The Sandman

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The Sandman

A wooden decadent cafe on the beach is where his footsteps took him. It had no visible name and seemed rather rustic. All he had to do was go towards the moon light, which tonight, reflected lazily on the oceans ever changing face.

It feels right to have good luck. He grabbed the best and last table on the front porch overlooking the commotion coexisting with the sea. He put his legs up on the veranda and pulled out a smelly cigar. The seagulls were ravenous in their search for fish. You could see them diving incessantly into the waves. The spectacle was like sudden thoughts in your head. Neurons connecting everywhere. The wind was warm and inviting, like a hand caress on the face.

After his third beer, and hours in reverie, he was almost ready to go. When suddenly, a peripheral image entangled his senses. Coming up the steps was a woman from another planet. Her grace elevated her off the floor, eyes that beckoned right through your soul, her smile; a thousands rainbows.

He was hailed with what to say. His cigar fell into his beer and he recklessly stood up. "Excuse me; you are welcome to join my table if you wish." Hesitating she quickly glanced over her shoulders, to look around and confirm that all tables were taken. "Very kind, I am expecting a friend here momentarily", the fragrance grew from her.

A hungry mosquito lands on the back of his neck, but he does not feel the sting. He is immune to all his senses. "So do join me with something refreshing, as you wait..." They spoke of places to see, places to go, recent trips and some recent experiences. At one point, the shadow of her hand touched his arm. He was absolutely enchanted and felt comfortable under her spell. He was taking it all in, breathing through his skin. The night clouds made room, for the moon to voyeur upon mortals.

"I really don´t feel like drinking anymore, but would like to hang out with you. Is it ok if we just go sit on the side of this shack on the sand? It is a different view." he suggested. "Well, my friend should have been here an hour ago, so why not," she affirmed.

It was sooooo nice. The sand was still warm from the heat it had recollected throughout the day. The temperature was like sitting in the bath tub, only not alone. She took her sandals off and he stared at the celestial sky. The wind tantalized them to sweet scents from afar.

"What brings you to such a small town?", he broke the silence. "I did not come to this town, the town came to me." She interjected. "I guess there is a reason for me being here" her voice floated like smoke around him. They shared thoughts of values, beauty, elation, Gods and Goddesses, beliefs, pink umbrellas, goals, euphoria, friends, food, family and death. She rested her head on his chest. Although they did not know it yet, they were enveloped into "One", and this was not human, it was divine.

"I can't believe this, I feel like I know you from a previous life, but I don´t know your name." she added. "They call me the SandMan" "What is yours?" "My real name is Goddess of the Wind, but I go by Breathe". Sounds sort of cute he thought. As if Cupid had pushed the SandMan, he had positioned himself to kiss her lightly, but the connection was for several minutes. It was like a far away journey into oneself, searching and finding, and reason for their hearts to hummmmmm.

"Need to be right back, ok?", she said gingerly. She stood up and some sand fell off her cotton dress, onto his head, as if sprinkling ideas upon him. As soon as she turned the corner of the porch, she was missed. Shadows and moonlight danced in front of him, and his smile hurt with glee.

When she came back, she laid by his sandy side. There was a hint of honey about them. The SandMans curiosity found him asking, "How come you placed honey on your cheeks Breathe?"

"This way, my tears will stream through the honey and be sweetened." she confessed with ease.

He extended his hand to cradle her smooth face in his sandy palm. Her long hair intercepted the kisses he gave her. It was too dark to see each other eyes, but then again, the inner light was blinding. For a moment, they both left the shells of their bodies behind. There is no richer pulchritude.

They took a short walk towards the rippled waves. The wet sand massaged their feet. Their hands interconnected and they paused to hug. It was an embrace that felt like both hello and good bye at the same time. They casted only one shadow on the water. The chill in their bodies was shared. They rested their heads on each other. Their big toes kissed in the foam of life.

"This is it", he heard his mind say.

"Will look no further", she silently screamed.

Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez
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