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The Pirate King Finds His Treasure

by ROSLYN WILLIAMS about a year ago in fantasy · updated 4 months ago
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Finding your Kingdom of light & healing your soul

The Pirate King Finds His Treasure
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

The Pirate King Finds His Treasure.


Roslyn Williams.

Chapter One.

Once upon a time there was a place known as the Kingdom of Myths & Fables. This Kingdom consisted of many Islands scattered far & wide within the Ocean of Imaginations which was the flowing force keeping the islands apart from one another.

Those who lived on these Islands went on regular visits to the other nearby Islands to sell their goods or visit friends for times of celebrations. It was widely known amongst them that there existed an Island that was forbidden to speak of no one dared to try & find it & over the years it became other myth & people believed that it was only a story & the Island did not really exist at all.

No one really knew exactly where the secret island was, but it was rumoured to be past the Island of Nowhere & supposedly where the Ocean of Imagination currents met the Sea of Lost Hope & tossed the waves so badly that many a ship perished if they strayed into the area. It was known as the Island of secret Treasures guarded by mean & nasty Pirates who, if you dared to step foot on their Island would capture you & you would never be seen of again. The glimmering desert sands held the many buried treasures of the pirate king, above the pathway of rainforest way the thundering alps could be heard echoing their whining winds from the peaks to the shoreline

Many believed they had seen the Pirate ship sail through mist & fog heading out to sea, always after midnight on a full moon. Some even dared to say quite believingly that they saw smoke twisting & twirling into the sky at sunset out on the far distant horizon. Many kept watches from their own Islands hoping to see something that would prove the rumour & many a search was begun but no one was game to travel to far just in case it was true.

Chapter Two

It was a beautiful glorious sunny day as Faith & Courage excitedly boarded the huge sailing ship Destiny. They were going on yet another journey over the Oceans of Tranquillity into the far-off Kingdoms surrounding their homeland of the Kingdom of Light.

With the sound of the giant sail whipping into its billowing position the Captain sounded the bell to let all on board know they were headed out to sea. They had set sail at last, their exuberance overflowing as they raced each other to the front of the ship to watch the bow dip into the waves, rise up & crash into the rippling ocean again & again, constantly wiping the salt spray from their laughing faces as the light of the day slowly sank into the horizon where the sky met the ocean.

They stood on the deck, the array of colours blending into an exquisite palette of intense beauty. This was indeed an incredible moment implanting itself on their memory instilled with the aromas from the galley below wafting under their noses as dinner was being served to all on board & did it smell good.

“Wow this is an amazing dinner, “said Faith. “Sure is & dessert is looking like double caramel fudge delicious” drooled Courage.

They laid back on their deck chairs staring into the night sky enjoying the evening ocean breeze & allowed their dinner of scrumptious portions to settle. The moment of bliss was interrupted by a groaning followed by a crackling & then a giant SNAP!

Faith & Courage looked up to see the main sail ropes give way & fall to the deck below bringing down with it the billowing sail that powered them through the water. As the ship slowly came to a halt the captain & crew were busily taking note of the dilemma. The Captain looked overly concerned; he ordered his crew to get with it & start repairs to the sail & sail ropes immediately. It was important to get the ship’s sail back up & catching the wind if they were to make their destination. Without the wind filling the sail they would be drifting on the oceans current & that was NOT something the Captain wanted; it would be way too dangerous for his passengers & crew.

As the hours drifted slowly by it became apparent that they were getting closer to an area that was full of mist & fog & the sea had started to churn buffeting their ship. “Captain we need to take cover in still waters for the night we seem to be being pulled by the current”. Said the Captain’s mate. The Captain gave the order to man the stations & guide the ship away from the jagged rocks they were nearing. It was too late they were being pushed & shoved by the waves, which constantly crashed over the deck.

Courage & Faith held on as tight as they could, after what seemed a long time the rolling of the ship ceased & the waves had stopped crashing against the boat. The passengers warily came up on deck & to their surprise saw the out skirts of an Island with magical white sand beaches, fruit laden palms & trees & still calm waters of the island’s inlet.

“Where are we Captain? It seems this Island is not on our maps...anywhere sir... at all!”

The Captain replied, “No I know I believe we have crossed into the waters of the forbidden Island where the sea of Lost hope meets the Ocean of Imaginations… Gentlemen I believe we have found the … the Island of Secret Treasures.” The crew overheard the Captains comment & suddenly, they became fearful & they whispered amongst themselves.

