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The Tale of the Monster Hunters, Part 3

The Third in a Five Part Installment

By DanaPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

That night, sleep escaped Jax and Dasia, even though deep down they knew they would need it. They tossed and turned in their grey duvet, spooning or lying back to back. Hours went by. Dasia watching the clock and praying that Jax would sleep. But it didn't happen. She knew he would be grumpy and therefore difficult to speak to.

"I'm getting up," Jax said as he carefully put the duvet on top of her, burying Dasia more. Of course, she didn't say anything. She didn't want Jax to think he was the reason she was still awake. So instead she grumbled at him and wriggled slightly, listening as the door opened then closed. Dasia rolled onto her back and sighed. Yep, grumpy Jax it would be.

A couple of hours later, Dasia had had enough, too, and got up to join him. As she did, she noted the time was 4:13 AM. No point in them either of them trying to sleep now. She went into the living room and found Jax standing at the balcony, watching the cars fly by with no care in the world, while it seemed the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

"Hey, baby," she said, as she went out to join him.

"Hey." He turned to her and held her tight. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No, I was already up. You're freezing."

"I'm fine." But Dasia was already heading into the living room getting the blanket from the couch. She came back and wrapped it around him, while Jax stood her in front of him and continued to wrap it around Dasia, too. They then looked out to the busy yet peaceful city and didn't say a word.

Even though their lives were full of adventure and happiness, they sometimes both craved the little things. In an interview, they both admitted if they had met but the world was different, they would have had kids, settled down, and got on with their lives quietly. However, they said this was the best life they could have had under the conditions of the world. They held each other tight, Jax every so often kissing her head, while Dasia held his hands tight. They were both scared, but didn't have to say it for the other to know.

The sun was beginning to rise over the city when the TV came on with the emergency music. But it didn't just stick to TVs in the houses. It came up on billboards and loud hailers in shops, everywhere. And apparently when that happens, things are very serious.

"A military plane has been hijacked from London Heathrow airport." Both hunters dropped the blanket and ran inside, almost throwing themselves onto the couch. They knew they couldn't miss a second of this.

"What the hell?"

"What you're about to see is CCTV footage of the hijacking." At that moment, Talon came on the screen, running towards the group of guards who tried to obstruct his entry, and he tore them apart like paper. The documentary about the two hunters showed the footage from the news reel. It was horrible, but it was one of those, you couldn't stop watching it.

"Bloody hell," Dasia said, as she was seemingly glued to the TV. Jax sat in silence, stoney faced.

"The plane was then flown to Gatwick airport where boxes were loaded up and it took off 15 minutes later. The plane flew towards the Pacific ocean where authorities then lost its location."

"We have to go there." He didn't even look away from the TV. Dasia looked at him and got scared. Jax looked like he was going to rip her in half, and Dasia knew she needed to keep quiet.

"I'll go and pack then." She stood up and left the living room, leaving him with the TV and his thoughts.

Three hours later, they were on a scrambled military jet arranged by Elizabeth. Even the Queen knew not to stand in his way, but she knew how to pull rank and came with them, despite her advisors telling her not to. But to ease their minds, she brought along Clive, her butler and trained killer. Apparently, at that time the Queen didn't take any chances, just like they do now. They followed the flight pattern up to where they lost Talon, seeing all the sights from the sky, something which fascinated Dasia more than anybody else. She ran up and down the plane looking out of all the windows, taking it all in. Jax watched her and smiled. He could see the pain and tiredness in her eyes, but was happy to see her heart was still young and happy.

"Does she ever sit down?" Clive asked.

"No, but do you want to stop her?" Jax asked him back. Elizabeth smirked.

"We're in Madagascar!" The pilot shouted to them. Dasia looked out the window and gestured for them to come over.

"That's the plane," Elizabeth said.

Now, in Madagascar the tourists took photos of the plane as it landed on the beach. According to eye witnesses Talon and Dr. Prakash unloaded the boxes that were loaded in London and put them in trucks which were then driven up to the mountains, not to be seen again. Nobody knew what was happening, but nobody went up to check either.

Half an hour later, they landed in Madagascar and got a guide to take them up to the mountain where the trucks had gone a few hours earlier. With each passage they took up the mountain, the further away they went from civilisation and the comforting sight of the town and the beach. In the distance, their plane took off back for England and they hoped they would see it again.

"Do we know what was in the boxes Elizabeth?"

"Dr. Prakash's creations. We sent teams into the laboratory after he was taken into custody and from the files he didn't get to, we found plans and designs. They're stronger, faster, and smarter than anything Moolsoft created when they were in operation."

"That's because he was given creative control," Jax said as he fell into Clive. "Sorry."

"All in exchange for his life."

"But will Talon go through with his deal?" Clive asked.

"No." Everybody turned to Jax. "He works alone. He has followers, not partners. He'll use Dr. Prakash and then kill him. That's it."

And after that declaration, everybody stayed silent for the rest of the journey.



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A graduate of Creative Writing now working as a Nursery assistant. Poet, short story and novel author.

Based in Plymouth.

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