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The Sardaukar Soldier

🕯️🕋🗺️Spice wars🗺️ 🕋🕯️

By Ocusan MPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 5 min read

The mirror showed a different reflection that wasn’t my own..And there you are, it’s so pleasant to see your face again. It was the Reverend Mother Taro Root staring back at me through the mirror. She wasn’t gone long, maybe a week had passed. Greetings Reverend Mother, I said also overjoyed that she had returned. Her blue gray eyes mirrored mine in silence. Who have you with you? I see a man who resembles my old friend Jim. This is my twin brother, a Sardaukar soldier of the Imperial Army. Say Hello to our friend in the mirror, Brother. Hello Miss, the mush-dashed man said with a wave of his arm. Of course he didn’t recognize me, he wasn’t Jim, only another mirror image. He’s a very brave man going to battle fighting for Duke’s Army. When he visits, he’s always covered with so much sand I can barely recognize him. The soldier grinned taking a swig of his canteen. Last time when he was out fighting the holy war he almost was devoured by a Sandworm. Yeah, we were out on remote, me & my men..the worm ripped through our station. We made a beeline to a spice harvester..I thought I was a goner. I don’t know much about your war, I added. We fight against the Baron over the spice. Why is the spice so important? The soldier looked to Mother Taro to explain. The spice gives us life, without spice there is no life. The Melange is a necessary ingredient for our existence. She explained further..Your world has a history of a sailor who was in search of spice, I believe Christopher Columbus was his name. The desire to accumulate spice led to the discovery of a new world. The Reverend Mother laid down a correlation. The long voyage by sea, led to a new continent added to the world map. You know our history well. That is how our world was also acclaimed, as you have had civil wars fighting for the land. We have a centuries old feud as the worms add complexity, as they have devoured entire armies. The brother soldier that had fallen asleep shuddered at the thought. Why haven’t you used air power? We can’t use a weapon that would destroy the worms that we fight over. It would defeat our entire purpose, as we only use ground forces. The Duke has taught you the weirding way hasn’t he? Reverend Mother coaxed her brother to wake up. Smiling in his slumber he replied, Yes our Duke knows how to break a slab of stone with his bare hands. Only the Special forces can learn the ability, only used on search and destroy missions. It’s all in the command of a sonic beam that translates sound into attacks. He recited going into a trance..Shari-Hulud… The Mother explained, His Prana-Bindu training is very influential, sometimes I feel he is under the hypnosis of the war machine. Suddenly the mirror cracked where a strange vine fell out. Picking up the vine and holding it to the mirror, the Mother exclaimed..Oh you found a Shigawire! That’s how this communication is possible, My mirror also contains a Shigawire. Tell me more about this communication cable. It’s only found on the prison planet, Salusa Secundus and can also be in mimic film. Are we in a film? Well no, the mirrors can only produce Holographic images. I’m not sure how you obtained one of our mirrors..Maybe from a Zensunni Ancestor, they are time travelers who are a lost people. Recorded history indicates they may have entered your world through Nilotic-Al-Ouruba. Soldier Brother came out of his trance, That’s the Nile River in Africa..The Mother smiled at her twin and said, He knows a lot but sleeps lightly. Her eyes grew tired as she held a bottle of amber oil for me to view. This is called Semuta, from the residue of elacca wood. We use it to obtain timeless ecstasy by its vibrations of music. Do you also have a jar of spice? Holding out her necklace she showed me a blue, orange gaseous liquid glowing in a small vile. I always carry the spice, inhaled daily for vitality. Administering the Semuta to her brother, she said that the oil was also used for meditation. It’s a joyous element that unites us in prayer within our fortress walls. We pray that the holy war will end, as our Empire in turn is guarded by our Guild Navigators. They are truly the masters who require spice in order to expand space. Sleeping brother woke up and shouted..He who controls the Spice, controls the Future ! I would like to learn more of how Space is expanded. Reverend Mother, laughed and told more. The Guild Navigators, like flying dragons, consume the Spice, that is breathed into the atmosphere expanding space creating planets and galaxies. This is all through the magic of the worm uniting with the Guild Master Dragon. This is the real reason why we are at war, for the control of the Universe. The mirror began to zap with static as the Shigawire had fallen out. I cried out in desperation that the mirror would fade..I shall like to know more of your Master dragons. The mirror’s connection was warping into ripple as the Reverend Mothers last words were, In time I will show you.. The mirror stopped its wire broadcast, I having only the piece of Shigawire to hold onto..


About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style & enjoy collage art

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