“It’s forbidden, it’s real, it does exist, we’ll all be taken hostage! “It’s run by Pirates; I say we abandon ship” they all whispered.

“Enough! Said the Captain” we ‘ll make the necessary repairs while we shelter in the inlet, by sun up we sail no matter what. His voice trailing off to a whisper... before the Pirates have a chance to spot us.”

Faith & Courage looked at each other with wide eyes & together exclaimed “PIRATES! … REALLY …the Island of Secret Treasures? I thought that was a myth ... PIRATES?

“The Captain gathered everyone together & was about to send them below deck for safety when Faith exclaimed “Why don’t we all help mend the sail, many hands make light work.” “Good Idea Faith “said Courage ... then we can make sail before first light & the Pirates will not even know we have been here. “A hearty cheer went up from, everyone & so they set about mending the sail as a team to get it done quicker & avoid any trouble from the Pirates.

Well, that is if they really did exist & were as bad as Myths and Fables had believed them to be. Courage sat on one of the lifeboats deep in thought … “what’s happening you look very deep in thought,” said Faith.

“Yes, I can’t help feeling that we have to get off this ship & go find the Pirates Faith ““are you serious” she said. “Yes, I am it’s just the thought won’t leave me Faith. I know we have to go.” Faith thought for a moment or two & responded with “Then enough said ... let us gather some food & our things & we shall journey to the Island of Secret Treasures but be quite & don’t let the others hear us.

Faith & Courage lowered a lifeboat & rowed to the shore of the inlet just as the light was coming up, no one knew they were gone, but did the Pirates know that they were there. As the daylight etched its path & broke across the early morning skies they watched as the ship they had just left, set sail & continue its journey without them. They were now on their own & ready to face the unknown of a new adventure.


Now the twins found themselves in a world that was exotic and strange, a place where waves rolled & crashed onto the coral reef & the sands of the Island’s beaches that stretched for miles were almost as white as snow. The island terrain was hilly, plush with ferns & jagged bushes, fruit trees, palms, and enormous wildflowers.

Sitting down & digging his bare feet into the thick, damp sand Courage handed Faith something to eat, “here we will need our strength so let us rest for a while before we continue, I’m a bit tired from rowing that rowboat & hiding it in the bushes”.

Courage rose and pointed. “Look, over there!” A thin line of smoke swirled, rising from a distant hill. “There are people here. said Faith “AND if I’m not mistaken there’s a ship over there that has the flag with the skull and crossbones on it.” Pirates! They are here, they are the evilest …. Courage, do you think the pirates know we are here?” questioned Faith.

Faith’s answer came immediately in the rough deep laugh of something clamouring in the bush a hundred strides away. They knew that as the crackling of breaking branches got louder, they were about to come face to face with dangerous men who would show them no mercy. From the line of trees & scrub rose a figure the size and appearance of none they had ever before encountered. It, rather he, was enormous. He was so filthy the winds carried his pungent scent quickly to their noses which made them gag & must hold their noses to eliminate the scent that was so repulsive.

“Run, Courage, run!” Faith screamed, grabbing Courage’s hand, and pulling him off balance. “No, Faith, we have to face this, this thing, this Pirate.” Need he remind her that the name given him at birth was one he would have to live up to?

Each of the monster pirate’s paces equalled six of theirs. He was upon them so quickly they could do nothing but freeze and wait, dead still. From the bushes came more vicious and mean to behold so called friends of this huge monster.

The giant pirate circled the children, moving in closer and closer. “Ay, what might you be doin’ on me secret Pirate Island? Have ye come to steal me Pirate treasure! Ye not the first who have tried. “He laughed as Faith huddled closer to Courage trying not to tremble. Courage answered “No sir we came for an adventure, but we certainly didn’t come to steal anything... honest “

“HHMMMM honest ye say ay…. we will see about that, in the meantime ye can call me Pirate King and these be me mates. We live here on dis’ Secret Island & guards me treasures we steals from round the unsuspecting Kingdoms.”

The others circled around. There was no way they could escape. While they were sure he was checking them out for his next meal, they could not help but notice how wretched a sight he was. Pure white, his left eyeball bulged from its socket. His other eye held a permanent squint. Thick, leathery lines cross-hatched across his forehead, chin and neck was evidence of fierce battles on the high seas. A thick greasy moustache merged with the beard that covered all but the scars. He had a gold ring in his nose. His left hand was gone, cut off above the wrist; the stump jabbed at the air every time he moved his almost-good hand on which two fingers were missing. His grin showed dark spaces where his teeth had once been.

