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The test of "Time and Space Tunnel"

The test of "Time and Space Tunnel"?

By 青木Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Have you ever entered a "time tunnel"? How can we get out? Let’s take a look at this friend Jasmine’s experience.

Jasmine said:

When I was on a business trip some time ago, I stopped by to visit a friend. She took me to see science and technology exhibitions and try to travel through the "time and space tunnel". Usually I think my brain is pretty good, but I failed the first time and quit... Afterwards, I tried to find out why this happened.

At first, I looked at the whole setup and found that it was actually very simple. The tunnel was just mirrors, rotating lights and patterns, etc., creating the illusion of time and space. However, when I actually walked in, the world changed. The world was spinning in front of me. I was clearly standing steadily, but I felt out of balance and couldn't stand.

The first try, I failed! I only walked in for two seconds and I felt extremely dizzy and uncomfortable! I had no choice but to close my eyes, hold on to the railing and retreat. A little boy from kindergarten walked in in front of me and rushed past in a daze. Even the little guy can successfully walk over. I made observations beforehand. Why did it fail instead?

A friend told me his experience. He said that when traveling through the time tunnel, you must distinguish between reality and illusion, and you must absolutely trust your own judgment and not be confused or even controlled by the illusions of the outside world.

I once again strengthened my knowledge and confidence, took a deep breath, and entered the time and space tunnel again. This time I reminded myself again and again to firm up my judgment - to believe that the road under my feet is stable and to ignore the constantly changing lights and shadows. In this way, I successfully passed through the time and space tunnel.

Coming out of the tunnel, I really feel like I have traveled through time and space. It seems that the world outside is completely different from the one in the tunnel. I can really stand firmly on the ground!

——After reading Jasmine’s experience above, do you want to test whether your firm belief will be deceived by external illusions? Really, aren’t many things in this world similar to time and space tunnels? Faced with various illusions from the outside world every day, can we really distinguish between true and false all the time and every second? Compared with the constantly rotating light and shadow in the "time and space tunnel", the illusions of various life time and space fields in front of us are even more varied, complex and illusory!

Look at how many people are deceived by fraud organizations every day, make decisions and choices they shouldn't, and are deceived in a confused way. Even though the news, police units, financial institutions, and cash machines are all warning people not to be deceived, yet so many people are still deceived every day! Being defrauded of money is just the most common incident of being confused by illusions. There are many more sources of confusion in life. Have you ever thought about: What causes people to believe in misleading illusions and lose their minds when it comes to money judgment? And what about other matters, such as feelings?

In order to live a worry-free life, we must keep our main consciousness clear and distinguish between reality and illusion, so that we will not be easily confused by the illusions of the outside world.


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