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by Shelly Bartley 3 months ago in astronomy


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We are each born on different dates at different times. Our birth dates help to separate us into more groups. The groups do not mean anything bad. My sign is a Virgo that is known for being loyal and the element is Earth. The definition for a Virgo here where I live does not mean it will be the same in another country. My father is a Leo and my mother was an Aries. Each person put into a group with the assumption that everything stated in tiny writing is what that person is. The truth is that we are honestly not all just one sign. A lot of what is in those words next to those signs carries similarities to match the person in that category.

If everyone takes time to take a deeper look into the meanings behind the signs and the descriptions used to place a person into that sign there would be much more discovered. It would be like opening a new present each day. The further the investigation reaches out the more that is found. We are our signs but we are also not our signs. Looking into my sign I notice that my parent's and grandparent's signs are also my signs. In each sign that I have seen, there are similarities. This makes me proud to know that inside of me there is also a piece of each of their signs.

It does not make me any less of a Virgo it just means that I have a mixture of many in me just like others do. If there is another Virgo standing next to me and the same information investigated then it does not mean that the person who is now being checked out would be a duplication of the information that I have found on myself. We are all unfamiliar even when we have become familiar with others around us. We may know some about each other but we never know every single detail about each other. The signs are a part of showing that just saying that someone is something does not make that person what is said. The words got created are opinions that are from another person to separate people into similar groups. This is not a knock at Astrology it is just the truth of what I have found. It does not mean that it is wrong and it also does not make it right.

What I have just stated above may seem a bit confusing to the person that is reading this article. If the reader checks their own sign then it will make more sense to that person. Every person that is born is like the parents were two cans of paint being mixed together to make a fresh new color. This is why I say each person has a mixture of the signs in them. Do your own investigation to find out what other similarities you have with other signs. There could be something there that you never caught before just waiting like a present for the unwrapping. Talk to your friends and family to get them to do the same. Some of them could be the same or some that you thought would be the same are different. It does not make that person a person that you do not know. The person that you have known for years will still remain that person. The only thing that changes is that you each learn something new about each other to talk about. I hope that you have fun doing your own investigation. If you wanted to it could even be turned into a game to find out more about each other.

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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Shelly Bartley

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