taurus folks tend to be very intelligent. Owning feelings you’re not entitled to is a fail darling don’t do it! The ability to manifest is amazing, how you use your gift is what matters. I was once referred to as channel 12 news... look at me now? Reporting horoscopes.. if you want great advice talk to a Taurus.

Taurus is a very straightforward sign, much like Aries. Taurus keyword is “Build”remember Taurus, life is what you make it. You have the power to manifest. Give it your best shot! Make your intent a positive one so you don’t have to suffer bad Karma. The sign of Taurus is associated with the throat and vocal chords. I would suggest Throat Chakra Meditation as a wellness exercise. You want to do your best, speak your best and throat chakra helps you speak your truth. Also helps the respiratory system, breath Taurus life is beautiful and wellness matters!

Taurus is the most material sign of all Zodiac signs.. hey the book said it not me! The gemstones associated with Taurus, are Emerald, Sapphire and Copper. Check out my wellness page on Facebook! Online Botanica Natural Wellness Shop. I break down the amazing benefits of nature! Includes crystals, gems and even provided info on Copper! It’s great for the blood. You cannot go wrong with God, Science and Nature.

Taurus embodies animal wisdom in that they have finely honed senses and are sensual, practical and loyal. This is true as I mentioned earlier, you can always get great advice from a Taurus. Inwardly they are deeply grounded, patient & steady. But this can lead to a tendency to be stubborn or bullheaded. Careful Taurus! You do not have to act like your Zodiac Animal! Be careful to not be overly materialistic in the pursuit of security. Remember, health is wealth everything else will fall into place.

Famous Taurus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

Taurus is sometimes considered materialistic & selfish. However, once you achieve material comfort you are generous to others in need. You are susceptible to colds, sore throat & thyroid problems. In relationships you tend to be jealous & possessive, although you are adept at hiding this. Did I mention secret Aries? This is not a good quality for either of us. Acknowledging these negative qualities is the first step in wellness. One of Taurus weak points is their vanity and you rarely forgive anyone who ridicules you. Taurus stop the madness! The influence of Venus bestows grace, charm, a love of pleasure, art & adornment. It also encourages over indulgence, superficiality, jealousy & conceit. No me gusta! Remember to rely on the better qualities of this sign. You are great thinkers! When there’s a problem, you look for the most effective ways to deal with it and even if it’s personally painful for you, you get it handled. You do not form opinions quickly. You must be sure of the facts. Once you do form an opinion, there’s no way to change your mind.

Taurus loves a committed relationship. Your security is hightened by sharing your home and pleasures with the person you love. But because of your need for security and resistance to change, you shut yourself off from new experiences aka blocking blessings darling and you settle for what you have. Taurus, my life will teach that settling is no bueno. Don’t ever settle for bullshit nor mediocrities. Life is absolutely wonderful, too wonderful to settle. Understand that settling is a boring quality and if you ever settle in life you will get played.

The cusps of Taurus- 4/20-4/24, you are a Taurus with Aries tendencies. You are self sufficient, determined, but also spirited & independent. You cannot tolerate being restricted by other people’s rules. Here’s a tip from a real Aries, a good Aries knows when to retreat. For those born 5/16-5/20- you are a Taurus with Gemini tendencies. You are ambitious, have strong will power and are also imaginative & intellectually inclined. You have an attractive personality & possess a special persuasive touch that works well with people. Go team Taurus!

Duality- Feminine (men be careful of bitch behavior vibes)

Polarity- Scorpio, as Taurus is the sign of prosperity & money. Scorpio’s wealth tends to be spiritual. This would be a great romantical combo! Balance is the key to success in any relationship.

Danger- Taurus people tend to get involved in violent situations that have to do with love or money. They often antagonize others and incite the passions of lovers because of their stubbornness and possessiveness.. again from the books not I.. my comment on this danger is.. this is a petty quality. Nothing gives you reason to be unkind. To take actions into hurting others speaks volumes on your mental state. Repeat absolutely nothing gives you reason to be unkind. When you focus on this fact, you will do better in life and you will avoid any unnecessary trouble. My hopes in sharing horoscopes is that folks ultimately do better. Have you seen the world we are living in as of late? Unreal to say the least, they’re dropping more Covid variants than mix tapes out here and we are not thinking to do better as a society? We have children coming up and we still can’t think to do better? Something’s gotta give, so I share knowledge in the hopes someone out there will decide to do better. As a former Karen the manager, we had a saying that was quite true. Team work makes the dream work. If we have children coming up in the world, it is up to us grown ups to do better, it all starts with the self. Please use Astrology as a guide do better for yourself. Peace and enjoy The Vibe Horoscopes! Give me your sign and I will tell you about yourself!


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My name is Diana Costas and in solving my father’s 38 year old murder mystery, I was inspired to create The Vibe Podcast and write my very first book! How Spirituality Saved My Life is now available! First of many books 🙏🏽

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