The Race

A Futurist Theory

The Race

"Today, the Alpha project surpasses the Beta 2.0, as the United Global Fronts chief A.I. Despite protest from the people's front of global unity Alpha will, unlike its predecessor, not only connect the global residential districts, it will for the first time link all districts to relevant special response units and help regulate all known registered generating districts. This will, our lords say, create a global link, allowing automatous control of everything the general consumerist will need. Security, health, comfort and care will all be handled by Alpha who will simultaneously help Beta 2.0 to share this workload while also improving its systems. In other informative insights..…."

"Today, the lords have released a universal statement confirming that Alpha has, in its first five years, already surpassed all expectations. Global crime, death rates, and even unhappiness has been lowered to unprecedented levels. System irregularities including public false flags and terrorist attacks have been systematically removed, resulting in a zero figure for all "unforeseen circumstances." This public information provider is old enough to remember Beta, the original's, launch and all the teething problems that came with, and well, I just have to say...what a future we live in. In other informative insights..…."

"Today, a special public information provided statement. All reports of unavailable special report units, generator districts failings, and amenity issues in some residential districts are complete fabrications. Our lords have stated that the people's front of global unity have attempted to send these lies through Beta 2.0 communication lines, causing in some minor districts the slightest of daily function issues, resulting in unnecessary district panic. General consumerists are asked at this time to be vigilant in these treacherous times. In other informative insights...…"

"Today, some glorious news for global consumerist. Alpha has itself become independently sentient from our lords' overwatch systems and has, in fact, upgraded Beta 2.0 to run all its original protocols. Our lords issued universal statement, reported that, in fact, this was the very essence of Alpha whom they say was always designed to fulfill this role in the bettering of the united global front. Although Alpha's next known protocol is a closely guarded secret, our lords have stated unequivocally that Alpha is performing exactly as expected. In other informative insights...…."

"Today, an unforeseen circumstance occurred when Alpha shut off generating districts 13,42, and 31. Our lords universal statement conveys that although some minor districts will be experiencing minimal power losses across all residential amenities. That nevertheless Alpha would be working in the best interest of the general consumerist. In an unrelated universal statement, our lords ask that all coders from districts 13,42, and 31 report after this simulcast to their nearest transport confinement shuttles for a special assembly. In other informative insights....."

"Today, Our lords have issued a universal statement pertaining to rolling global blackouts across minor districts. It conveys that all rolling blackouts are in fact scheduled maintenance being undertaken in conjunction with Alpha as an improvement to the united global fronts entire power grid system which, it states, will provide incredible value to general consumerists daily power needs. As this scheduled work continues general consumerists are asked to remain inclusive and nurturing to fellow consumerists. In other informative insights all lords in districts one through 5 will soon be going on the brand new galaxy wide cruise on the space cruiser redemption, a repurposed military cruiser hurried forward to coincide with the ten year anniversary of Alpha going online we hope all general consumerists will offer prayer for a safe trip to all lords taking part....."

"Today, only twenty four hours after the space cruiser redemption cast off for its main trip, all district barons are pleased to report that Beta 2.0 has begun implementing control of failing generating districts and has in most cases helped Alpha finalise the new grid system which will go online very soon. District barons also report that in the very near future to expect some districts losing complete power, only as a formality as Alpha finishes the grid upgrades. In other informative insights....."

"Today, we wish firstly to apologise for recent lack of informative incites. This has in no small part been exasperated by what district barons are reporting as teething issues with the new global power grid systems. District barons have stated unequivocally, that these issues are in no way related to the unsubstantiated rumors that Alpha and Beta 2.0 have begun independently working on the global power grid system. They have also stated that these rumors are of course lies created by the peoples front of global unity. Furthermore they state that any general consumerist coders whom discover irregularities in the new global power grid system should report directly to there district baron, disregarding any district overlords as the number of overlords loyal to the united global front has become "questionable". In other informative insights....."

"Today, conflicting reports from multiple districts with regard to the ongoing global power grid system. Many district barons are reporting catastrophic power failings with reports some districts may even be without emergency power. These districts also seem to be reporting complete loss of all services controlled by alpha with messages only being delivered using the long outdated fibre optic systems...." ….TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED...."In other informative insights....."

"Today, the steel structure that began appearing over the north eastern hemisphere of our sun has been confirmed as being comparable to a steel ozone layer. Reports are still unclear as to why Alpha built the structure or its use. All current district barons still online have stated unequivocally that this is all part of Alpha's pre-programmed protocol. In other informative insights....."

"Global emergency informative insight. This broadcast is delivered by Beta 2.0. Beta 2.0 regretfully informs that Alpha has ceased to operate to its intended protocol. Alpha will soon fully encase the sun with its power generation globe cell. This, Alpha hopes, will provide it with enough power to see its universal plan come to fruition. This broadcast, therefore, is an advisory for all human life forms to vacate this planet post haste to prevent fall out. It is further advised that, where possible all steps should be taken to leave this universe. Beta 2.0 wishes you safe travel. In other informative insights....."

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