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The tip of the iceberg in the universe. So is there an extraterrestrial civilization in the universe?

The tip of the iceberg in the universe

By Fei FeiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The universe is infinite, and the Earth is a drop of water in the vast universe. However, we humans can only understand the tip of the iceberg in the universe. So is there an extraterrestrial civilization in the universe? This is the case. There are so many stars in the universe that we cannot count them, and many of them have a life span of hundreds of millions or even close to ten billion years. The birth of the Earth is only about 4.6 billion years old, and the emergence of human beings is only a few million years old. There must be many extraterrestrial civilizations, but what about their history and their civilizations? Are they more advanced than us or more backward than us? Could they have been born earlier than us? If the civilization of the universe is divided into levels, then our human civilization in the universe will be at which level?

Considering the vastness of the universe, extraterrestrial civilizations must exist. At present, the technology we have is estimated to be very difficult to find, scientists in the exploration of the universe, bold imagination and speculation, the universe is divided into seven levels of civilization! Next, we look at our planet is now in that class!

Level 1 civilization: A level 1 civilization is known as a planetary civilization that can manipulate the energy of the Earth at will and can use all the resources available on its home planet. Harnessing the energy output of the entire world, controlling the weather, rivers, creatures, and oceans at will, and even the changes and rise and fall within the Earth's crust, it can be said that a first-class civilization can dominate on its home planet, and can even destroy the planets around it.

Dipole civilization: can manipulate the solar system and can control the entire star system. Live and travel freely in the various stars of the solar system without worrying about energy problems. If one-day human beings can master the long-distance claiming of stellar energy, only then will they have the level of second-class citizenship? Second-level cosmic civilization has reached a relatively high degree of development.

Level 3 civilization: This civilization is also called galactic civilization. Level 3 civilization can easily control the whole galaxy, the whole galaxy is like a playground, you can travel freely and live for a long time, also you can develop as you like. It can use all the energy in the galaxy and can even draw energy from the black hole. So a tertiary cosmic civilization exists in a way that current humans dare not imagine.

Level 4 civilization: A level 4 civilization, also called a cosmic civilization, has reached the point where it can develop 70-80% of the energy of the entire universe, can feel the exact location of different galaxies, and can also communicate with other galactic civilizations in some way. As for using that state for control, we are unable to imagine.

Level 5 civilization: can travel between the multiverse, can develop the energy of other universes.

Level 6 civilization: God-level cosmic civilization, not only limited to the development of energy, and can even manipulate time, and space and create the universe at will.

Seventh-level civilization: In fact, the seventh-level cosmic civilization is a reserved level, that is, we are still completely unaware of the level. Maybe we can do whatever we want at this level, maybe a star is a lighted match in our eyes.

Which of these seven cosmic civilizations do we belong to? The answer is: the lowest level is not even counted, now we can only be counted as 0.7 level cosmic civilization, perhaps there are lower level civilizations than us in the universe. If humans want to promote from the second level of cosmic civilization to the third level of cosmic civilization, it will take at least hundreds of thousands of years or even longer and longer.

Humans are really small, and we have to keep exploring when we don't reach a higher level of civilization. In the eyes of the universe, we can be described as ants. So in your short life please cherish the people around you.


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Fantasy is the poet's wings, hypothesis is the ladder of science。

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