Ropes of precious diamonds and rubies, silver, and gold draped his waistline and neck. He quite literally wore his treasure, while other booty was buried beneath the Island’s sands in the glimmering desert past the pathway of the rainforest jungle, below the thundering mountain where the wailing winds plundered down from the peaks to the shoreline and where only he, the Pirate King knew of his treasures secret whereabouts.

“Is this evil?” Faith whispered into Courage’s ear.” Smells like it! Looks like … “In the face of the real thing Courage was forced to remember everything he had been taught. No one, no matter how ugly, mean, or scary, was beyond the reach of love and forgiveness. Courage knew without a doubt that their mission was to convince the Pirate King of this truth, but could someone as decrepit and horrid as he be transformed from such a despicable state.

“Take ‘em lads, meets ye at me Cave.” the Pirate King’s men leapt forward & grabbed them before they could even blink.

Faith and Courage had been swept up and jammed together into a cage like wild animals. The men carted them toward the spirals of smoke, swinging their machetes to and fro laughing and talking about the Pirate King’s obsession with checking on his hidden booty, counting each piece repeatedly.

Hidden deeper in the Island’s forest were caves for shelter where the Pirates had established a makeshift storage center.

“We’re getting closer now.” said one pirate. “Those caves are our home.” With a loud thump, the cage hit the ground. Faith and Courage huddled while the others came to gawk. Twelve of them looked and poked and laughed, taunting meanly, with words like “good for dinner,” and “tenderer than the last ones we boiled.”

“Please sir, please let us out. We will not run. We want to be with you, we want to hear how you got here, what it’s like to be a Pirate.” Gulping hard part of what Courage was saying was true. He had been taught that the heart and soul of a person is what matters. He wanted to know about these men, even though he felt that perhaps he had been wrong in thinking coming to this Island was a good idea.

“Me too,” said Faith. “I’m too small to run through thick bushes. You can trust us. Promise, please, sirs, set us free.” Oddly, Faith felt no real fear just compassion for these men.

The men looked at each other, perplexed. No captives had ever wanted to get to know them. Most went silent in fear or ran, got lost, and died. These youngers were unusual indeed.

“Ay let them go, mate. She is right; they would end up like the others if they tried to run. We could end up having a bit of sport tonight lads.”

Faith and Courage crawled from the cage, brushed themselves off, and sat close to the group, Faith offering to help make the Pirates dinner that they were preparing.

“They aren’t afraid of us mates,” one laughed, seeming scared himself. “Why do you think that is?”

While the light of day had long set, and meat now sizzled over the fire, Faith and Courage told the pirates their stories of growing up in the Kingdom of Light. They told them of his Royal Majesty the KING Father 3-in-1 & the Prince Father Son & how they loved & bought healing to those who needed it. They spoke of treasures that were more precious than gold, of greater value than diamonds & how there was so much of it in their kingdom it would outweigh the treasure of the Pirate King. The pirates were silent, stunned with amazement and wonder “treasure greater than that of the Pirate King aye? Now that’s a treasure indeed” thought the Pirates.

Faith & Courage certainly had their attention now. The Pirates encouraged them to tell them more about these fascinating treasures & where they could be found.

“Ay, the treasure ye talk about where might’s we find it me lovelies... I’m sure the Captain would love to know " the Pirate laughed loudly. The rest of the crew agreed & joined in the laughter, bigger treasure than the booty we already take, we could be richer than ALL the Kingdoms put together lads,” said another.

From the cave behind them emerged a shadowy figure who made his way to the edge of the fire light his voice frail & thin he enquired, “Can ye take me to this place?” Me thinks I’d like to see such a grand place before I goes to the locker, can I know this Kingdom of Light before I die?.” asked one sick and soon to die Pirate. Faith and Courage moved with compassion went to him. They each took one of his hands, scarred and leathery, and rubbed him softly on his back. The man began to cry. Never had he known such tenderness, such acceptance from anyone. Not ever.

It's o.k.,” Faith smiled at the man as he continued to weep. The others could not believe what they were seeing, a grown Pirate crying. But strangely there was an atmosphere that was present that had never been present before, until now, & it bought a silence over the men. They bowed their heads & said nothing, but it was obvious to the twins that they had all begun to weep. The knowledge of the pain inflicted on them and by them all their lives: stealing, killing, lying & cheating were the way they had lived. Love, compassion & forgiveness were merely words. Until tonight.

