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The Story of Yuki Cross

by Sandy Rodriguez 3 years ago in fantasy

Just the Beginning

Yuki has been walking for some time unaware of time or place. Slowly struggling to find it in her heart to admit that he's gone now and he's never coming back. Finally she comes to a stop, before looking around she takes a few deep breaths as if to clear her mind of what just took place hours ago. Slowly she looks up trying to find out just where the hell she is. From a distance she sees a crystal clear blue stream followed by an old wooden bridge over it leading to path that heads into the woods. After a few moments of hesitation she starts walking towards the bridge wondering what awaits her in the woods. Night seems to be vastly approaching, she looks around once more to find a safe spot in which to camp for the night.

Yuki was no stranger to the woods for she often played in them with Dean from daylight to nightfall, but that was all in the past now for he was gone. Yuki finds a place under a huge old oak tree surrounded by a few different trees. Within a few minutes she makes a campfire and sits quietly as the darkness of the night takes over and the moon rises to greet the world with its soft glow. She slowly leans back on the tree and watches the flames dance around as if performing a show just for her.

As she keeps staring at the flames, memories and flashbacks begin to appear in her mind. Dean dying in her arms, the war between angels and demons that was responsible for his death. Dean was only human after all and the thought of that alone makes her heart ache for she feels responsible for his death. She thought if she was part of the war she could've avoided his death but it wasn't meant to be it was just like Mystic said.

Many angels and demons perished in the war but that wasn't new to her because in her mind the long old battle of angels and demons was no different from humanities wars and bloodshed. The only real difference is when the humans fight one side always wins and takes over claiming their reward. When it comes to angels and demons fighting no side ever wins and there are no rewards to claim just souls and innocent lives are lost in the process.

Tears begin to fall as anger starts to fill her heart. Even though she was at war and had sustained many injuries in which if sustained by a human they would have undoubtedly died either on the spot or shortly thereafter, but she was healed and back to normal. She knew she was not human but she knew she wasn't an angel or a demon either so, what was she? Her parents died shortly after her birth and she had been raised by an old woman who lives deep in the mountains and goes by the name Mystic. How Mystic new that Dean would die was still a mystery to Yuki or how Mystic new that she would one day be in charge of raising Yuki. Was she a physic? A witch? Yuki never gave it much thought to the idea of what Mystic really was or how she knew the things she knew, she was just grateful and thankful for having her in her life and not only taking the responsibility of raising an orphan but teaching Yuki everything she knows about the worlds of both Man and that of Angels and Demons.

After crying for a short while and wishing she could've saved him she finally decided once and for all to avenge him one way or another and stop the old war between angels and demons once and for all. Yuki neither cared nor worried about how she was going to accomplish this for all she knew was that she had the anger, determination, power and time to accomplish this. And with last tear from her heart rolling down her cheek she fell asleep.

Hi guys, I hope you guys enjoyed my short story. This is something that I have been working on for a couple of months and finally worked up the courage to share a bit of it to see how you guys feel about it or what you think about it. Any criticism, thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. I want to do a different cover however, no supplies. If you guys want to read more about Yuki and the adventure she's about to embark to accomplish her goals let me know. You choose whether or not you want to leave a tip. See ya later!


Sandy Rodriguez

Hello everyone, I'm just woman who loves telling stories and sharing knowledge on things I'm passionate about such technology, video games, book, art and music.

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Sandy Rodriguez
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