The Strange World

by Ember Joy about a year ago in fantasy

The First View

The Strange World


The world was beautiful and green, not a building in sight. Turning around, there were fields as far as the eye could see; fields full of wheat, corn, tomatoes, grapes; all types of fruit and vegetables.

There was actually a small handful of male and females that looked to be farming. They were dressed in what looked like renaissance costumes. Really well made ones. The farmers were using hand tools and not any modern-day equipment like plows and tractors. Some were even riding horse and buggies. They had hand tools and baskets that were being used.

The sky is a light blue color with fluffy silver clouds. The air felt crisp and clean with the light scent of fresh baked goods and, for some reason cherry blossoms. At another side, there were cherry blossom trees and other strange looking trees.

After again turning around, there was a town, a big and beautiful town that looked to be made from stone, wood, even hay. It was like it was a town from medieval times. There was a dirt road with some stones embedded in, instead of pavement. Off to the side was an ocean with a big dock and dozens of boats of different shapes and sizes. The world felt cleaner. It was strange to me.

I was supposed to be in Boston coming from my veterinary school after finishing my fourth year and all my undergraduates. I was walking down the street and I felt something wrap around my body then I blacked out. I didn’t know how I got here. All I knew was I didn’t belong here.

This world had some normality like regular trees and hold towns, but there were strange things like glowing plants and demon-like fruit. Then, I looked up to the sky and I nearly collapsed. I expected to see birds, butterflies, maybe a plane. Instead, there was a boat in the air with several strange creatures that looked to be from another world. This literally knocked me to my ass.

“Is that… a fucking boat? A boat in the sky? What the hell? How in the…” I was completely in shock. My heart dropped. This couldn’t be Boston. With the cherry blossoms I thought it was Japan, but all this, no way this was my world. I wanted to know where the hell I was and how the fuck I got there.

I looked down and saw a puddle, then my reflection. I saw my purple hair and matching eye. My other eye was covered with my hair.

I heard something drop behind me. Turning around, it was a man and a woman with two young children. Fruit and vegetables were all over the ground. I was completely baffled. I pushed my long hair back a bit, keeping some hair in front of my right eye. Before I could ask a question, the kids and young woman started screaming and pointing a finger at me.

I tilted my head confused before suddenly, the man pointed a pitchfork at me. Suddenly, they started to talk and yell in a strange language. It sounded like a dead language like Latin or even Romanian. I just couldn’t understand them. Then, more townspeople came up to me with weapons at the ready.


Thank you for taking the time and reading my prologue. This is just a little preview for my newest novel and I am very excited. This is a type of geeky, fantasy novel that I enjoy.

This is my character's first view of the world she will be forced to live in, set in a medieval time before computers and WiFi but it has some high-tech devices as well. A mix of past and future with strange creatures and wild foods, as well as a darkness in the wind. Will she be able to survive the new world in one piece, or will it take her when she is the most vulnerable?

Ember Joy
Ember Joy
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