Everyone was unaware that the Pirate King was watching from behind the tree line only 50 paces away. Pirate King squinted his good eye, whispering to himself “What in the name of Pirate’s curses that they be doin’? Prisoners cooking & spell binding me crew rounds der fire. What madness has overtaken me crew of scoundrels? What be of this Treasure they be talkin’ about? Treasure be me middle name & I’m KING of ALL treasure!! I’ll sits here & finds out where this treasure be & then I, the Pirate King will be the richest of all.”

The sounds of sorrow that wailed from the crew began to turn to sounds of great joy. Faith & Courage began to sing a favourite song they often sang at home & as the Pirate crew joined in, they began to dance around the fire, singing & laughing for hours. The frolicking & merriment came to an ease & the pirates all sat down. The big smiles on their faces radiated a glow from each of them that there was really no need of a fire, they eagerly waited with anticipation another story about the Kingdom of Light & the journeys that Faith & Courage had been on. Faith and Courage continued to tell them many great things of treasures they knew nothing about, until just like a contented well-fed baby they all drifted off to sleep. Faith & Courage lay down exhausted yet content, what an amazing day they had had. As they began to drift off to sleep, they heard sobbing & a muffled wailing coming from the tree line beyond the glow of the fire.

Courage could not help himself, grabbing a stick of fire, he bravely went into the shadowy darkness of the tree line & there sobbing with his face in the dirt was the Pirate King!

The Pirate King cried like never. “OHH I be such a monster, never before has I heard of such things as warming to me heart. I have travelled the seas & oceans of the Kingdoms, but a Kingdom of such as you speak, I have not found. Where is this place?”

Faith and Courage wrapped their arms around him reassuring him that underneath he was really a lovely man & no where near a monster. They explained to Pirate King that everyone is lovable & everything is forgivable no matter how much they have done wrong. Pirate King stared in disbelief trying to understand this newfound revelation, so they brought him a nice warm bowl of stew with Faith’s own damper she had made & a steaming hot cup of Pirate tea, sat him down & and told him about love and forgiveness.

“You be saying’ I AM worthy of being loved, even if I bin' doing horrible monster things”. The Pirate King was amazed. “Tells me more about the Father three-in-one!” pleaded the Pirate King, hungry to take in all he could of this newfound knowledge.

Faith said, “The Father’s treasure is hidden within the heart and soul of the Kingdom of Light, where no one can take it. It is a treasure worth guarding but is of no use if it is buried where it cannot be used for good. This, of course, was most intriguing to the Pirate King who was always worried his booty would be stolen. The Pirate King wanted this treasure for himself. He had been an awfully bad Pirate King, but now he had found in himself something he had never imagined... self worth.

He was a new man and a new pirate now. Looking at life was now for him like looking through a pair of glasses shaded with pure soothing light. His whole outlook had changed.” I want to go to the Kingdom of Light, I the Pirate King wants to meet this Mighty King of who ye speak.” Pirate King said with utmost determination.

“Of course, you can” said the Twins in unison.

The Pirate King laughed merrily, “then set ye sails me scoundrel dogs, we be going to the Kingdom of Light ". We set sail at first light.”

Faith & Courage smiled at each other & gave a high five slap of hands. "Oh, Courage we are taking the Pirate King & his crew back to the Kingdome of Light, you were right we did need to get off the Ship Destiny as there were lost & hurting people here. I am so excited Faith... their lives are about to be changed I cannot wait to watch the renewing of them all.

Chapter Four.

The sail whipped up & billowed in the wind, the rising of light behind them on the horizon herald in a new day as the crew & the Pirate King sang songs of the heart as they dipped & lunged in the ocean headed for home. Their long journey extended into the night, but the crew were excited about arriving at the Kingdom, so excited they were all fighting over the makeshift bathroom Faith had made so they could all take a bath, shave, clean their mouldy green teeth & apply some man scent other than the smell of alcohol & smell nice before they got off the ship.

It was not long & the Light of the Kingdom was allowing the fine monuments of the King to be seen from afar off. The Jasper Palace stood out on the hilltop with the road of gold glistening as it meandered down the mountain side. The gates of Pearls were there as well just like Faith & Courage had told them. The Pirate King & the entire crew stood spell bound their mouths wide open. Never in all their lives had they ever seen such wondrous treasures they were mesmerized at the size of the Kingdom they could see & it was already surpassing their expectations. Pirate King finally managed to dock the ship & they all alighted, Faith & Courage taking them all around the Kingdom on a sight seeing tour prior to meeting the King.

