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The Planet 8 Podcast

They have everything that is fantastic covered for you.

By Edward GermanPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
The crew of the Enterprise listens to Planet 8.

The Planet 8 podcast was started by three lifelong sci-fi fans who love to talk about anything sci-fi. The show's hosts, Bob, Karen, and Larry not only discuss sci-fi; horror and comics also get the same about of attention as well. The show consists of episodes in 50 minutes to over an hour in length and is uploaded to the web at least twice a month. A typical show involves a group discussion followed by a spotlight on a book or other item. While some shows will have guest interviews and others shows are recorded on location. There is also a portion of the podcast called "Sensor Sweep." That segment covers sci-fi merchandise such as toys, books, and other collectibles. The podcast debuted on May 8, 2018, and still continues with at least 30 episodes or more.

The Hosts

Larrry on left, Karen, and Bob.

From the edge of the solar system, a trio of souls send out transmissions discussing matters of galactic import, such as, Who is stronger, the Hulk or Thor? Which Captain would you rather serve under, Kirk or Picard? How do you make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Join Bob, Karen, and Larry as they seek out the answers

A video introduction to the premier of the Planet 8 Podcast.

Setting up for the first podcast.

The first podcast is a group discussion on the Marvel Comic movie Avengers: Infinity War. The hosts critique the movie along with spoilers. They give their own insights into what makes the movie good as well as bad. One point made about the interactions between Rocket and Thor that is was reminiscent of a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road trip movie from the 1940s.

Sensor Sweep

Law Giver mug.

In the Sensor Sweep portion of the podcast, the hosts discuss Planet of the Apes merchandise, Twiti mugs based on the characters from the movie. Each host has their own favorite and is available at this site.

The first episode I listed to was on the subject of all three The Thing science fiction/horror movies. The first one was the 1950s Howard Hawks version, then the 1982 remake, and finally the 2011 prequel with the same name. An interesting fact in regard to the prequel, the Norwegian actors were all well known A-list actors in their country. Also included in the podcast is an interview with Bob Eggleton, a graphic artist. He is currently illustrating a graphic novel based on Who Goes There, the original story of the The Thing.

Sensor Sweep

The Thing.

For the sensor sweep portion of the podcast, Bob discusses the Blu-Ray release of Tetsujin 28 -a.k.a Gigantor. This is the 1980s version of the character that had been created back in the 1960s. The Blu-Ray language track is Japanese only with Engish subtitles. The anime is available at Amazon.com any anywhere Blue-Ray is sold.

A still from the 50s sci-fi movie Tarantula.

In this episode of Planet 8, the hosts discuss the big bug movies of the 1950s. Whether it is giant ants, spiders, or anything big, they cover it. Movies such as Them!, Tarantula, and Mothra are covered in the podcast as well as a few others. The hosts delve into the possibility of how the creatures could become gigantic and the source that would cause the organism to mutate. Also, the question is asked, what would be the most you would be frightened of? Finally, the hosts cite some published scientific papers on the topic to show how realistic giant bugs could be.

Sensor Sweep

From: Them! 1954

During the sensor sweep segment, the host promotes Planet 8 tee public store. They have everything from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and bags. Each piece of merchandise has one of four different Planet 8 logos embossed on the product. The profit from the sales goes toward the financial support of the podcast.

Some of the Horror Host discussed in the show.

This episode is a very interesting one and is also a favorite topic of mine. The gene of TV horror host is discussed by the podcasters. The origins of the TV horror host is examined, which includes both past and present personalities. Horror hosts such as Elvira, Svengoolie, and many others are discussed in detail. The hosts explain how contemporary Horror TV hosts have transitioned from late night TV to the internet.

Special Guest

Commander Larry, Lord Blood-Rah, and Engineer Bob at the Chouinard Winery

In this episode of Planet 8, a real TV horror host is interviewed live in the studios. Lord Blood-Rah is the geeky creation of Frank Wallace-Ailsworth, himself a lifelong horror and sci-fi geek. His show has been in syndication since 2009 and still continues on the My TV network and thru Roku streaming services. He discusses with the Planet 8 crew his expertise on the history of TV Horror hosts. Read more about him at his website.

One of newest microphones used by the Planet 8 crew.

What I love About this Podcast

I first found the Planet 8 podcast through my Twitter community. I had seen one of my followers retweet one of the podcast episodes and decided to listen to it. I then checked out their Twitter feed and blog site, then I listened to more episodes and I got hooked. I love the opening and closing sequences of the show. The opening consists of various soundbites of sci-fi movies, TV shows, and other pop culture, while the ending credits have a theremin playing in the background; this gives a very playful 1950s feel to the presentation. Finally, all of the hosts are part of an older generation of fans such as myself. They make all the subject matter easily relatable and understandable.

Karen getting the show ready for another day.

Where to Find Planet 8

You can find the Planet 8 podcast on their website at blogspot.com, while the podcast itself is uploaded to the internet archive page in the community audio section of the library. On social media, you can tweet to Planet 8 @Planet8Cast; you can also friend them on Facebook.

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About the Creator

Edward German

A long-time sci-fi fan who loves the internet. I am also writing on subjects other than sci-fi.

you can follow me on "X" @EdwardGerman3 Listen to my podcast The 1950s Science Fiction Podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.

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