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The Potential of Astrology’s Air Signs

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 6 months ago in astronomy
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Life lessons for Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra

The Potential of Astrology’s Air Signs
Photo by Jonas Jaeken on Unsplash

Air signs are friendly, talkative, and know a lot of useful information, they are also visionaries. Bringing together ideas, theories, and observations to provide new ways to live. Bright and inquisitive, air signs are always interested in pushing the envelope further.

Each astrology sign has its inherent negatives and positives. There is a certain potential, available to each sign to grow, and evolve. In this way, each sign comes with its own lessons. Since most things in life boil down to lessons, it’s not only interesting but informative to know what lessons and potential your sign comes with.

Start with your Sun sign, but read your Moon and Rising signs too, it gives you a more complete look at your signs. The sun is your base personality, the rising sign represents your exterior and the moon sign your interior.

You will see some lessons repeat in certain signs, no one sign gets exclusive rights over a certain lesson, they will be sprinkled throughout the zodiac.


The potential of Aquarius is discovery

Aquarius you really want to see change in the world. Having little tolerance for injustice and outdated methods of doing things. You want to see progress and movement that speaks to the evolution of humanity.

Aquarius you are always looking for the next big discovery. The way to better manage systems, people, and life. Bold is Aquarius's comfort zone. You don't mind being a trendsetter or doing things in a non-traditional manner. In fact, non-traditional is how you roll.

Innovation teaches you to keep asking what if? To test new theories. Transformation teaches us to let go of the old, Aquarius you sometimes have a hard time with this. You like your routines as all fixed signs do. Flexibility comes into play here, it teaches the wisdom of allowance over resistance.

Lessons- Innovation, transformation, flexibility


The potential of Gemini is unity

The sign of the twins is often a contradiction. Gemini you must bridge the differences within yourself in order to feel a sense of unity within. You know how you love to delve deep and learn, consider unity another learning point. It’s part of your nature to want to connect with others to express and communicate. The idea of unity fits in perfectly with this.

Your biggest strength comes from your ability to be agile, fluid, and unlimited. Teach this to others, help them understand inner harmony, as you develop it in yourself. No teacher is perfect, no teacher holds all knowledge. The best teachers understand they are at once teacher and student.

Lessons- Harmony, partnership, and expression, which lead to authenticity.


The potential of Libra is harmony

You are hard-wired for harmony Libra, but there are times when you don't necessarily want to put in the work. It’s not that you are lazy, it’s more about feeling motivated enough, or not at all. Libra the world needs your unique insights, to broker peace, to vision things in a way that does not occur to others.

Libra you may struggle at times with wanting things to be perfect, or avoidance issues (especially around conflict) but you are a vital part of the puzzle of humanity. Your lessons are a part of your inherent nature, so if you feel they are not already a part of you, take some reflection time and ask yourself why.

Clarity teaches you Libra, that things are often presented when you open a space, it makes it so you can see what before you could not. Partnership, your natural inclination, teaches you to work with others. Appreciation teaches you to have compassion for others and express it.

Lessons clarity, partnership, appreciation


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