When it was time, they excitedly made their way to the Palace & Faith & Courage introduced the Pirate King & his crew to the King, Father three in one and Father Son the Prince. The Pirate King and his men spent many hours with them both listening & learning about the treasure & the heart of the Kingdom.

Many days had passed & after breakfast one morning Faith & Courage bumped into a man almost knocking him over as they ran through the streets of gold. “Oh, we’re so terribly sorry sir our utmost apologies, “said Faith.

“It be nuttin’ me lovelies” I be glad seeing ya both “said the Pirate King. Faith & Courage stopped dead in their tracks as they realized who they had bumped into.

“Pirate King! You look, you look "… their voices trailing off... “Transformed, might be the word ye be looking for “ he said. Courage replied joyfully, “Yes Pirate King transformed is indeed a good word & healed! I see you have two hands & all your fingers now.”

“Indeed, me does lad & I be havin’ two good eyes sitting pretty in me head as well. He is a generous King of many things.”

Faith could not help but ask of the crew.

“Looks ye behind ya girl & see for yourself.” grinned Pirate King. Faith’s face exploded into a beaming smile as she squealed with delight at the crew looking like they were brand new off the cloning production line. “Oh, I’m so pleased to see you all. You all look so amazing.”

“Ay lass we do don’t us. We spruced up well & good!" exclaimed the old pirate who was once near death.

“We be setting’ sail. I the Pirate King is on a mission!” said Pirate King.

“How wonderful, your first mission where are you headed? “said Courage.

“I be going back to me Island me lovelies, I’ve a few things to pick up & thens me & me mates be heading HOME. It's time me thinks that we see our families & make amends.” The Pirate King explained.

“That will indeed be a marvellous mission for you all. Faith & Courage bade the Pirate King & his crew goodbye waving until the ship had become but a small black speck on the horizon.

Chapter Five

The fog was just lifting as the Pirate Kings ship came into the waters of Lost Hope. “Steady as she goes lads, watch those rocks on the starboard side, bring her round, man the sails & hard a port. We be steady to bring her into the harbour lads.” commanded the Pirate King.

The light of the morning was helping the fog to lift & disperse quickly & the Pirate King stood on deck looking out over the Island & then out to sea. “What a truly amazing & wonderful sight.” He thought to himself. Never had he truly looked & seen the natural beauty that had surrounded them whilst living on this incredible Island. Pirate King breathed in a deep breathe & exhaled & as he did, he whispered the words “Thank ye thank ye from the bottom of me heart.” He looked out to where the crew was waiting & shouted “get to it then me lads, can’t keep our families waiting for ever you know.” There was a flurry of movement & all the crew went separate ways only to return hours later with barrels of food & fresh water.

The job of loading it onto the ship was a strenuous one but with some team effort it was finally done & everyone was ready to share a last meal on the island together & rest up for the night for their journey home.

Pirate King set sail at first light motioning to the Captain’s mate what course to set & every now & then winced in pain as his body was aching all over, digging up all that Pirate treasure was a huge job & now his body was letting him know how much discomfort it was in. As the Pirate King & his crew journeyed towards home, they made ports of call into many a place. At first the crew were mystified, why are we calling into all these places they thought, knowing full well the last time they had been in these cities was to rob them & take their valuables & what was that book Pirate King kept with him & was writing in.

It was not long & it became apparent just what the Pirate King was up to. He was making amends to those he had stolen from & each & every time he stopped at a city along the way he was giving back the treasure & valuables he had stolen. Marking them off in his little black book making sure he had missed no one.

Pirate King did not say much to the crew, he did not need to it seemed that each time the Pirate King returned from one of his trips ashore he was brighter & happier than before he had left. Whatever was going on inside the Pirate King was something amazing that continually made him glow from within. As a matter of fact, that was it he looked exactly like those from the Kingdom of Light radiating a warm glow of Light from within that just lit Pirate King up like a flaming torch in the dark.

It had indeed been a long journey, but now the mainland of Pirate King’s homeland had now come into view. Everyone was dressed in there best & cleanest Pirate clothes, they had bathed & cleaned their teeth & combed & plaited their hair & in some cases their beards as well. Faith would be proud they thought.

