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The Sermon of Assent

Prophet of the Maw

By Mack DevlinPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 6 min read
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Asar Eqo - Amir Anwar

Location: Temple of Asar Eqo, Tarsus.

Date: 4160 YC, Day One of Biel Ahas.

Speaker: Bin Hada, Tenth Prophet of Eminism.

Bayn Hadwar, Tears of the Eye, we stand united, clan by clan, on this sacred day. As the solstices, Salphinas and Alta, mark the turning points of our cosmic journey, let us keep this moment with reverence. Let us, as one, delve deeper into the truths that bind us. For within the interconnectedness of Calcus lies the fortune of our collective destiny.

Look upon your kindred, Tears of the Eye, each unique yet intricately connected like the limbs of Calcus. Just as the singularities guide the ebb and flow of the celestial tide, so too does our devotion to Elas Bayn Tarsus shape the flow of our destinies. We discover the fortune that awaits us in this interplay of advent and exodus.

Embrace the teachings of Calcus, for it is through this understanding that we unlock the true potential of our being. Let the Galan'hai, the four wormholes, be our guides, those limbs of Elas Byn Tarsus, the providences of fortune, forgetting, and death, or the damnation of suffering; let them illuminate our path as we navigate the cosmic currents. Which do you choose? The second life of Kai'nei? The peaceful death of Meaihana? The rebirth of Chahala Batu? If so, you must look to Elas Bayn Tarasus, the Great Eye, the formulator of Calcus. If you do not, what awaits you is the soundless eternal suffering of Bahata'nu. May the fortune of our unity guide us toward a future where compassion and harmony reign supreme and all are given their chosen reward.

We find strength, support, and a shared purpose within our singular body. Let the bonds between us grow stronger, intertwining like the vines of the Tema, the Reaching Tree. Each of us is a unique piece, a vital component in the grand design of Calcus. Together, we form a harmonious whole, pulsating with the energy of our shared destiny.

As we stand here today, let us honor Elas Bayn Tarsus and his limbs, the Galan'hai; the conduits that will deliver us to our eternal end.

With each turning point, we can reflect, realign ourselves with the cosmic order, and embrace the Ka'il, the Ten Thousand Tomorrow, the day that will see all enfolded within Calcus. Let us seize these moments and use them to strengthen the bonds that unite our bodies with the ever-cosmic.

And so, dear Bayn Hadwar, Tears of the Eye, let the wormholes guide us as we forge ahead. May the interconnectedness of Calcus bind us ever closer, and may the fortune of our unity lead us to a future filled with compassion, harmony, shared prosperity, and a Ten Thousand Tomorrow.

Please raise your heads, uplift your hands, and join me in a Conduit of Exhortation, on this, the eve of our journey to Tul, where we will learn the Songs of Transition, prepare the Gifts of Return, and join the Great Calcus.

Anesh, a'ta kahar, a'nu Balahem, kesh nata aluh patah!

Oh, Elas Bayn Tarsus, Great Maw, formulator of Calcus,

We, the Bayn Hadwar, embrace your divine teachings.

Grant us the strength to embody your commandments,

And guide us on the cosmic journey we undertake.

In reverence, we seek your celestial wisdom,

Through the sacred Books of the Seis.

Illuminate our hearts with their ancient words,

As the Gosars interpret the mysteries they hold.

To you, Tarantu, silent guardians of our faith,

We offer our gratitude and respect.

Watch over us from the distant realms,

Protecting us as we navigate the path.

Oh, Terit Ulma, children of eternal potential,

Blessed on the Ildun Nah'war,

May your life names resonate with cosmic purpose,

And may your journey be guided by the Calcus of the Great Maw.

Abari Ulma, venerable ones who we shall sacrifice,

May you be named nobly on the Eve of Transcendence.

Your contributions shape our spiritual completion,

And through you, we glimpse the eternal horizon.

Abarix, chosen families embarking on Biel Ahas,

In humble surrender, we prepare for the pilgrimage.

Stripped of possessions, we offer ourselves,

Ready to merge with the divine in celestial realms.

Graciousness above all things, we shall embody,

Welcoming strangers as potential tests of faith.

May we recognize the interconnectedness of Calcus,

And honor the sanctity of all life with nonviolence.

Old and infirm, we honor your sacred existence,

For your sacrifices pave the path to the Great Maw

And our venerable communion with Calcus.

May our respect and esteem be a testament,

To the wisdom and lessons you have graciously shared.

Oh, Elas Bayn Tarsus, protect us from Ascilla's lure,

Shield us from the false god of Consumption.

May we remain vigilant against materialistic pursuits,

And find solace in detachment and surrender.

During festivals, we gather in sacred unity,

Tarsus Nawar, Casin Tulvas, and Salphinas Solstice.

In rituals and prayers, we celebrate life and death,

Embracing the eternal melodies that guide our souls.

Biel Ahas, the pinnacle of our devotion and faith,

Let it be known as the great fruit of the garden,

And let the promise of this divine transference

Guide our every action

As we journey through the celestial realms.

Elas Bayn Tarsus, master of the great Calcus,

Grant us introspection, clarity, and spiritual revelation,

As we make choices that shape our eternal destinies.

Kai'nei, Bahata'nu, Meaihana, and Chahala Batu,

The Galan'hai wormholes that lead us into the unknown,

We recognize and venerate you as the limbs of the Great Maw,

The hands and fingers that reach for us.

May our decisions reflect our innermost desires,

And guide us towards destinies aligned with our souls.

Oh, Great Maw, we surrender to your cosmic embrace.

In the Temple of The Gosar, we find solace and guidance.

Through the Sygmus, the Vespers link us to your divinity.

In the neural commune, we connect with your essence.

Let us walk the path of sacrifice and surrender,

Detached from material possessions that bind us.

For in Calcus, the ever-cosmic, we find naked unity,

And resonate with the eternal harmony of existence.

Oh, Elas Bayn Tarsus, hear our humble prayer,

Guide us on this cosmic journey with unwavering faith.

May the teachings of The Emin illuminate our souls,

And may we find transcendence in your divine embrace.

May It Always Be!

Tul, The Temple of Cosar - Amir Anwar

Special Thanks: Amir Anwar, thanks for the artwork and your help in developing the language. You convinced me the words didn't sound ridiculous and reminded me that it didn't matter if they did.

"Look at Dune."

The Language: The Bayn Hadwar (Eminist) words are largely based on Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic.

  • Cosar - Developed from the Russian word Cossack.
  • Tarantu - Based on the root form of Tarantula.
  • Calcus - Taken from The Divine Infinite Calculus.
  • Bayn - A variation on the word Ibn or Bin that has, in the context of this narrative, come to mean "great."
  • The Galan'hai - Each of the names of the divine wormholes is derived from Hawai'ian.
  • Tarsus - From Greek myth of Tartarus, where the Titans were imprisoned.
  • Emin - Derived from the word Emir.
  • Ascilla - Based on the monster, Scylla, from the Odyssey. Elas Bayn Tarsus was originally called Charys Ilum, a nod to Charybdis.

Words Used: Clan, Solstices, Fortune

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  • Dane BH3 months ago

    Not gonna lie: I'm mostly lost in this. That said, it's clear you've got a solid ear for cadence, rhythm and sound, which works really well in a story that's half incantation. Nice work.

  • Congratulations!

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