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The Powerful Energies Of The New Moon

by Antonia Lyons about a year ago in astronomy

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Every month when the moon is dark and she retrieves to rest, we are invited to descend within the depth of our soul.

This month the call has been particularly loud and persistent for me.

Suddenly my daily rituals felt no longer enough to support me during these very intense times.

Deep need to stop would quickly be put aside by the need of going out there and make life happen.

And yet, last night I heard the call again.

This time I decided to just drop whatever I was doing and retrieve in my little sacred space.

I sat there for a while before I was actually able to reach a very still place within myself.

It was deep, dark and very still.

And there was just me & my "mini worried me".

The little me that wants to know it's all going to be OK.

That all my efforts and hard work will be paid off.

I felt as if I was sitting in front of open waters.

I could feel the cold breeze on my skin, under a pitch black sky.

I sat there not knowing what was around me.

I could guess, but could see nothing.

And yet, I suddenly sensed that there was no need for me to see.

In the dark vastness, I felt the presence of a dear friend I've long forgotten.


I could feel it all around me, like a warm hug.

And the more I felt its presence, the more I wanted to be with the it.

Within the silent darkness, my heart started to slow down and then Mother Moon whispered in my ear from afar:

"Child you force yourself to see and forget my light is always here for you.

Trust that you are loved.

Trust that you are guided .

Trust the power of your path".

There comes a time when we all gotta trust even when we are surrounded by uncharted waters.

We've got to trust that we are receiving the support we need even when we stand alone in the dark.

'Cause we never are really.

In these challenging times, it's very easy to give in to the need to know and see what's ahead of us.

We want to know we are going to be just fine.

We want to see that what's around us will keep our heart from breaking.

And in our attempt to guard ourselves, we just frantically run around 'cause we can't handle the gift quiet moments offer us.

And that gift is the ability to be OK with whatever life will throw at us.

'Cause She will.

Life will always do what Life does, and it's only when we can be OK with this that we really start living.

But we are so used to needing to know that we often get in our own way.

Being able to sit within this unknown space around me last night, helped me reconnect to something I must have lost long the way.

When you don't trust that Life has your back no matter what's happening around you, then you will always shy away from the quiet moments.

You'll be too busy, instead, looking for answers out there in the world.

Mostly you stop yourself from truly enjoying your journey.

'Cause no matter where that is taken you, it'll never end really.

It will only lead to a new adventure.

So what's the rush, really?

This New Moon ask the Universe how to move closer to your wishes?

What is it standing in your way and how can you remove it so to carry on your journey with an open and joyful heart.

Mother Moon will feel your words from afar.

Bless you be my friends,

Antonia Lyons

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Antonia Lyons
Antonia Lyons
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