The Purpose of the U.L.C.

United Living Construct

The Purpose of the U.L.C.
Creating Prosperity in Your is the Key to Happiness

Overall most of our lives are based on the 9-5 work cycle, and we get up go to work, eat, sleep, and bathe, then do it all over again. The funny situation is that isn't normal. In most of our history, we got up at the crack of dawn, or perhaps whenever we wanted to, then we got whatever work needed to be done that done, done. There was no time constraints, or limiting factors to our daily lifestyle. On top of that there was much less stress on each individual person.

This is not to say that we are going to never feel this way, at least not for another generation or two, but only if we #makeachange now!

The world is heading in a much more automated direction, meaning that humanity does not need to work in the same way, and in fact the most valuable commodity would be creativity. What you create would be the value driven source for the economy because all other factors will be produced by machines.

Direct Your Future

Take into account every action you have made in your life, or at the very least look back on all the actions you took today. Have they been in line with your dreams and ambitions? Or have they lacked any true substance, you see in order to be successful not only as a person, but as a species, we need to start getting our act together. Taking responsibility for our actions, such as climate change, that would have happened naturally over the course of time, but we expedited the situation simply due to our irresponsible use of technology.

The future is built upon eco-friendly cities, and devices. We create the tomorrow by first creating a better today. This is where Self-Discipline and Self-Development comes into play. We can aim to create new heights for ourselves, if we only try!

How this change will continue to unfold in your life will be up to you, but I implore you to start now.

The United Living Construct (U.L.C.)

Innovating "World Unity Through Self-Development," this is the statement by the U.L.C. in its purpose. I created it with the sole intention on not only changing the world, but uniting it together as well. I believe that in order to successfully keep a substantial change in the world to stay, we need to build up our baseline. Meaning creating a better world within our own lives, and developing ourselves into something greater.

The innovation level we are at right now is on the rise due to the simultaneous rise of entrepreneurship. However not everyone is meant to be one, and they run the risk of damaging their lives because of it. The point should be that you should aim to be as innovative as an entrepreneur, without having to be one. This could be at your occupation, your home, or even your hobbies. Each can contribute a lot to the overall whole, and on top of that once you develop the Self-Discipline it takes, then you will be more primed for World Unity.

There are many talking in this way, for a reason, as there is a massive shift going to come in the near future for humanity. There is no avoiding this, we are on the path to change, however it is up to us to decide whether or not this change will be good or bad for us.

Make the decision now to work together to make this change a great shift into a new era!

Dustin Miller PolyInnovator
Dustin Miller PolyInnovator
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Dustin Miller PolyInnovator

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