The Purpose of Life

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The Purpose of Life

Before we begin talking about the purpose to life, let us start by redefining some terms.

1.)Universe: "uni-verse"/ "one-section of a song"

2.)Unification: "uni-fication" / "one- to create" / "to create one form"

3.)Sound & Feeling: The nervous systems way of comprehending vibrations in our perceived realities. Each atomic element has its own vibration frequency, and it changes based on its' current form (solid, liquid, or gas). Sound is created by vibrations traveling through air or another medium, and is picked up by our ears. Therefor their is as strong connection between music and feeling.

4.) Harmony: multiple individual factors that form together to create a pleasing and consistent whole. Emphasis on form, and composure of multiple facets coming together for a pleasing effect.

On an individual, micro-cosmic, and macro-cosmic level, the purpose of life is simple; "Be alive, aligned, and harmonious." We are all incarnations of a collective higher presence, and we are individual expressions of this "Collective-Consciousness/God/The Creator/ Allah/ Hashem/ Adonai/ Jah/..."

We are higher dimensional conscious beings, collectively experiencing human life from different perspectives. We are given individual gifts, which we use in our day to day life. It is consciousness that binds all of us together, and eventually this leads to the realization that other people are just outer extensions of yourself, expressed slightly differently, but predominantly just like you. This is the foundation of the "I Am" presence.

"I am who I am, and I look different in every situation that I am currently in."

We have a different roll to play moment to moment, and chapter to chapter in life. The way that you behave, will be different if you are playing the roll of a son, daughter, sibling, mother, father, friend, acquaintance, lover... It is important to remember as well, that we only have control of who we are in the current moment. You choose who you are.

"I think that I Am. I say that I Am with conviction. I feel that I Am. Therefore, I am."

This is the concept that who your are, starts with your mindset, which affects your thoughts, which affects your expression of yourself, which then affects how you feel about yourself. How we treat ourselves, can often bubble up the surface, and begin to affect the ways that you treat others, and how you let others treat you. Your mindset creates your perception of reality. This phrase is also part of the foundation of "manifestation/prayer/meditation/affirmations/spells/the law of attraction/etc...".

"I am You. You are Me. We are all One."

Eventually you come to the realization that we are all more similar than we are different, but the subtle differences should be accepted, celebrated, and used as our individual ways to add some spice to the harmony, and flow, of the universe. As we have all learned in science classes from primary school, ecosystems function at the healthiest level, when there are specific organisms, with specific traits, to help them play their roll in a harmoniously functioning environment. Modern socioeconomic systems must function, and be viewed, from this perspective. The perspective of every individual should be respected equally, no matter what niche you fill in the societal system.

"Harmony comes from inner-alignment. Only when one has aligned their inner world, will their external world begin to align."

By first starting with self-improvement, using self-awareness, self-understanding, and wisdom (good judgment through experience), you are essentially getting yourself "in tune". Now that you are aligned an in tune, you can use all of this, along with the abilities/gifts you have found, in order to now focus your attention externally to add more harmony in your surrounding environments. By first getting yourself in tune, can you add to the harmony of you local world, and help others. It works like a ripple effect. Every thought, intention, expression, and action, is a pebble tossed in water, and creates ripples. Ripples tend to spread far, wide, and grow larger in the process.

In conclusion, the purpose of life is harmony, and the first step is becoming internally harmonious, before there can be external harmony. Your internal-world, and external-world, reflect each other. You have little to know control of your external world, but you can learn to have far more control of you inner-world, which will then affect you outer-world. Harmony within though, does not equate to lack of frustration, pain, separation, fear, sorrow... Its all about having a perfect balance of everything, with no access of pleasure, or displeasure. It's the full human experience. It isn't a life of "wanting to be", or, "wanting to not be". Life is about "being", and more specifically, "being alive".

-Shay Tarbell

Ahshinnhare Tarbell
Ahshinnhare Tarbell
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