The Underground Knight’s Confrontation

by Frank Sartain 4 months ago in fantasy

The Town Knight Who Stood Up to the Dragon - Time To Be Brave

Quietly waiting was a warrior who wanted to show his true power for the good of the world. He was raised by loving parents who taught him honor and integrity. His father was a former knight who inspired his son to do big things in his lifetime. He taught his son how to wield a sword and shield and be precise with a bow and arrow. This training occurred throughout his entire childhood. Simultaneously to his training as a warrior, he learned to help provide food and water for his family. The warrior and his parents were respected by each and every person in their town. His father was well known for protecting the land against former enemies, while his mother was recognized for her generosity by giving to those who have less.

Word had been spreading across different civilizations that a dragon has been attacking towns of peaceful people. Then, one day, it decided to attack the hometown of the warrior. Seeing the burned down homes, frightened people, and overall destruction the dragon had caused, the knight became angry and took up arms against the dragon. Equipped with metal armor, a sword, shield, along with a bow and a quiver of arrows, he set out to fight an overwhelming enemy that no else dared to confront. Some said he was absurd to even think about facing such an enemy. However, the knight’s decision to fight the dragon was already made. The townspeople wished him well and told the knight to defeat the dragon.

The knight looked the dragon straight in its eyes as he marched through the land to confront his enemy. Withholding a fire of his own, his sword drawn, shield in front, the battle commenced. The knight swung his sword countless times against the dragon, as it dodged his attacks and countered with its fiery breath. Protected by his shield, the knight defended himself from all the dragon’s fire attacks. After many failed attacks, the dragon began to fly and encircle the knight from midair.

The knight, still holding his ground, dropped his sword and took hold of his bow and an arrow. The dragon continued to circle the warrior from the air while breathing fire in the knight’s direction. With his arrow pulled back on the bow, the knight released the arrow. Seeing the arrow coming, the dragon burnt the arrow to ashes before it reached its target. The knight even tried to fire multiple arrows at once. However, these arrows were also destroyed by the dragon. After these arrows were released into battle, there was one remaining arrow in the knight’s quiver. This final arrow was specially built to resist fire. With its fire resistant ability, the knight placed this arrow on the bow and sent it flying towards the dragon. Underestimating the strength of the arrow against its fiery breath, the dragon took a direct and piercing hit. The dragon was in severe pain and immediately retreated from the battle.

The knight, exhausted from battle, returned to his home land where the townspeople were amazed that he returned alive from fighting the dragon. They expressed their gratitude for his bravery and for protecting their home. In order to further convey this gratitude, the people of the town decided to host a celebration in honor of the brave knight. At the gathering, stories were told, jokes were made, and an overall joyful time was had by the townspeople. Each person had expressed relief that the dragon had been defeated. After the celebration, the people of the knight’s homeland worked together to successfully rebuild what the dragon had destroyed. The dragon was never heard from again.

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