“Well lads, said Pirate King, this be it then. Go home to ya family & be thinkin’ of what ye has learnt & be having a joyous time. The Pirates shook hands & hugged each other as they all said their goodbyes & went in the direction of their last known address.

Chapter Six

Pirate King stood before the gate of his family home & paused for a moment of reflection on what he was about to do. Perhaps me be wrong & I shoulds just go & not worrys ‘em. he thought. But just as he thought the thought a little voice inside his head said “Remember to have faith & courage “ The Pirate King gave a little huff & laugh as he remembered the twins Faith & Courage, of course me cans do this. I needs to do this, he said to himself in a loud whisper & he flung the gate open & walked briskly through.

He knocked on the door & waited. Slowly the door opened. This was the moment he had been waiting for & as the figure took shape in the doorway Pirate King said. “Hello me Pirate dad! “

The look of amazement froze the old man as he beheld his son & as his excitement burst forth from his mouth, he called his wife to hurry come see who has come home at last.

Pirate mum burst into tears as she wrapped her arms around her son ecstatic of his return her tears of joy flowed down her cheeks as she turned Pirate King around in circles repeatedly saying, “oh my, look at you, your so grown up.” They hugged & cried & laughed for what seemed like hours. They were so happy they invited all the village & threw a home coming party to celebrate his arrival.

Pirate King was indeed as happy as his Mum & Dad sitting them down & explaining the life, he had led since running away from home all those years ago. “I need to say sorry to you for all the yelling & messed up thoughts me had as a rebellious child who dishonoured his family & had no respect for the parents that gave me their all. I left thinkin I knew it all & I robbed & stole from all I could. I turned into a monster of great proportions & I turned me back on the one thing I should have known was the greatest treasure I had, Family. I threw it all away to soak me soul in me own ideas & make the world of others succumb to the misery equal to me own. Until one day something’ happened. I was doing me Pirate life & doing it well & I founds me some youngins named Faith & Courage & somehow, some way they spoke to me hardened pirate heart & next thing I be a changed man & homeward bound. Thinking that I might find what I once had & threw away… & that is you might find it in ya hearts to forgive me & try to love me once again.

The tears flowed, if not poured down Pirate mum & dad’s faces. Pirate mum said, “Try to love you again … try you say! Oh son, I’ve never stopped loving you, cried for you, longed for you to be safe & I ‘ve looked out my window every day wishing I could see you coming through our gate once more." “Yes son, we love you" said Pirate dad, "we have never stopped we believed in you that you would see the error of your ways & come home & here you be. We be thankful for your safe return."

Pirate King laid in his soft & comfortable bed in his old bedroom staring out the window & up into the stars that shone brightly in the velvet of night, a tear trickled down his face & stopped at his pillow as a sigh of satisfaction allowed him to whisper another Thank ye to the air he was indeed an incredibly happy & contented Pirate who now had closed his eyes & drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Seven.

It was another glorious morning & Pirate King was enjoying a cup of Pirate mum tea as he intently perused the horizon of the ocean from the back yard of his home.

“Aye it be time “ thought Pirate King & turned to face his parents.

“I be moving on” said Pirate King. The look of horror fell on his mother’s face almost stopping time. But before they had time to react too badly Pirate King continued & “I want you to come with me. I be gettin' a new job & it be an honest job too “he said excitedly.

“An honest job” said pirate dad. “Doing what son?”

“Well, I be only knowing the seas all my life. So, I be thinking that I might turn me good ship into a travel agency!” Pirate Mum exclaimed “A travel agency!”

“AR, me hearties & shiver me timbers. I’ll sail the Oceans of the Kingdoms looking for the lost takin ‘em on a journey to the Kingdom of Light where’s I know they’ll be learning’ to find their treasure likes me did. Ah, yes, tis be a good idea me thinks “said the Pirate King. “This time I’ll be a blessing instead of a monster. “

So, Pirate mum & dad sold up everything & bade their village goodbye making their new home in the decks of the Pirate Kings ship “Purpose”. Together they sailed the Oceans & Seas of the Kingdoms picking up those who had lost their way taking them to the Kingdom of Light where they found treasures they never knew existed. Treasures that had been buried beneath the rubbish of life within their very souls, treasure that had been lost or broken. Valued goods that were thought to be worthless & tossed away. Treasure that could only be found from taking a journey of faith & courage with destiny & purpose to be found at the end of it.

The kingdom of Light


Copyright R Williams



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actress in stage & film , poetry & public speaker , dabbling in childrens story writing . beauty therapist & nail artist body piercer

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