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The Unseeing Boy

by Sarah Lee 5 years ago in vintage
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A peculiar tale based on the Titanic.

Blind to the depth of the ocean

Where secrecy seeks home

Unknown to his boyish insouciance eyes

The Unseeing boy drowned to the depth of his demise.

Bubbles pumped through his nostrils

As he let go his final breath

Water fills his throat as his lung burns with flaming sensation

His eyes protruding its orbits as red streaks touch his iris.

He struggles then struggles until he has finally given up.

His airway closes and he faints into the oblivious depth of the sand whose branches began branching around his legs, across his head, through his arm until it was whole, then he succumbed beneath.

Beneath he sought Atlantis,

The fortress of marine life

with a bubble crowned around his head.

He thought he had died.

He was where it all had begun

The evolution of medieval time

Other beings surrounded him.

With its peculiar appearance examined

Footages held up high,

of something, he couldn't comprehend.

He was stopped but felt stumped

by a giant whose heads reached the sky.

'Ego' the unseeing boy thought but didn't know why.

He walked more with his subconscious mind,

trailing behind at the giant and the giant spoke.

"Yee shall tell him before thy die unknowing."

Columns came into his vision, ye the heart of Atlantis was ruined and even though beneath the sand it tries to resurrect, yet it never could.

'What once was would never be, no matter how much you try.' His subconscious spoke again.

As he walked, the columns disappeared and the water was still clear.

In front of the Unseeing Boy was the majestic ship, the largest he had ever seen, the one he had ruined.

Deep regret filled him and he had finally known: 'Your fault.'

Hereafter, one leg of an Octopus burst his bubble and he drowned once again, he died knowing as he felt these sensations once-again, drowning and drowning into the eventual final death and towards inferno for the entirety of the dimensional time.


The Titanic had sunk at the turn of the First World War, carrying a sum of people that crept its way into the five-hundreds, it was a story of immense tragedy but could fit into the dark comedic theme of a Shakespearean play nobody has ever read.

The majority of the citizens knew of the iceberg and the sinking ship that drowned many and the survivors who were doomed and abandoned by the society, but nobody knew or has even heard of Jakob-the Unseeing Boy who had caused it all.

The turn of darkness and the extinction of light, a blank sky with a fiery flame bursting through the cosmos and the magnetic sand that last held the sunken ship.

No comprendo, you shall see, you shall see–for the dark is bright and the light shall gleam.

Check where the ship is now, it may not be there but don't be astonished or worried if it isn't, the mysterious sand had sunken it beneath it, as it enters the Heart of Atlantis, there, the Titanic seems as new as 1909, floating across the vacuum of Atlantis.

Yet, despite the vacuum, the music from the ship roared and the ballroom filled with hysterical and dancing people, people who didn't realize their fate until it was too late, and in this ballroom, you could hear the laughter and the giggling of Jack and Rose.

The Unseeing Boy was the child of the pilot, he ran around the pilot area and with his curiosity taking the best of him, the swayed the control handle that controls the movement of the ship, he swayed it once to the left and the ship swayed dramatically and the drama of terror started.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.



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Sarah Lee

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